Thursday, December 23, 2010

So Long

Sony Bravia EX700 Series 46-Inch LED HDTV, BlackThe long day has finally come, we are rid of digital cable ala Comcast.  When we bought this TV it came internet enabled, so the whole plan was to ditch cable and surf the internet wave.  However, it took a while for hulu to be ready for our fine TV, but it now is.  So we have taken the plunge.

I'll admit, I'm nervous and sad.  For, you see, Mr. Hulu doesn't give a gal a lot of reality tv, which is basically what I subsist on.  Sad news, my friends.  I'll be forced to watch teen mom and 16 and pregnant on my computer, which I am not a fan of.

We can hook our other computer up to the TV... if necessary.

But for now we have basic cable (which is only 10 bucks when you already have their internet), a DVR on our computer, hulu and netflicks.  This will cost about 60 bucks less/month.

And we know how I love to save money.

Also, we really felt like if we didn't do it now it would be REALLY hard to rip that bandaid off our kids in a few years.

What will I do without the Duggars and Sarah Palin?  I-yi-yi.

Have you made the switch to internet TV?  How do you manage?  Do you cry and sit in the fetal position?


  1. I still don't love internet TV but there were more options than I was aware of...try Good Luck and Merry Christmas! I loved your Christmas card, BTW. :)

  2. wow, this is a really interesting concept!
    We are thinking about downsizing our tv options. Not sure how it will be. It sure comes in handy, but then again, sometimes you have to rip the bandaid off to realise it wasn't so bad after all!

    Good luck in this journey of yours! Keep us updated!


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