Great Gifts for Moms: Miche Bags

I have found that I LOVE my miche bags.  I was worried when I first bought them.  I’d heard some sketchy things about quality and I will admit, it was a pretty large purchase to make just to have it fall apart on me.  BUT, it’s hard to really figure out what the miche bags are on this ol’ blog. 

Yup, you guessed it, I made a video.

Get. Excited. people.

Now, the quality CAN be sketchy if you order it from some of the cheaper sites (almost everyone I’ve ever heard complain about quality has been one that bought it from the cheap-o site…).  However, if you buy it from a rep, the bag can be returned.  Also, if you buy from a rep, the cost is lower.  I have heard rumors of a great cyber Monday sale… and if that’s truly the case, you’ll hear about it here on Pulling Curls.

Feel free to check them out and if you’re even thinking of buying get a user name and password from andikay11 at (remove the spaces and the at, replacing it with at).  I bought the bag and all the shells for about 120 including tax and shipping.  FYI. :D

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