How Do You Want To Look?

Rafaella Women's Gored Skirt, Black, 14Since I’m practically starting out fresh on my wardrobe, I’ve been really asking me what I want to look like.  Frankly, I’ve been going to stores and hardly even finding anything.  Let’s not even talk skirts.  Apparently skirts are out.  I wish God would make them cool again… I need one, or two.
But do you have a store that tends to have the “look” you like?
Just for fun I went into Talbot’s the other day.  I found a lot of things that  I like (sadly, no skirts or dresses)… of course, with a 250 dollar price tag for a jacket, you’d BETTER like it!

I also seemed to like Jones New York, I bought a few things there… although the mental verdict is still out on a few things.

Anyway, after the last couple of weeks I think my wardrobe is pretty complete for the winter.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be perusing the Savers or Goodwill… but those will be the stores of my choice for a while…

But, let’s pretend money wasn’t an issue (don’t you feel lighter right now), what store would you shop at?

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    That is hard to start from scratch. I’ve watched my clothes change gradually over time, but I’d be overwhelmed to have to get everything at once.

    I don’t get my clothes from the same place, but I find 1 or 2 things at a bunch of different stores (Old Navy, JC Penny, Maurices, Aeropostale, GAP, Shade, Downeast Outfitters, etc).

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    I also love Talbots. And a lot of other expensive stores. But I tend to buy most of my stuff in Macy’s at their big sales. Good deals to be had.

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