Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Your Kids Will Do That Too

Know and Follow RulesWe have an intricate drop off procedure at our school.  It wasn't made for parents that drop off, it was made for kids that walk to school and how I WISH that was us, it's not.

I really like to walk my kids in, that doesn't always happen but it's fairly easy as long as you leave yourself time for the unexpected 5 million things that will show up.

But there are consistently parents who do it "wrong".  And there are 5 million signs up saying how to do it the RIGHT way, and when NOT to drop your kid off, but they often do it, and when I mention that's against the school's safety policy I get a lovely hello with their middle finger.

But seriously, if you don't obey rules, do you think your kids will?  I suppose there are emergencies and who am I to judge (I think that's one of the very MAIN things you can learn from the nativity).  But, today as I was hauling in my donation for the teacher luncheon, with thoughts in my head about the 2 class parties I'm helping to host along with how I'm going to get my Christmas gifts for friends and teachers done, and other gifts for shipping.  Along with what I'm going to serve the missionaries tonight I see a mom do it wrong.

And then I see the Principal standing there giving her what for.

And somehow it made me happy inside.  It made me realize there IS a reason I do all this.  I feel like I'm insanely volunteering myself out this week.  But my kids watch, they see I'm constantly doing things for others.  Hopefully they do things like that for others one day.  Hopefully they realize how important rules are and why everyone needs to follow them so we can all be safe.  Instead of Santa's elves, God gave us children to watch our every move and emulate us.  Oh boy, I'm screwed now. :)


  1. I really loved this post because I too, am very active in the pta and all that it entails....and I know my children watch me in all my "service" and like you, I hope they are watching and learning. And you are so right...who needs christmas elves, when you have kids! :)

  2. Hee hee. I was arriving myself a little late (ahem) at school, when I heard principal calling the lady out. I had to duck the other direction so as not to be called out myself. yikes.


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