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This week’s topic, why did you pick your major, or if you didn’t pick a major what would you pick now?

I think I may have discussed why I chose nursing before, but a lot of times I’ll have that younger generation ask me how I decided.

Honestly, I don’t know.

The human body does fascinate me.  I loved learning physiology and how it all works.  I thought of something I could be that could combine my love for people, and leadership, along with my love of science and I came-up with nursing.  I actually pretty well decided on it my junior year of high school when I took a LOT of science classes.

Once, during my quest to become a nurse, I was told — “But, Hilary — don’t you have to be NICE to be a nurse.”  Well, obviously not, I sure proved them wrong. :)

For me, I guess you have to look to WHAT you want to do, or what you LIKE to do and then find a career that matches that, and take the college major to get you there.  My goal was definitely a career,  not just a degree.  Of course, there aren’t a lot of fields you can do that in from a bachelors, but nursing just happens to fit the bill.

Conner just finished a human body section of science and it’s been fun to talk about some of the finer parts of life with him.  It truly is a testimony of God that it all works together so well.

The reality is that I pretty well did like my college classes.  I ATE up pathophysiology.  The mechanics behind the whole human body is AMAZING to me.  I’m not so great at memorizing it, and hence didn’t do too well in chemistry or anatomy but when it came to the functions and processes I think I got it pretty well.  The main obstacle being that the BYU nursing program takes stepford wives to a whole new level.  They are competitive, mean, and ruthless.  The average GPA Is something like 3.9 — it’s insane.  But I made it in and here I am today.  The truth is that if I wasn’t a nurse and didn’t have the opportunities I have right now I’m not sure where we’d be.  I guess I’d be relying a bit more on this blog to make me some money. :)

So, there you go.  How’d you pick your major?  What made you fall in love or just plan to spend some quality time with your major?  How do you use that today?  I’ll leave Mr. Linky open until Friday and I promise a comment to every single one of you if you link.  Feel free to throw a button up (see it there, on the right — just copy the code below it) to get some of your friends on the train as well.  It’s fun to remember that we have thoughts, passions and feelings that don’t center on diapers, homework and cleaning.

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    I started out at BYU as a music major, then a dance major, then graduated in health promotion. After my mission I went back to school and got a 2nd bachelor degree in nursing. My family would tease me with the same “don’t you have to have a good bedside manner” thing. I said I’m going to work with babies and they can’t talk back. I love the human body as well and everything that it can do, but I never thought I could actually go into the medical field because I couldn’t memorize well, or at least settle down for long enough to commit anything to memory. After the mission I realized I could do it so that’s why I followed up on my dream and became a nurse. Best move I ever made. And the NICU rocks because I have to speak for my patient so I can have as much attitude as I want and the parents are usually grateful for it!

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