Monday, December 13, 2010

Learning Through the Nativity: Mary

I did this a few years ago -- trying to decide what each person of the nativity could teach ME.  I mean, they're all included for a reason right?  So, this week I want to think about each person we find in the nativity and think about how I am like them, and what I can learn from them.  I thought I'd go in order of apperance.

Leading to the leading lady, Mary.

I have a really hard time with the worship of the Virgin Mary.  I mean, I think she was a great woman who posessed the qualities necessary to raise Jesus Christ, but I think it's most important to remember that she was a moral, just like me.  I was chosen to raise 3 very special spirits myself...

This isn't to say that I don't think she's quite grand.

I hadn't ever thought that girls in that time knew that one would be chosen to be the mother of Jesus Christ (I think I learned about that last year in my study of Jesus the Christ).  I mean, it was kind of like being picked as homecoming queen.  Imagine all those conflicting feelings.  The excitement of being the chosen one, but also the EXTREME pressure to make sure the SON of GOD had a pleasant mortal experience.  Oh, and then there's the little fact shes engaged to Joseph and they can't really pretend it's his baby.

I think what I can learn from Mary are a few things:
  • Everything will be alright.  At our local Nativity a little girl sings a song called "All is Well" before Mary goes in to have that baby.  I'm sure Mary couldn't have been thinking anything less than all was well.  She was worried about the baby and herself being so far from home.  And yet, all was well.  The baby came so very perfect as He would live the rest of his life.  All truly was well. 
  • Sometimes life is unpleasant.  There are few people who I truly belive deserve a life free of challenges, but Mary may truly be one of those people.  What a test to have to tell Joseph and then have a baby in an unknown setting, and yet Mary had a life FULL of challenges.  Bad things happen to good people.  I think that if anyone suffered so closely to Jesus himself as he died it was her, at his feet watching him suffer.  I can't even imagine.
  • We posess qualities that make us good at what we're doing.  There must be something about Mary that God chose her to raise Jesus and to go through the difficult life that she did. We each have a life laid out for us which will include both good times and challenges.  WE are chosen to have those things happen to us.  It's good to know that God sees those qualities to make us able to do those hard things.
What are your thoughts on Mary?

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  1. I'm Catholic and while we absolutely don't worship Mary, we do revere her for being the chosen mother of Christ. I also think she can teach me so much. Lately I've been thinking about how much she can teach me about being patient and supportive of my children and the incredible task of letting go.


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