Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Scorched Picture

Picture from the Daily Herald Article

This morning while we were cleaning the church (I love how we get to clean the church, I think there are SO many great lessons to be learned from that, but I digress), I was thinking about how  beautiful our building is and how devastated we'd be if it ever burned down and while I love the Provo Tabernacle, I'm sure there are people out there who have even more fond memories of it.  But, then I was thinking about goldfish I was
vacuuming and the trash Drew was emptying and how our buildings are MEANT top be used.  They want the carpets worn, they want those benches to be worn from bottoms sitting on them.  They WANT them to be used.

And the tabernacle was SO used.  The church was VERY generous in allowing concerts and other productions to be put in there, possibly to a fault.  But, how lucky we were to have it while it was there!

But this picture tells the whole of it.  That whatever happens, if the world is crashing around you, it's only one thing that matters, and if you keep your eye on that ONE thing, nothing else matters.

Just look at that picture?  Do you ever feel like that picture is?  Honestly, I don't think I have, but I do know people who have...  and there He is.

HE is risen, HE is the reason for the season and HE will always get you through.

It's a magical season friends.  I saw a clip from KSL or something taken the morning after the fire where an older gentleman said, "Awh, something good will come of it, I don't know what -- but something will."  Part of me snickered.  But it's true.  Something good does come of things, doesn't it?

It's the most wonderful time of the year....


  1. I had read that information last night..that they'd found a picture of Christ that wasn't burned. But seeing the picture makes me cry. Is it okay to cry over this? :) Seriously amazing.

    And now I'm going to bed. I'm exhausted.

  2. Oh man, this is killing me! So sad. But thank you for the salve for the wound - be grateful, remember the good, and then focus on what matters most (and what will last longest) - family, faith, friends.


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