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Lately I’ve been trying to put a small amount of the money I have allotted for our household items, into some new kitchen gadgets.  A lot of our spatulas, etc. are from our wedding (circa 1997) and they’re just not wearing as well as they used to.  Some were begging for retirement.

Here’s a few that I found on Amazon that I REALLY love!

When I worked at a bakery I LOVED to scrape off the tables after we were done.  Also, it was so handy to get stuff out of bowls, etc.  I guess I always figured they were just for the professional kitchen.  But that just ain’t so!  PLUS, this one’s a whole lot cooler and it won’t scrape my faux-wood countertops (lovely, they are).

It’s silicone, but I think it has some sort of metal within because it keeps its shape really well (except on the edges where it bends well to mold to a bowl).  I use it to get bread dough out of the bowl, and then I also use it to cut the bread dough (are you with me here, one side is a spatula, and the other can be used more like a scraper).  Anyway.  I adore it.  I saw it on America’s Test Kitchen and it’s a must have.

This next one is a must have because we have SO much home-grown garlic!  I just didn’t want to get all the freaking paper off, and then slice it or shred it on my grater (leaving it smelling like garlic which makes it hard to use when zesting, etc).  So I found this guy.  I put my cloves, whole skin on and smoosh them through, and then it’s easy as pie to just pull the skins off/out and throw them away.  Then, I just rise it under the water (unless I’m running dishes right then) because I’m just gonna use it for garlic next time.  I love it, it’s easy to use and it does a good job.  What more do you want?

Anywhere, there’s a couple for today.  I actually spent a lot of time on Amazon’s site deciding what ones I wanted to get, and then I used the 4 for 3 promo and got one of them free, along with free shipping and all that jazz.  It makes a nice way to look at reviews and get the best gadget for your money.

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