Monday, December 27, 2010

An Update On Internet TV

Well, we've been off cable for a few days now, and I must admit I think I'm the one having the hardest time, with Conner coming in a close second.  I worry about the shows I am no longer going to be able to watch... Sister Wives seems to be nowhere on the Internet and that's just super sad for me, of course. 

We have a lot of options for viewing entertainment though
  • Hulu Plus -- this streams directly to our Sony Internet enabled TV.  I don't love how I can't resume watching a show.  I can pause it, but if I have to stop I have to fast forward to find where I was.  Booo.  Plus, the commercials.  Extra Boo...  Looks like they're working on fixing some bugs and making it more user friendly.  We have this free for like 11 weeks I do believe so that will give us some to figure out if we really want it (after that it's 7.99/month).
  • Netflix, also streams to our TV.  LOVE it.  I'm finding all KINDS of amazing documentaries.  I watched one the other day on death.  Let's just say it had my name all over it.  Plus, we also get 2 dvd's month on the one that we're using.
  • Crackle -- just saw this one today, they have a lot of old episodes like different strokes, and some old spider man cartoons that could be useful.  I haven't heard much about this one so far, but it's streaming to my TV for free.
  • Amazon on Demand -- kind of expensive, but I think if we really wanted to watch something, it's an option since we're saving 70 bucks/month by not using cable.  Sadly, no TLC shows.  Booo...
I think we're going to buy something that will wireless transmit an HDMI signal to our TV from our computer (we have an HDMI slot, as well as a TV tuner on our computer, hence we can tape shows and watch them from our computer if we can get this to work.  Also, there's some stuff you can watch on hulu that won't stream to my TV so that would be handy as well.  Has anyone done this and has a type of this to recommend?  I hate watching stuff ON my tv screen... so this would be a good option, especially for BYU-TV.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone else who has done this type of thing.  It sounds like most people have just decreased their overall viewing, but since we've all been sick around here lately we're just finding new ways to amuse ourselves...


  1. I'm slowly getting rid of cable but we haven't reached this point yet. We're down to extended basic plus the DVR. On Thursday I'm getting rid of the DVR. Since no one will be able to record I'm hoping they'll soon realize that they aren't missing much!

    Good luck to you!

  2. We haven't ever had cable. Only because I'm too cheap to pay for it. We keep hearing about netflix, but I guess I just don't want one more thing to have to 'control' in our home. I would love to watch all the older shows though. We have been finding a lot of good movies at the library. Lately we have been on a Cary Grant kick. :)

  3. we get alot of things off of bitme tv. they do have sister wives- that's how i got to watch it. As far as I remember the new season doesn't start till march??? you can come to my house then and we'll watch it together ;)


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