A Few Things I’ve Loved Lately

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Just Dance 21.  I had a Just Dance party at my house on Saturday night.  I love a girls night out as much as the next gal, but they tend to be a bit pricey, and not everyone can do that… not to mention the calories.  Anyway, it was SO fun and All I did was provide the wii, and water.  I had a really great time, I don’t know about my friends… but I did get beat a couple of times.  Plus, it’s always nice to workout with others.  I don’t get that too frequently.  I know we had some ladies in our church doing Zumba together, what a great idea!
2.  Our ward does a family temple day once a year.  I know I’ve talked about it before.  Some people who aren’t tethered by youngsters help watch those who have kids, and those people are able to go to the temple.  Plus, the kids do lots of fun activities, go on a tour, and all that jazz.  It’s such a great idea.  I love that our ward does it, and I love the people who watched my kids so I could go (btw, we have a few amazing people who’ve watched our kids so we can head to the temple a few times a year, I love them all).
3.  Our church has an AMAZING young mother’s group.  Every now and then I contemplate signing me and P up for a little mom and me class, and then I remember 2 things a)This girl doesn’t really do the sitting still thing b)Why?  I have our young mothers group.  The leader does SUCH a great job and there’s just something happy about your kids first friends being their church friends.  Also, this type of group really doens’t need a “class” it’s something so easily set-up by a group of friends.  I highly recommend it. :)
I will say, that after my last post that my friends at church, and friends in general bring me SO much joy.  They are so giving and thoughtful.  I am lucky to have them, and all that they do for me.  I hope I’m moderately helpful as well. :)
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