Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Favorite Christmas Memories #3: Snow

This one's a hard one being here.  I LOVE Snow, on Christmas.  No other time.  I don't miss it a single other day of the year but sometimes it's just hard to get into the spirit of things when it's bright and sunny outside.

I remember snow coming up to my hips when I was little.  I remember making snowmen with my dad and "helping" to shovel.  It was SO  much fun to come inside and get warm with the hot chocolate. {Sigh}

At the local Christmas in the Park they have snow blowers that blow out soap-type flakes onto the kidlets below.  I get sad every time I watch my kids jostle to get a flake on them.  Last year we went to Utah and had a great time in the snow together.  It's free, it's fun, and Conner could last in it all day if I'd let him.

I should be happy that I can get my kids bikes and scooters for Christmas and not worry that they won't be able to use them.... and I should never think that the grass is greener in this part of the world as we'd all die if there was more than a skiff of snow on the roads here.

But I do miss it.

Do you have fun snow adventures or do you miss it where you are?  If you have it, take a moment to be happy for it while you're taking 3 hours to get your kids dressed to go out in it. :)


  1. This is our first time in 8 years that we have lived somewhere that it doesn't snow and I have to say I love it and hate it. Like you, I only miss snow on Christmas. I'm a bit sad thinking that we won't be having a "White Christmas" this year. But every other day of the year? Bring on the sunshine! Ok, today it's rainy, but I'll take rain over snow.

  2. AMEN! I miss snow around Christmas, but at no other time. But soap flakes, now there's an idea . . .

  3. I really miss those snow things too. Snowmen and snow angels, and snowflakes. The magical feeling when it's time for bed but it's so bright outside from the falling snow, and the kids can watch as it covers the ground. They have no idea what that's like. That's sad to me.

    I'm glad all the time that I do not have to haul kids in snowsuits through dirty, messy slush to get to school every day though. I just miss the magic of it.

    We still enjoy a cup of hot cocoa when the temperature drops. Drinkable chocolate might be the best invention ever!

  4. I love snow from Dec. 24th to about Jan 24th. Then I'm okay if we are done with it.

  5. You can come spend Christmas with us. We have quite the over abundance! I haven't woken the kids up yet this morning because I think they might call a snow day...just waiting to see. But it's looking like they might not. Darn it.


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