Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo Friday: It's Beginning to Look Like...

Technical difficulties.

That's what my life looks like right now, technical difficulties. 
But I sojourned through, just for you. :)
BTW, let's pretend that your computer can't recognize your internal card reader -- it says it has malfunctioned and won't even show the drives.
FYI, just unplug your computer.  You might just save yourself 3 hours...
During naptime.
Which is precious time indeedy.

But without further adieu.

Our church had a "breakfast with Santa" which I thought was just ingenious because the less time I have to spend at our actual ward party the better (you'd have to know this ward to know what I'm talking about).  P was sick, but the boys sat for a photo:

The cutest part was that Spencer told Santa that P would like a dolly, but she couldn't come.  Heart melt.

And, I couldn't let our yearly ornament go without some blog love.  Guess how we came up with it....

Thank you ebay.  We actually have a whole collection of them... Betty, Pebbles, Dino... amazing, I know.

I love our little kid manger scenes.  This is actually the only one that's "up high" the other ones are playable.  I hate it when we lose the baby Jesus though (which happens often). 

And a real photo of our stockings.  Handmade by yours truly.  I did have to stuff them with some newspaper so they didn't look like homeless people stockings.

And since I've had inquiries here are up close versions of each person's.  This first one is S's (if you'll notice, the kids have "curly toe" ones, while the adults have regular ones.

This one is yours truly.  It's my favorite, in case you care.  If anyone knows my scrapbooking style (woah, way back) this is so me.

This one is Conner's.  I love the little lights... And then I covered my poor sewing with some gold trim.

This one is Drew's

And finally, P's -- does that not look like her, what with the flashy peppermints n' all?

I love walking into our living room.  Our red couch really does the season justice.  And while our tree is kinda shoved into a corner, I do like how it's in the window reminding everyone how merry and bright the season is.  I want to do a picture of the outside of our house, because it is super cute too... but I'm paranoid.  Call me crazy. :)

Here's our front door.  We made that wreath before C was even born, and I LOVE the little bells on the door knob (except that they mask the lock under there and I'm unable to obsessively check it every time I walk down the hall without actually going down there).

And here's our tree in its full majesty.  Isn't it great?  It's (I think) a douglas fir.  Drew picked it out one day when we were deseprate.  It's so perfect.  We need a skinny tree in our skinny house.  It makes me love him even more.  Yes, it's fake and it's also pre-lit (although the lights aren't on in this one.. .maybe next week).  I LOVE it being pre-lit.  More than I could imagine I would.

And below our tree you'll find the gift of love where we each stow our presents for Jesus.  Mine might be to care a little less about technical difficulties.

You know, when I look at all of this I really do know it's the most wonderful time of the year. :)  I hope everyone has a wonderful evening.  I'm off to enjoy mine (which involves funeral potatoes... yummm....)


  1. Love it all! The stockings are amazing.

  2. Your house is adorable, I love your stockings!

  3. When we were first married we where given a set of adorable stockings that I felt guilty not using. I had always dreamed of making my family matching stockings so I fulfilled both desires by saying when we where done having kids I would then make us all stockings for these would probably be worn out. I guess I had better start making those stockings so we can use them next year

  4. HOW DID I MISS THIS POST?! Those stockings are amazing. I love how festive your house is. What a fun atmosphere for the kiddos and adults alike. :)


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