Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Happy Mail

70 Christmas Holiday Greeting Note Cards & Envelopes Box Set (Blank Inside)Oh, how I love Christmas cards.  I adore sending my own (not so much the cost of the postage, but even that I apply merrily knowing I'll be getting some in return).  I enjoy writing our letter to let people know what's happening.  Of course, the mess that was my cards this year is over and I can get back onto the Christmas card love....

Today I got one in the mail from one of my dearest roomies Melanie.  I adored this girl, we got along so well.  She truly shaped me into the person that I am.  As I read her card, about her being room mom in all her kids classes and doing her church calling... I realized we are still quite similar, just a whole nation apart from each other.

I remember addressing Christmas cards when I was a tween.  I even loved to help with my parents way back when.  I remember asking my mom who some of the people were who I had no idea who they were.  She'd tell me they were an old roommate.

I thought it was kind of weird that my mom had a life without me, that she had the gal to go out and make friends before I was born.  Of all the nerve.

But, what a happy occasion it is to see these friends smile back at me when I open their precious coverings.  I actually got teary today reading her card.  I miss that life of mine, that we used to share way back at the BYU.  We thought we had so much on our plates... if we only knew.

Anyway, what a happy season, I'm so grateful for the USPS this time of year.  I even rip up my junk mail a little more happily.  Our cards just went out so hopefully you're a lucky one.  We really trim our list every year.  But I'll post it here on Christmas if one doesn't wind its way to you.  I must say I ADORE it when people put even just a little note at the end, just to let me know they were thinking exactly of me when they shoved it in its evelope.  I try to do that.  And regardless, I was thinking of you and if you got one, I do love you.

Merry Christmas blogland.


  1. me. me. i hope i'm lucky!

    and i agree...if you're going to the trouble of sending a card, I always like to add a little note.


  2. K, so I posted the exact same post at my blog five minutes ago. :)

    You know how I feel about cards.

    But, I am so sorry I didn't add little notes. I was too overwhelmed just getting them out. But you know I love you! :)


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