The Healer’s Art

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BYU college of nursing has an obession with the “healers art” — in fact, I am not too proud to say that we used to bet each other if we could work that phrase into our prayers (that’s right, we pray in college at BYU — it’s a religious university).  We even have a school hymn — the one that talks about “I would learn the healer’s art”.  I’m blanking on the name, but it’s #220
Pretty crappy night at work.  Actually, it was just fine til’ the last 30 minutes.
This is the Christ - Art of Carl Heinrich BlochOn the way home I got to thinking about the healers art.  In that moment, I prayed for it.  I am not sure I got it, for the healer’s art is in the eyes of the healed.  I’ve listened to what people do/do not want to hear in times of tradgedy and I try to say the things that seem to comfort.  I give hugs, I offer clergy, I offer kleenex….

What would it be like to be the Savior himself.  How gratifying to know you said/did just the perfect thing.  Of course, he could heal what was causing the issue but I know he heals hearts just as well.  Can you truly imagine to have that gift?  I can’t honestly imagine a better one.

I suppose the healer’s art will continue with my prayers tonight as I ask our Heavenly Father to bless His daughter. 

I do believe the healer’s art stems from love, and as long as you have a geniuine love for a person you can begin to master the art… the art that only The Master could truly do.

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