Thursday, December 23, 2010


Guess who found her little way out of the crib last night.

P, that's who.

Seems like all my kids do it when they're fairly tiny.  Our rooms aren't very big so there is often furniture next to the crib that makes escaping a little easier.  When I find them at the door I see scared little faces which I must admit that I compound by saying, "NO. We do NOT get out of our crib!"  And then we hug for a little and I say how scary it must've been and how they shouldn't do it again.

It usually works.

I hear about people who get their babes out of their crib at about 18 months because of similar shenanigans.

It's all about scare tactics people.  And nuclear weapons. :)


  1. I feel your pain. Our Dude tried to go head first over the crib a few times, so we put him on his mattress on the floor. It worked GREAT...until last night. He went to sleep fine, then woke up with a messy diaper around 11. He got up and opened his door at least every twenty minutes until 1 am when we just put him back in the crib (which hasn't been put away yet, whew!) Maybe now I threaten with the Nukes.

  2. Little monkey! She knew you were wrapping gifts and was trying to get a peak . . .
    My kids will never do that. ;)

  3. Haha, good luck with that one! We voluntarily move our kids from their cribs to toddler beds (their cribs were both the kind that changed into a toddler bed) around 18 months. Neither one of them ever even attempted to climb out of it. I just liked that they had their own independence. And my back liked it because I didn't have to bend way down in the crib to pick up them up when they woke up since both my kids were pretty hefty at that age.


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