For the Love of the Baby Doll

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Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First DollSanta is mulling over getting Miss P a baby doll. 
Personally, I have longed to shop in the “pink” isles as I have often referred to them.  Last year P got this dolly.  Isn’t she cute?  BUT, she’s just a stuffed animal… in essence.
It’s time to grow up my little dear.
So, what do I look for a girl’s first doll.  Er, uh, what should Santa be looking for?  Is there one that you love?  Am I going quality here or just go cheap since she’s going to beat the tar out of the little dear?
Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Walker Wagon , Pink
Accessories?  I should mention we already have a cool stroller/shopping car/ride on thing (as pictured left, it’s so cool the basket turns over and you can use it like all those things — my friend that got it is a genius).  Bottles, diapers, clothes?  What are we ready for?
As a reminder Miss P just turned 18 months, she’ll be almost 19 months at Christmas time.
Is there another toy I’m missing?
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    I’m a big fan of having one super special baby. Even if it’s a cheap one, they generally hold up pretty well. The $15-20 range at Target would get you a standard sized doll that would be easy to buy clothes for later if you wanted. If she bonds with it, she will totally ruin it, so hairless might be best. Plus, a magic eraser will clean it’s plastic face right up, and a little tumble through the wash and dryer doesn’t hurt.

    If you are looking for a higher quality doll, American Girl dolls are pretty amazing. They have baby dolls, not just “little girl” dolls. And, their policy allows you to return the doll for repairs (even a new head, if the need arose.) so it’s a pretty safe investment.

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