What I learned in my scripture study today: Bodies

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The Miracle of ForgivenessI’ve been readng through the Miracle of Forgiveness for an upcoming lesson I’m teaching on repentance.  I haven’t read it for a LONG time.  But, one thing I’ll say — you’ll think you’re doing pretty great, and then you’ll read that book.  And well, you’ll realize there are plenty of things you can do better at.
I read a passage last night that (and I am paraphrasing here, if that’s not obvious) once we are without our bodies we will realize how useful a body is.
Mormons believe that we come to earth to recieve a body and to be tested.  Bodies are one of the main things that separates us and Satan and Satan will never recieve a body.
Ok, here, I found the real quote (from Melvin J Ballard as quoted in Miracle of Forgiveness)
“… When we go out of this life, leave this body, we will desire to do many things that we cannot do at all without the body.  We will be seriously handicapped, and we will long for th body; we will pray for that early reunion with our bodies.  We will know then what an advantage it is to have a body.”
(prior to this they talk about how a body helps “it is much easier to overcome and serve the Lord when both flesh and spirit are combined as one” — that’s how it ties into forgiveness)
Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have a body and how that is the real reason I am here.  Sometimes I feel selfish taking the time to workout and really take care of myself… but having a body is at true gift.  I think that I often forget that.  I need to be more grateful for my body and the many things it allows me to do.  I’ve been amazed at our my body has healed after my little accident.
What about you?  Do you always think of your body as a gift?  Did this turn on a lightbulb for you, like it did for me?

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