Photo Friday: 12, Veterans, shake it.

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Happy day after Veterans Day everyone!  Man, it was hard heading back to school today, but it was sure nice to be off yesterday!  We went to the local Veterans Day Parade!
Oh, and my parents are here.  It was really cool and there weren’t many people there (which wasn’t as cool).  I was just sure there was no way we’d be able to just plop down some chairs and watch, but we did!  After a while I began to feel bad that there weren’t many people watching.  I mean, everyone’s out of school, it’s a parade, it’s moderately fun… and yet, people (just like me the last few years) stay at home.  {sad}  I’m really glad that Drew being in the parade brought us out.  No, he’s only a veteran marching band instructor. :)  His band did great! 
I’m glad we had some time to talk to my kids about how important veterans are and how we don’t just need to clap but be so proud of them. Spencer is extra lucky because his teacher is a veteran and her husband is still serving. He was quick to remind us of that… like 12 times.

There was a giant gang of motorcycle guys who started it off.  They were pretty fond of P, one tried to take her.

While most of my other pictures have been with a jacket on — here’s one with just a T.  Ok, maybe you’re all right, maybe I do look a bit skinnier… and yes, those are the size 12 jeans.  Fantastical!  Don’t you love how P is trying to pose like me.  Sadly, she makes me look fatter… just by being there. :)  And no, my skin isn’t that smooth — Conner took this in total backlit conditions… blah, blah, blah, thank you lightroom. 😀


Here’s P during lessons this week.  Today we learned about our ears and how we hear.  I made these shakers like four million years ago when I did joyschool.  They have things like noodles, beans, pins, toothpicks, buttons — all make different sounds when you shake them.  And yes, I am amazing.

All pictures this week are courtesy of my phone.  Just one of those weeks….  hope your week is one where you can pull out your giant camera and really go at it. :)  Happy Friday everyone, make it as good as you hope it will be!

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  1. says

    Loving the photo Fridays. This is a great one…so happy your parents are there. P doesn’t look too thrilled about the motorcycle dude taking her off, does she?

    And YOU look fab.

  2. Elaine Johnston says

    In our Town our Business is on Main Street and We own the House next door to it, where my Sister lives…..Anyway when a Soldier comes home from “the War” they bring him down main street on a Fire Truck with all the Police Cars and Fire Trucks w/light and Sirens and the Solier and his Family ARE THE PARADE! Problem……They don’t tell ANYONE that this is going to happen….the last time I saw it, there was 1 Soldier w/his wife and 1 young Son…would have been nice to be greeted by something other than Congested Traffic and Angry Drivers wondering what the “hold up” was all about. I’m sure It would have meant the world to them, and his Son, to see people w/Flags etc….Welcoming and Thanking their Husband and Father for Serving, but No! I was not proud to say I lived in this town on that Day! **Thank You Forever to those who have and those who are currently Serving Our Country.**

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