Moms Who Love Their Job

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Today I was watching 19 kids and counting.  I marvel at Mrs. Duggar and while I do think her job is MUCH easier now that she has all these older girls who do a fair amount of her parenting for her… I think she just loves being a mom.  It’s her thing.  She adores those kids, she’s often frustrated (I am sure) but still just works around it and keeps enjoying all those little faces.

I love moms who love what they’re doing.  In general, I love people who love their job.  I think they tend to be great at their jobs.  I think moms who LOVE being moms should have all the kids in the world.  They don’t usually seem overwhelmed, and most of the words that come out of their mouths are positive towards their children and life.

Am I one of those moms?  I think I am, about 80% of the time.  I tend to verbalize feelings and frustration before most people would, just because I’m a talker and a yeller.

So, my goal for this next week is to LOVE my job.  Love the time I get to spend with them, and the things that we do and how I teach them and enjoy them.  I also want that to show outwardly.  I think I sometimes talk to negatively about my kids… in an effort to “keep it real” — but the reality is that my kids are AMAZING.  I love them and I feel so blessed to have them.  I just need my life/words/inner being to show that.

In other news we had a computer scare this fine morning.  I guess our video card went bad.  Phewsh, thank goodness for handy husband.

And in an effort to talk positively — guess who slept all night last night.  Whoop-whoop!

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  1. says

    Sometimes I really love it, and other times, well…we’ll just say I don’t. I always love my kids, but the job is really hard sometimes.

    Go you. I will make an effort to love it more, too. :)

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