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I was invited to visit HomeGoods to see how amazing their stores are.  At first I didn’t know if we had one nearby, but turns out they’re attached to our TJ Max’s… and there’s one not too far away.
First off, that store is HUGE.  It’s like Ross, but SO. MUCH. BETTER.  First off, hadly any of their merchandizse was on the floor.  They have all the same sections, but larger.  Homegoods has the housewares, home items type things (surprise, surprise, from their name!).  There were lots of great gift ideas.
SO many cute frames, and I lusted after the little cupcake trays.  They were so cute.
Tons of Christmas decor and household decor, super cute.
But we all know I’m not one for frivolous gifts so here’s what I got. 
We desperately needed a new large pan, this one fit the bill.  It’s nice as sturdy.  Many happy meals will touch that pan. :)
And to finish off my gift card (because, that’s right, that pan was less than 25 bucks) I bought a hair cutting kit.  I was a little too embarassed to mention it, but Drew’s cut got a little too close to his scalp a few months ago.  Mostly only I could see it… but well, let’s just say we needed some new guides… and guides we now have.
What more could a man want?
Anyway, on the way to the housewares there are LOTS Of cute clotes there at the TJ Max’s, I don’t go there very often, but I should.
In an effort of full disclosure, I was given a 25$ gift card from HomeGoods via Blogher to write this review, but I had a lovely time and I will be back, gift card or no gift card.  I suggest you do the same. :)  You can even visit Blogher for a chance to win your own, much larger gift card.  I suggest the cupcake stand. :) 

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  1. says

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE home goods. I am a regular shopper and it is my go to place for all home related items.

    I especially love their large collection of white serving dishes — since those are my staple and I supplement with seasonal colors — it’s a MUST shop for me!

  2. says

    HOW FUNNY. When I went the other day to pick up the cd from you, I checked out Homegoods for the first time afterward. It’s so close to you. How awesome that you got a giftcard to check it out!! I did not buy as my conscience told me I’ve shopped too much lately. I loved those cupcake stands too! With the ribbon, right? Perhaps I need to visit blogher.

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