Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Darling Kate, Grow Up.

Mama GrizzlyI've been dabbling in a little Sarah Palin's Alaska.  I think it's interesting to see how people live in Alasaka.  How they have to take planes so often, and how they have to worry about wildlife, things like that.

Kate joined Sarah Palin for a camping trip.

I. was. shocked.  I couldn't belive how ungrateful and ungracious she was.  She was rude, she was crying and she let the Palins watch her kids and feed them all lunch.

Word on the street that Kate isn't making much $$ these days and some of the boys were kicked out of Kindergarten for anger management issues.

She may need to get used to camping...

But either way it reminded me to always be gracious as a guest and be thankful for what people are providing you.  It reminded me that Kate thinks she is a movie start and deserves star treatment even though the only thing she has ever starred in is her own life.

Want a clip:

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  1. Our family has also been watching Sarah Palin's Alaska, wanting to see that beautiful wilderness state.

    I agree with your comments and saw even more appalling behavior in the segment, when Kate emotionally manipulated her daughter.

    We should hold Kate up in prayer that she becomes a better role model for the sake of her children.

    Also remembering ourselves that these precious little ones look to us for security, direction and example.


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