Monday, November 15, 2010

My Other Big Flaw

I saw my main big flaw as my weight.  I just couldn't get it off.  Thanks to my other blog (and a whole lot of pain and hard work) that's changing.

I have one other thing that I hate about myself though.

Table MannersHow I just can NOT make it through a book!  I just can't seem to let it grab my attention lately.  I finally finished another book.  It's nothing I'm proud of... I'd really love to get hooked on some classics... but it just doesn't happen.

My father is EXTREMELY well-read, as was my grandmother.  It's something I really admired about both of them.  I just can't do it.  The past few years I've found myself to be a magazine gal.  And while that totally made what we're eating better it doesn't enlighten my mind much.  SO, I'm allowing myself 10 minutes of magazine reading at bedtime and then I have to read a real book.  Right now it's the Miracle of Forgiveness for my upcoming RS lesson.

Anyway, what are some really great books that you think can hold my dooping eyes for at least a chapter at night?


  1. Have you read that Mia King book? Is that the one you finished...i browsed that book, and read one of her others...not bad!

  2. So what's the table manners book all about?

    Unfortunately, this is NOT one of my flaws. I get TOO absorbed in just about every book I ever read, so I don't know if I can help you with this.

    Have you read the Hunger Games series? You might like it. I just finished a Sherlock Holmes novel, but I'm thinking that it would bore you. :)


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