Monday, December 13, 2010

A Little Snippet of my Morning

A Sick Day for Amos McGeeMe:  "I'm calling in sick today."
Drew: "What, are you working today?"

Me {Conner is whining about a canker sore and I am laying in bed checking my email}: "I'm calling in sick today"
Conner:  "You're working today?"

ME:  LIFE IS SO FREAKING UNFAIR.  Shockingly, my non-work around here makes me AWFULLY tired.

In other news, I'm not realy that sick, I've just had a sore throat following me through my life for the past few days and I'm tired of it.

SICK and tired of it. :)  Just gonna lay on the couch for a bit.  Anyone see something wrong with that?


  1. Grrr. I hope you feel better. It's too bad that there's not some substitute mommy service we can call for a sick day.

  2. lay down. eat bon bons. you go girl.

  3. sick day, sick day!! sore throats are NOT fun


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