Why Everyone Needs a Good Pediatrician

So, P went to the doctor on Friday.  Perfect bill of health.  I was so disappointed I’d wasted my 20 dollars, but the pediatrician (who isn’t even my own beloved pediatrician) started brainstorming with me why she might be waking up at night.  I mentioned that we’re making the transition from two naps to one, and with school let-out times it’s a bit rocky…

She mentioned maybe she needs to go to bed earlier.


I mean, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it.  Probably because I was in a sleepless stupor — but Mr. Ezzo gives you steps to go through when they’re not sleeping at night.

Needless to say, that 20 bucks was deliciously well spent no that P is sleeping at night.  We’re still figuring out how the whole sleep thing is going to work with all 3 of them in one room but it’s working out and I got FULL NGIHTS OF SLEEP.

It’s amazing what that does for a person.  Especially when the person is me.

Thank you good peditricians everywhere, for just being you. :)

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  1. Ailinh Harris says

    Hi Hilary! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your visit. I, too, am figuring out how to get both of my boys in bed without waking up plus a full nights rest for me too. Yeah… not gonna happen this week. :) It’ll take a lotta lotta time. Thanks for sharing!

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