Midly Guilty

P has had a fever all week from her shots (does it seriously go on for this many days?… i-yi-yi).  I actually thought she was all better on Friday but then I didn’t give tylenol yesterday and it came back.  She’s a cheerful menace of freedom once the tylenol kicks in.

Either way, no nursery for our little fever gal today.

And I’m home with her since Drew has some stuff he needs to do at church.

What a shame.  I am feeling a little guilt about staying home here in my sweats, but it may just be what the doctor ordered for both of us.  If not the doctor, at least a super smart nurse practitioner. :D

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    Emily has had a fever since last Friday. The doctor initially thought it was just a virus, that would pass. Emily has a tendency to get high fevers. After a week, we finally got a chest x-ray and found that she has “walking pneumonia.” I didn’t even know that was bacterial, but it is, and now she’s on antibiotics and doing better.

    I stayed home with her today too.

    My kids always get fevers with their shots. Poor little guys! No wonder they look so betrayed as we hold them down for a nurse to poke them :-(