Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Distracted Mommy Syndrome

It's pretty common.
Like, you want to get ANYTHING done and your kids say the word mom 12 times in a row.
Yup, you have DMS.

Question is, how do you get over it?

I feel a little distracted right now.  It's warranted but my husband is Mr. Concert this week and I signed myself up to help with stuff, babysit, bring giant pants of potatoes to our ward party, along with trying to deal with my regular life and the fun extras I learned about lately.

But this just leads me down a path of being snippy and mean, and I don't want to be that mom.

So how do you get over DMS?  Just to say that going to a spa isn't on the plans.  Neither is giving my credit card to my nanny and driving down the coast.

Both of them were considered.

I've begged my kids for 5 minutes of alone time, but it just does NOT happen.  It simply can't.  The world can not function without me.  And that bugs me.

Does it bug you?


  1. When I was being pursued yesterday with a chorus of mommys, I pulled a "look over there!" and went into the basement where they were supposed to be picking up/playing with their toys. Although it was not silent alone time (bickering continued above my head) I did get in a few of my favorite iPod games before they found me.

    And I think giant potato pants would be a good relief, too. haha!

  2. take the moment anyway - the world will continue without you for a mommy minute - sneak away and don't worry - try a minute, then maybe two. i hide away in the garage - sometimes in the bathroom - and just say go away! in five years, they won't remember and they won't be any worse off for it. take time for you... you deserve it and it'll make you a better mommy. and they'll be learning patience. put the older kid in charge - he'll love it. ;-)

  3. It's been a few years but I do remember that stage. And it is frustrating. I usually found that if I stopped and fully engaged in something with them - like dragging out paint or some other fun activity - then after we were finished they would go off on their own for a little bit!

  4. Ditto to Debbie, even though I often end up snapping and yelling instead. It is a tough one!


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