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Nursery UniversityI just finished watching Nursery University while I ate my lunch.
I was appalled.

I was appalled at how much it cost, how crazy these people were and how important they thought it was!

I have had quite a few people ask me where my smart little boys went to for preschool.  Truth be told, they came to me.  Sure, we did a city preschool for 4 hours a week, which did a lovely job teaching socialization and some rudimentary skills… but that’s all I’d planned on.

The rest came from me.

I don’t get the mentality that you need to pay 20k/year to have someone teach your child their shapes and how to color.  I would guess most of those kids don’t leave preschool learning how to read.

Anyway, it’s a sad world when parents pay other people to do a job they could easily do.  I think they’d rather shop and lunch though.  And frankly, I can’t blame them…. but I’ll tell you which is a bit more rewarding.
I came to a crossroads when Conner was 3.  Would I enroll him in preschool or would I just hope I Could find a pre-K class that would take him.  I decided he didn’t really NEED it.  Between church, friends and me I thought we could do it.
And blessed thought, we did.  We also have lots of memories about that great time just him and me.  Heavens knows we don’t get a lot of that now.
So, if you’re a parent stressing about preschool, just remember you can do it and don’t let society tell you that you can’t.

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    I don’t get the super expensive preschools, either, but I suppose if you have a ton of money and you are a working parent that you would want to do it.

    Heck, I feel llike our little preschool is nearly too expensive!

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    ooh, where can I see it? Did you watch it on dvd? can I borrow? Or is running on some channel. Sounds like an amusing watch. You did do a great job preparing your kiddos!!

  3. says

    We did it at home, too. In fact, by the time my younger kids were preschool age I realized they really didn’t need much at all. My 5th went to a 1.5 hours twice a week “preschool” that was actually a craft and my youngest goes once a week with two little friends and we rotate houses. That is more preschool than I did with my other 4 kids combined.

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