Thursday, December 09, 2010

Favorite Christmas Memories #4: Giving is Better Than Recieving

I loved picking out present and I LOVED wrapping them (sadly that memory is only a distant memory as I think of the wrapping that awaits me)... I loved keeping the secret, and sometimes forgetting to keep the secret...

I watched Conner as we went to target last week with his allowance in toe.  He's responsible to pay for his own presents now, and he sometimes forgets that he needs to save and the allure of Candy takes over.  He realized that most of his presents would need to be 5 dollars or less.   But he did it, he picked out great presents for everyone.  He's so excited to "own" that and I know he'll be thrilled when they love them on Christmas day.

And what a great thing that is.  That what you're hoping for isn't what all the hoopla is about... it's also about what you're giving.

So, what do you do, does each child give every other child something, do you draw names?  Do you delight in what your husband is getting?  I think there is a great lesson to be had in giving presents.  I'm so glad that's part of the season. :)


  1. I am now to the point where giving is way better than receiving. There are not a ton of things that I really want -- althought I did get an amazing christmas present already.

    But, for me, it's all about what the kids are getting. And what I am getting for Troy. He usually guesses everything, which isn't much fun for me, but every now and then I surprise him.

    And our kids draw each other's names. Otherwise that's a lot of presents to get and to give.

  2. After reading your post, I realized that I need to help my kids pick out presents for each other! Thank you! I wouldve totally forgotten! :)

  3. C was telling me ALL about the awesome deals he found for Christmas gifts on Sunday. I was impressed by his thriftiness--you have taught him well.

    I had one brother, so no need to draw names there, but we do pick names for D's family (4 kids).

  4. Definitely one of my fave parts of Christmas is the giving. Picking the perfect gift for everyone.

    Bria and Chloe are both super excited to go pick out gifts for their sisters...still trying to figure out when on earth we have time to do it!


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