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You know, I’d like to put more about ME on my blog. Stuff I like to do, things that make me ME. Instead it seems like I’m Holly homemaker who does nothing for herself and focuses entirely on her children. And while, that is me… for right now, I used to be a very interesting person.

So, I thought some of you might like to put a little bit more about yourselves on your blog too. That way, one day when you publish your blog — you can look through it and notice little tidbits of your real self were within that blog, along all the amazing/cute/weird annoying things your kids/family do.

So, I came up with a fancy little button for this weekly post — you can copy it there on the right hand side of my blog. I guess I’ll do it as long as there’s interest. I’ll come-up with something to write about and you can write about it on your blog and then link here (and feel free to put the button on your site so your users can see what other people thought about the subject as well).

Anyway, this week’s prompt is — how did you pick a major in college — and if you didn’t go to college, what would you major in now if you had the chance? I look back to college as my “glory days” and while I wasn’t really a “star” in college I sure loved it back then. So, write away and then link back tomorrow when I post mine.

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    Great idea Hillary. I remember the day I walked into RS in SC, carrying my 9mo old screaming baby (he screamed for every emotion he felt) and someone without kids asked me how I was doing. I rattled off all the things my kids were up to and realized why she looked at me so oddly. I thought of myself as a we (mom, wife, friend) and not in the singular. I’ve really had to step back over the years and remind myself of who I am, before I get lost in the “we”.

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