Photo Friday: Princess P

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Yes, I only have one photo this week.  Let’s not forget that I did share with you a photo yesterday of my delicious cookies.  Don’t you wish you’d bought the house down the street?  But, back to the task at hand.  Miss P.  Here she is with our new friend who we call “baby”.  I’m watching her today and P could not be more bitter about it.  There was a good 1/2 an hour of both of them screaming.  I’d try to feed her and then P would stand by us and just SHRIEK in her face, and shockingly “baby” didn’t like that very much.  I finally got P to be OK with it by her having one butt cheek on my lap while I fed the baby, but my arm HAD to be around her.  In other news “baby” is in the most adorable stage of life… she’s so cute.  I think P has finally taken a shine to her, just before I put her down for nap {phewsh}.
Miss P has also not been sleeping much at night.  Just as we think it’s getting better, it’s not.  Last night I actually just went in and gave her “what ‘fer” and she actually quieted down after it.  No fever, no response to Tylenol… nada.  I’m dying here.  I’m hoping that maybe me showing her that something else can also be a priority (“baby”) might help.  Or, I may just never sleep again.  I prefer the prior.  I’m seriously talking like 2 hours of crying for absolutely no reason (on and off, she’ll quiet for like 10 minutes and then wail again).  We’ve got our schedule during the day down, she’s just taking the one nap.  Has anyone got some advice for this poor mom?
And in final P news (did I mention I also have 2 other fabulous children who tend to sleep a lot in our playroom thanks to the shrieking at night) she had her first taste of play dough.  It wasn’t a dainty one either.  I heard a little cough and her mouth was CHOCK full of the stuff.  Can I just say ew?  Nasty.  And no, I didn’t get a photo.
I hope you’ve got your priorities in line this week.  I’ve noticed that a lot of my week has been about giving.  What a lovely think to be doing around Thanksgiving time, as I am so personally blessed.  Except in the sleep area.  Perhaps sharing of myself can help in that arena as well.

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    I know it’s not a method that a lot of people like, but sometimes I’ve had to let my kids cry it out. For a while A wasn’t sleeping at all at night, and only a very short nap during the day. We tried everything. The first night we let her cry it out she cried for over two hours. The second night a full hour. The third night she cried for five minutes and went to sleep.

    I hope you find a solution soon. I’m like you. Lack of sleep ruins me! I am so cranky and so off my game without sleep that things seem to fall apart around me. Good luck!

  2. says

    We do cry it out, too. But I know you’ve been letting her cry and it makes it extra tough when you have all your kids sharing the same room like you have to do.

    Poor P. Learning to share her mommy on top of it all. Sophia used to be super possessive of me, too. Probably around the same age.

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