What I learned from the Scriptures Today: Firm as Iron

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I’ve been realy trying to focus on how I can give us a happier home while reading my scriptures.  I was reading about Jeremiah and how God was like iron… he didn’t change.

And I need to be like that.

I mean, how many times I have said “Please don’t run in the house.”  And they do.  They run right over me.  So, now it’s 20 pushups every time they do.  Twenty is a lot for my little weaklings (and their mother).  I’m glad I don’t have a propensity to run in the house (frankly, I don’t run ANYWHERE).

So, what are some things in your house you could be like iron on?  Are there things you’re more like rubber on?  I know there’s plenting of firming up that I could do!

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    That is definitely something I want to do better at: Only asking the kids to do/not do something if I am willing to follow through. Then the kids know I mean what I say.

    The kids’ schedule is where we are rubber – we could use more structure and the discipline to stick to it.

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