Just A Few More Hours, and Decisions About P

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Don’t forget, less than 4 hours {haha, when I posted this I somehow thought it was Friday… people, you have over a day… but go comment!} left to get your entries in for the CSN giveaway.  Remember, you can get an extra entry if you link to a favorite post of yours on Pulling Curls. 😀

P allowed me some extra time to peruse the internet on my phone for “18 month olds who suddenly wake at night.”  Turns out, it’s really common and quite likely linked to separation anxiety.  So, it’s all coming full circle, the whole not going to nursery, not sleeping thing.

So, the ties are cut, we’re not going in any more at night and I’m not even giving advil.  The girl’s fine and we had some nice talks about how mommy is sleeping and I will always come and get her in the morning, but not in the middle of the night.  I know P understands a lot more than she can say, and I’m hoping a little bit of it sunk in.  Anyway, we have all weekend to talk about how much we love her and how we can love her from our own bed and see her in the morning.

It was about an hour and fifteen minutes last night.  Full on screaming. 

We also added a nightlight to her room, just in case that’s it.

Anyway, that’s what’s on tap for us.  I’d better get to bed soon as I anticipate a long night.  The kids are thinking about just sleeping in the playroom to avoid the screaming.  Poor boys, they are doing really well with this.


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    Good luck. Hopefully P will get it. Of course, my youngest still crawls into bed with us every night…so I’m not one to give any advice on the matter!

  2. says

    Poor things. They just love their mommies soo much! Good thinking on the night light, we just realized that was part of our little ones problem at night.

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