Friday, December 31, 2010


I've been working on our family video this week.  I'm slowly heading out of scrapbooking and hoping to make DVD's and a nice bound book for each year.  Starting next year -- which means I need to scrapbook the stuff up til' now.  Of course, plus the blog which I publish every other year.  Let's not pretend like this family doesn't have history.

But life is SO full of ups and downs.

I as watching the movie so happy about all the fun things our family has done this year and then I get a flash of our dear friend/family member that died.  It's just so hard to realize that life HAS to go on, regardless of the changes.

Bringing it back to the previous post, can you imagine how Mary felt after Jesus died.  Can you imagine her hopes and dreams and how they were now just over.

I think we get glimpses of that every now and then, and then to realize that He lives.  The ultimate hope is what helps us to keep on keepin' on.  So, as life changes, we can roll with the flow.  And somehow I'll have to figure out how to write the new date.  That always takes me a few months....

Happy New Year let's hope it minimizes the change, shall we?

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  1. Publishing your blog. That's a great idea! Maybe you'll have to do some posts on how to do this.


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