Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's Up Wednesday: Eleven Months Already!?

Any minute she'll be one, and you'll hear the screams from the west and wondering what on earth could be wrong!  Why on earth can't she stop getting bigger.  For heavens sake she can already CLAP!  Here's our monthly photos.  I like that she's starting to get agressive with Mr. Duck. :)

I can't believe how big she's getting.  Last week she just started turning into a little person who likes to play and be responded to.  She almost had a full-on tantrum today when I wouldn't give her a piece of popcorn.  Perhaps this princess treatment has gone long enough.

I had to include a few from her easter dress.  OMG, so cute.  Love that thing, thanks to my friend Pili for having amazing taste at my baby shower (a year ago!).  I actuall had to put one of her standing up just to show you her cute legs and frilly socks.  Oh, how I love frilly socks....

This last one, although not the most adorable photo you've ever seen shows her "sniffy face" and the boys work endlessly to speak "sniff" with her.  She is highly amused.
Eleven months and quite a gal.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TMI Tuesday: Organic?

I'm starting to notice a lot more organic stuff in stores that I normally shop at, at prices that are pretty similar to what I pay for regular stuff.

So, do I pay the ten cents more?

Ok, so this isn't really a TMI post, but it seems like studies show that many fruits and veggies have no real benefit to being organic.  I have heard a lot of people saying that they buy organic on stuff that they're going to eat the outside of, like apples, pears, etc.  I feel like this is a pretty normal way to go. 

I don't have strong organic feelings, but I do feel like from our own yard and with the abilities that we're blessed with, going organic isn't all that hard (btw, I like a lot of people who say their graden is totally organic but fill it with miracle gro soil, and use fertilizer that isn't just organic, in order to be organic the entirety of your garden needs to be plant-based... I do fertilize, but the soil with bone and blood meal, and I do have a small box of organic vegetable fertilizer that I sprinkle a tiny bit on every couple of months during the growign season).  Do you guys have strong organic, don't buy organic feelings?

I should say that our lawn is an entirely different story.  That thing has enough fertilizer and chemicals to kill a... well, to kill something.  Hopefully ants and bugs, and weeds. :)

Now, is dead squirel organic, because I am TIRED of him eating the carrot tops off...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Info!

Hey, I just saw this video on Food Storage Made Easy -- it's a great post about turning your gas off.  I am pretty handy, but I'm not sure I'd thought of all of it.

Menu Plan Monday

I am really steppin' out of the box trying to find some new recipes for the family.
  • Lamb Chops with Balsamic Reduction Never made lamb before, I enjoy it in restaurants.  Probably with a baked potato. (7 points)
  • Black Bean Burgers -- I know, I'm steppin out on limbs though. :) (4 points, just for the burger)  I am thinking a southwestern mayo on the bun might be called for....
  • White Chili (9 points)  Sounds SO good, good thing that JAR of alfredo sauce is split between the 12 portions!
  • Sausage Risotto with Spinach & Tomatoes -- can't find my actual recipe but this one is similar (15 points -yipes!)
  • Salmon Cakes -- had these before and they were a huge hit.  They're hearty enough to just have with a salad (11 pts)
  • Turkey Pot Pie -- Family LOVED this a few months ago, bringing it back for an encore presentation. (6 points, but it's so good, and needs nothing with it I'll probably have 2 servings, also when I make it I only use one crust for the top to save calories and I hate gummy bottom crusts)
  • Mexican Casserole (as written 14 points, I may shave a couple off using some low fat cheese within the casserole -- I HATE low fat cheese on top, but within a casserole I don't notice a difference)

5 Star Meals from Last Week:
  • 3 Herb Drumsticks -- really yummy, next time I think I'll throw on some potatoes and carrots along wtih the tomatoes, all the herbs are really yummy together.  Points for just the recipe as written is 5 points
  • Creamy Cheese Soup -- so thick and yummy.  Great when you need a low-cal cheese fix. 6 points
  • We have yet to have the Chicken Tamale Casserole, but we're all excited because we love tamales... hopefully it will be on my 5 star list next week. :) 8 points as written.

Happy eating and finding variety in your diet!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Really. I did it.

I think scrapbooking's important.
That's why I did it to day.  Absolutely no other reason.
I guess I enjoyed thumbing through the patterned paper. 
It is quite pretty, but right now it's about gettin' it done.

Why Weekend: Gardens

Geeze Hilary, it sure does seem like gardening is taking up a lot of your life as of late.  WHY do you do it?
Great question, so glad I thought of it. :)

1.  I really like how gardening is a visual reminder of faith.  We plant seeds and plants just hoping that they'll produce.  Of course, we put a lot of work into it, but it's always a miracle when the little green heads appear, what a happy thing!

2.  Something has to go in, why not stuff that we eat.  I have a pretty little front yard patch, but in the backyard plants need to be tough and willing to resist a ball or 20 being kicked at them.  Vegetables normally are that type.  Also, we can eat them.  Here's our plan for this year:  No, it's not pretty, but it's do-able.  We plan entirely on side part of our yard.  It's not huge, and we need to save the REALLY AMAZING parts for running and kick balls.  Anyone noticing a theme about balls?  I am using a great square foot garden website, she's super knowledgable, and helpful.
2.  It's facinating.  What a great science expirement each summer.  My kids are always allowed to pick a "what the heck" item to grow just for fun.  This year we're doing watermelons, and just for fun eggplant.  Right now, our raspberries are taking over where we planted spinach, but you live and learn, right?
3.  We live in CA -- we might as well make use of the great weather, it sure isn't making our mortgage payment on its own.
4.  GREAT work for kids.  Weeding, harvesting, all tha tjazz.  My kids can't go out and earn a couple hundered, but they can pick plans for our dinner tonight (well, not tonight, but in a few months it could be that night).  That's a job well done!
5.  We're growing all organic.  Hello compost bin.  That means no pesticides (I may use some borax for ants, I will admit, I don't think that's uber organic but it should just stay in the bowl), or miracle gro, just the soil a bit of bone meal and my love.  Oh and sunshine.  Thank you California.

Anyway, I also have a little fear with all the crazy natural disaster issues we have as of late that produce may not be as easy to get one of these days, or at least increase in cost beyond what I am used to paying.  It's just so nice to spend 30 bucks and get a whole summer's bounty, and possibly a little freezer bounty too.  No, I don't can.  Can't can.  It's true. :)  Crap, are they gonna kick me out of the church?

High hopes, low expectations.  That's what it's all about.

Oh, and it does make me REALLY happy to look out my sliding glass door and see.  If it's not making me happy, I doubt I'd do it near as much.  I did NOT grow-up a green thumb, I HATED it and thought my grandpa was insane for all the work he put into his.  Look who's in love with fancy garden gloves now...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Four Favorites Friday

I find, that wanting to write my favorites Friday makes me find so many things that I love.

1)  Babar's world tour  Spencer and I read this book yesterday.  They talk in lots of different languages and visit lots of fun places.  Of course, they find that home is the very best place to be at.  Especially when your father is the elephant king and can provide you with your very own ping pong table.  I'd put a link to Amazon but go get it at your local library.  I love the Barbar books, totally takes me back to childhood.

2)  Stories of good on the news.  So many yucky things in this world.  I'm glad that there are still so many good people out there, doing good things.  I'm thankful for each and every one of those people (and most likely, I'm thankful for the good things YOU, my reader, are doing too).

3)  Moms who love their kids.  There was a mom on the news who's son is in March Madness with a local team.  She said, "my favorite place in the world is watching him play."  She said this right after we'd had the war of the world over who got to watch me do the wii fit this AM, waking-up P who had already woken during the night, generating a BIG FAT BOO from me.  Anyway, it reminded me that my favorite place to be was also watching my kids try, sometimes even succeeding.  What a great feeling. 

4)  I can't get all gushy on this.  I'm still a material girl and I LOVE my new can opener!  It cuts so easily, and doesn't leave an edge just waiting to slice an awaiting digit.  I use a lot of #10 cans from the cannary and I tell you by using those cans over and over I feared risking my life.  No more.  Ok, people don't usually die from cuts to their finger.  I repeat, usually.  You just never know. :)  I do believe it was the #1 can opener from America's Test Kitchen.  Maube they will be a favorite next week. :)

In other news, I plan on doing the EXACT opposite of this blog on my fitness blog right after I publish this.  There's just some things that a person can hate about being healthy (ok, you might not hate being HEALTHY, but maybe a part of the lifestyle that just isn't your favorite).  Come tell me yours. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

As I type this I'm taken back to my patriarchal blessing.

In it (and normally we don't share portions of ours, but I just feel really impressed to right now) I was told that "My family will enjoy singing Praises to God."  As I sit here Mr. Willy Wonka has branched out from "Imagination" and he and Drew are singing a duet of Bring the World His Truth.

I was 17 when I got my patriarchal blessing.  It was given by a man who didn't know me well, and in it is several things that have come true.  It's not like having your fortune told.  It's like God, giving you glimpses of what you CAN be.  In this instance, I could and I did.  We do sing praises to our God.  Me and Mr. Music of a husband, who I didn't even know at the time.

That song in particular brings a lot of thoughts to mind.
  • They sang it at my uncles funeral and I have always thought that he is sharing the truth, even in heaven.
  • One of my very best Young Women is awaiting to open her mission call this evening (good girl, waiting til' all her family can hear!).  What a nerve-wracking thing.  I just want her to know how proud I am of her, to bring the world His truth... it's an exciting thing.  I'd like to be her when I grow-up someday.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's Up Wednesday

Spencer has been having a lot of fun in Kindergarten.  Recently they celebrated Doctor Suess, and can you pass-up a picture as fun as this one?  I must admit, I don't remember making NEAR as many hats as these kids do in K.

Conner is getting better.  We've enforced proper eating (and I'm just talking sitting in our chair here, no "pinky-up" type rules here!), and we're having talks about how he's doing in school each day.  The teacher's staying in close contact too.  I'm remembering to give a lot of love in the times that I'm enforcing a lot of rules too.  I'm also giving out some chewy spree for jobs well done.  Reall, what woudn't YOU do for a chewy spree?

P is growing every day.  She actually took 2 steps last night.  She likes to make squishy faces and she speaks by blowing out her nose.  She really likes it when we "speak" back.  What a fun gal she is.

Speaking of growing, the garden is in!  I am so in love with how great everything looks!  I have tried to not have too high of expectations, since last year seemed to be a funk.  However, we bought a compost bin, and we composted all summer, turning weekly and had some great compost, and were able to add an inch or two on top of all our soil this spring.  After letting that sit for a while we mixed it all together and got ready to plant.  Last week Drew and I put EVERYTHING in on Tuesday.  I was SO sore for the rest of the week, but I'm glad it's in, and the temperature's been warm and a bit of rain is scheduled for the end part of this week. I hope it's not too hard so our plants just get drinks, not drowned.  Low expectations, high hopes.  That's my motto for the garden this year.  BTW, I'm following the square foot garden philoisophy, splitting our garden up into feet.  We'll see how that works since it's all edges.  I have found a great blogger that's really informative and helpful. 

Spring really is a time for growing (and allergies).  It's exciting to see all the things growing at my house, except my waistline.  For once, that's actually shrinking! :)

Oh, and I'd like to call your attention to the upper mid-right. Someone is going to start updating her photography blog.  This isn't to say that I will be amazing.  I mean, I might... but I'm trying to give some helpful photography tips, and perhaps post some of my most favorite photos.  Also, you'll be able to see when I update on those blogs, makes it easy-peasy...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Since I'm not buying myself new clothes, I thought I'd put them on my blog. :)
Whatcha think?
I mostly like how people can still see my profile "above the fold"
Fancy talk, I know.

Forgetful 5 star

Forgot to add my 5 star recipes from last week:

I made mint brownies for the Blue and Gold banquet on Friday and they were such a hit (also, one of the scouts decided to just grab a handful of brownie instead of cutting them out -- classy, those cub scouts are) that I made them again for FHE.  Just regular ol' Betty Crocker brownies, with frosting that's got 5 drops of green food coloring and 1/4 tsp of mint flavoring (for me, I just like a hint of mint, nothing overpowering).

Brown Rice and Black Bean Bake -- everyone LOVED this!  Fairly healthy, with a nice dose of cheese. :)

I made the Fish and White Bean Tostadas last night (baked the corn tortillas instead of frying them)... and they were REALLY yummy, but also really messy.  I am thinking next time I'll either make them as a salad or a taco... but we all really enjoyed it.  HOWEVER, they were a fair amount of work.  There are a lot of steps and it's hard to keep track of what each phase of the recipe was doing.  I'd save this for a night when you can have pretty full attention to what's going on while you cook.  Thankfully, Drew was home and helped save the day.  Love that guy.

TMI Tuesday: Pelvic Floor

Ahhh, the 3 men who read my blog just clicked off.  So long fellows....

So, what is your pelvic floor and how is it different than just a regular crunch?  Why, I'm so glad you asked.

Your pelvic floor is an area of muscle and tissue that supports your uterus, bladder, and all those lower abdominal things (thereby also helping to support the rest of your thoracic cavity.  Women who don't have strong pelvic floors often have bladder leakage, uterine prolapse, etc.). At that "time of the month" the pelvic floor relaxes and you find you have more of those issues at that point, it only lasts a couple of days and then you're back up and set to go (although, if you strengthen it, even that won't happen).

So, why is it important to work?  Well, it's going to to do many things, help with bladder leakage, help that baby tummy to go away, help support your utuerus for subsequent pregnancies (or keep it nice, high and healthy as you age) and for me, help my tailbone.  Apparently I have one side of my pelvic floor that is tighter than the other, so by working the whole thing I'm hoping to help that problem (btw, the steroid has kicked into full gear now, I'm so happy).

I really like Lindsay's Core Firing Sequence because she actually gets that part of your body activated, and in women that's super important.  I am doing that video 3 times a week (on the days I don't do a full AM workout) and I do the "homework" nightly.  She reminds you how important it is to tuck that tummy in all the day (and if you picture the tuck starting from the tip of your tailbone, that sometimes helps to activate your pelvic floor) and while I so far haven't gotten great at that, I'm working on it. 

Hilary: a work in progress. :)

Hilary is an RN, BSN who has worked in various medical fields for the past 12 years, however, none of the information on this blog, should be substituted for the care of a physician. The information provided on this blog is informational only and shouldn't be taken as medical advice. You have instinct, use it -- and use it wisely. If you have questions, please ask your doctor. If you think you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911. Also, please don't delay contacting a physician due to something you have read on here. Pulling Curls doesn't takeresponsibility for your health. That's your job. We're just a nice read.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pelvic Floor

You've heard me go on and on about my pelvic floor... Lindsay Brinn has a good blog today about how to activate it and keep it tuckin' your ugly baby gut in. :)

Menu Plan Monday

Ah, a week of recipes stretch out beneath us....
Here's what's on tap:

Chicken Tamale Casserole (I guess it's the #1 Cooking Light recipe searched for, looks pretty good!) 8 points (but I may add part lowfat cheese, so maybe I can get it to 6 or 7)

Fish and White Bean Tostadas  It looks really healthy until you start stacking up the oil.  I'm not going to fry my tortilas, but rather bake them in the oven.  14 Points (after taking out a bit of the oil for the marinade)

Morning Glory Muffins and some sort of egg type dish Kids LOVE the idea of breakfast for dinner.  They were very sad we haven't had it for  while.  Who knew?  Sorry, I can't find the recipe anywhere.  They're kind of a carrot cake kind of muffin.  Email me if you want me to scan it -- they're 2 points each.

3 Herb Drumbsticks probably with baked potatoes and veggies, or a salad. Points for the chicken is 5

Creamy Cheese Soup 6 points  Doesn't it look good?  I hope it really is that good!

I am loving adding dishes to my favorites that people have put on their blogs.  Makes Monday so fun...  and when you think of it, planning what you GET to eat should be fun!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why Weekend

Why on EARTH are you Mormon?

It takes so much time, it takes a lot of your money, it is restrictive... {blah, blah, blah}

BELIEVE ME, I have heard it ALL before.

Actually, I hadn't heard much of it til' I moved here, but now I hear it quite often.  I get it.  From the outside it looks like a church to stay far from, but it's something I keep close to.


Well, it's something I ask myself often.  It's not fun to sit through 3 hours of church with my squirmy little one (who goes to nursery on halloween, btw).  Somehow, I still come out of it a more calm, happy, better human being.  As I was sitting in the car this AM I was thinking about how bright and sunny the world looks every Monday.  I feel like I can conquer everything, but then life gets darker and more dim each day, Fridays being the worst and the reason is being so filled with happiness on Sundays.

The most honest answer is that every single good decision I have ever made has been based on the teachings of the church.  The church teaches you to pray, to seek for your own answers to things.  Repetatively I have done that, and have found an amazing life far beyond what I had expected.

My best friends come from that church.  My best life happens when I follow that guidance of that church.  My best answers ti the questions my kids ask are aided by that church.

It's just a happy thing.  A thing, that when you take the whole picture, actually requires very little.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hey, I'm crafty...

P needs some new bibs.  I made some before she was born, they were pretty small and I knew they'd do for drooling and early solids... but now we're messy!

I bought the cloth for an oilcloth bib.... but, then I got to think that maybe Oilcloth wasn't what I wanted.  I will probably still make a couple of oilcloth ones... but I decided to make some dishtowel bibs, and boy are they cheap!  I bought ribbing, 1/4 yard of it and it was 1 dollar (I think this will make 6 or more bibs).  I bought 5 dishtowels for 4.99 at Ross... making them just over a dollar a bib.

I used this tutorial, except I made the neck a little smaller, and the ribbing a little smaller too.  Anyone who knows P knows that her neck is almost a broomstick.  :)  I think they're gonna be super useable, and make for easy clean-up too.

Four Favorites Friday

1.  My Sideswipe mixer blade.  It's just like spatula blades attached to the mixer blade, so that you don't have to stop the mixer and scrape down the edges of the bowl.  It really does a great job at scraping the edges of the bowl.  I love that.  One con:  scraping off the mixer blade.  It's GREAT for thinner things like cake batter, etc.  Cookie dough, though requires a lot of licking.  Which, my kids don't mind. :)

2. Teachers.  This hasn't been an easy time for any of the techers around here.  There's a ton of uncertainty about next year and how jobs will work, etc.  It's so gratifying to know that they are STILL there day to day working so hard for my kids.  We made them lunch last week but it sure wasn't enough.  If only I could bring them bars of gold.  If only we'd CAUGHT that leprechaun!
3.  My phone/pda device.  I don't really love it as a phone, it's fine... but I do love my to-do list.  Lately, my sleep hasn't been so great, and given the opportunity, I am sure that I would stare at our poorly painted walls for minutes on end trying to figure out what to do next.  No need when I can just look at my to do list.  I put EVERYTHING on there.  I'm talking everything.  Cleaning my house, figuring out what's for dinner, writing specific blogs, it's all on there.  I'm sure if someone ever was to steal it, they'd be bored to death.  It's all in the plan...

4.  Compost.  We put in our garden this week and it's been AMAZING to see the difference in our soil.  It's not clumpy, it's soft and so easy to dig in.  We added the compost about 2 weeks ago, and allowed it to do its thing before we planted.  Maybe it is worth the hours I've spent turning it.  At least I hope.  I have high hopes and low expectations.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

He's fine

In all my complaining as of late about Conner I fail to mention he is an amazing kid.  Did I tell you all that he is staring as Willy Wonka in his school play.  I'm so excited for him.  He continues to accel in math, and writing.  He's an amazing big brother to Paige and he has been pretty nice to Spencer while they are at the same school.

It's just so hard to notice all of a person at once.

Especially when you're so close to him.

I see the runing through the house, the jumping around while we're at any location, the snapping (thank you, Drew), the forgetfulness... I do see the other stuff, it just doesn't make me linger like problems do.

I see all of Conner and I love him.  Especially when he's sitting still.  :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stand-up Against Mistresses!

I am SICK TO DEATH of mistresses giving a big tell all.  I'm ready to go back to the whole letter A thing.  This isn't to say that the husbands aren't just as much to blame, if not more but when did it suddenly become OK to sleep with a married man.

Tiger Woods
John Edwards (Ew, ew, ew, I hate even typing the guy's name I think he's such an idiot).
Sandra Bullock's husband

And then comes the "other woman" making bunches of money to tell the sordid details.

Hate it, hate it, hate it.

What's up Wednesday

Spring is springing in full force here in the Bay Area.  We got our garden all put in yesterday, including the elusive drippers (we have a drip system, but since I always change my mind about what grows best where I am always having to change the drippers).  This morning I woke-up totally sore and I was realy disappointed in myself since I didn't work out yesterday and then I remembered, hello!  3 hours of heavy duty gardening, silly.  This year we have: Tomates (grape and regular), watermelon, cantaloupe (those two I haven't planted yet, not into the stores yet, but maybe next week), carrots, cauliflower (still growing from the fall, when it's done I'll rip it out and put in another tomato), green onions, peppers, basil, jalapenos, peas, beans, brussel sprouts (also left from the fall), strawberries, lettuce (a new one, I've never tried that before!), zuchini, cucumbers, eggplant (also new), spinach (also new), garlic, cilantro,  walla walla onions, potatoes, and raspberries.  Wow, that's quite a list!  We'll see what ends-up actually growing.  I have low hopes, but they are a little higher due to us composting now, and I was able to spread 2-3 inches over all our planting space by the compost we made in the fall.  We also made some trellis out of concrete fencing.  I'm just giddiy hoping that our cantaloupe will climb it and be delicious.

Conner is springing too, apparently.  We've been having impulse control issues.  Unable to sit still in class, calling out answers, generally doing a lot of stupid things (like jumping on our car and cracking the bug guard, out of the blue with no apparent reason).  His teacher, yesterday, told me that he's fairly immature compared to the rest of the boys.  Drew and I definitely don't foster early growing-up, but we do try to foster responsibility and impulse control should be something he has a fairly good handle on by now.  We've got a couple of new rules involving homework and mealtimes and learning to sit still and work hard.  I hope they help (or, if they don't, he will most likely starve).  Do you guys have thoughts?  For those of you who know Conner, do you have extra thoughts?  A tiny bit of me wonders a couple of things:
  • Is it allergies, it seems to often happen at this time of year, and our school has a TON of pollen right now from their large pine trees.
  • The teacher usually teaches 5th grade, and I think 4th grade boys are a bit of a mess... maybe it's enhanced in his eyes because of that?
Either way, I've gotten a lead on a few good books to try, and I'm excited to try and help Conner with whatever I can.

P is doing better, that puts a spring in my step.

My crock pot lid somehow fell while I was getting it down this AM, it dented the stove (just a little, chipping some paint) but it didn't break.  I was impresed (more by the lid, than the stove).  We're having corned beef with potatoes and carrots for dinner, along with some fancy green cake.

I was super pleased to see that leprechauns had attacked Spencer's class today.  Somehow, I feel like he's not getting all the heaps of joy that kindergarten can be but I was so happy to see that the teacher takes this meaningless holiday and has a lot of fun with it.  Because, Kindergaten is fun.  On another note, it's so fun to have a Kindergartener or preschooler over holidays.  It makes everything so darn exciting!  Also, P may well be a leprechaun, our house often looks like the way their room looked.  Blocks all over the floor, crayons out... at least they don't have a tupperware cabinet.  P loves ours.  Also, nothing looked chewed on... so perhaps P is a more advanced species (or less, depending on who you talk to).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Survey Time

Blogher wants us to take a survey about Social Media Matters.  I think it's mostly about people who read or write blogs and why.

Knock yourselves out ladies.  It takes about 10 minutes.  I am hoping it will show that blogs are a great way for advertisers to advertise.

TMI Tuesday: Diaper Rash

I know, TMI... but it's a serious issue around these parts lately.  I think our little lady's bum is a tad more sensitive than the boy's was... or is it were....
ANWHO, we've got some mild erythema going on a lot of the time.  I have a few favorite creams:

Bag Balm:  I got this for like 4:50 at Costco, it's also great for softening skin in general (hands, elbows, etc)  It's kind of like a medicated vaseline.  In this same category I'd put aquaphor, and A&D ointment.  These are my favortites.  If a bum's a little red, I just put this stuff on.  It seems to do the trick.

Desitin:  I only use this stuff on extended rash.  It's made out of the same zinc oxide you used to put on your nose when you were out swimming.  Think of it as putting a barrier between the skin and the wetness.  So, if she's REALLY getting irritated, or it's a lot of diarrhea that's causing it I will alternate between the bag balm and the Desitin (the bag balm helping it to heal, and the desitin keeping the stuff off it so it can heal).

OF course, you also need to be careful it's not a yeast rash.  If your baby has had thrush recently that's a clue that it could be yeast.  Yeast rashes are usually raised and won't heal with the two above, call your pediatrician if you think it's yeast, they can give you a prescription cream, usually nystatin (similar to monistat, but I wouldn't just use the one you have leftover from your own "Rash".. .call your MD first -- some of those yeast creams have additives that aren't great for the babes).

Another great healer is letting the baby go without a diaper.  If you're insane, you're welcome to try that. :)  So far, I haven't reached that point.  Also, think about your wipes, have you changed brands, maybe you could use paper towels and water for a bit.  For me, wipes haven't ever been the issue.

Ta-da, diaper rash.

Hilary is an RN, BSN who has worked in various medical fields for the past 12 years, however, none of the information on this blog, should be substituted for the care of a physician. The information provided on this blog is informational only and shouldn't be taken as medical advice. You have instinct, use it -- and use it wisely. If you have questions, please ask your doctor. If you think you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911. Also, please don't delay contacting a physician due to something you have read on here. Pulling Curls doesn't takeresponsibility for your health. That's your job. We're just a nice read.

Visiting Teaching

For you no-mo's out there (Non Mormons), visiting teching is a program where women are assigned other women to "visit teach" -- aka, you're there to friendship them, provide for any needs (and those that are over your head, you report to the leadership, and they can help out as needed as well) and do in-home visits every 1-3 months (each month your'e supposed to make contact with your sisters though).  It's an amazing program where each woman actually has other women she can call on for support.

Anyway, I have new ones!  I can't remember the last time I had an actual visit in my home.  I vaguely remember one here when we first moved in.  Prior to that I know my last one had been when I was pregnant with Conner (in reality, women who seem "fine" tend to have less great visiting teacher than other women... I don't know if I seem "fine" but I have a huge support base of women who are always willing to help me, I've not felt left out at all).  My last visiting teacher was great, I knew she was always there for me, but in home visits weren't really her thing.

Anway, it's an amazing program when you think of it.  As a nurse you always wish someone would be watching over your patients when they're home.  I wish each new mom could have a home visit at about 1-2 weeks postpartum.  Visiting teaching brings that to the members of our church, and I know it's an inspired program.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Frankly, I am not cooking a ton this week.  Wednesday, I'll be making corned beef and other green fare... and Thrusday I need to make something with swiss cheese and mushrooms.  I love both of those, so that shouldn't be hard. :)  I've still been going throuh magazines and watching for good ones on weight watchers, so next week will be good (I hope).

Five start recipes from last week:
Corn and Cheese Enchiladas -- really good, really cheap and vegetarian if you ever need to serve that.
Blue Cheese Chicken with Buffallo Sauce -- kids loved it, Drew and I wished it'd been a bit more spicy, the blue cheese was def. not overpowering though, so it's a great one to have your kids venture off their regular stuff.
Chewy Brownie Cookies -- DElicious, made them for a teacher luncheon. 2 points each...

Hope you have a happy week filled with yummy new recipes that you share on your blog.
Oh, and btw, anyone have a great way to cook corned beef?  I think I did crock pot last year and didn't love it. 
P.S.  2 pounds lost this week -- be sure to check out my workout video reviews on my losing with lovers site (link on the right).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why Weekend

Ahhh, more thought provoking questions asked in the life of Hilary, this time... Why did you become a nurse?

Honestly, I haven't a clue.  My junior year of high school I took a LOT of science, and I really enjoyed it.  I thought I wanted to do something scientific, but I knew I liked people and I knew I didn't want to be in school forever.  Nursing just seemed logical.  I also had one of my science teachers who was a nurse, and I admired her greatly.

In reality, I am sure it was God's path for me.  We live in an area where nurses are paid quite well.  I am able to work once a week and fund all my portion necessary for our budget.  I feel very blessed in that area.  My other plan was to be a music major, and I think that we all know how thta would have ended {poverty}.

Ta-da.  Another question answered.  Feel free to ask more. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Four Favorites

I know, you've been waiting all week.  What does Hilary love THIS WEEK?

1.  Progressive Jar Opener  I found this at Christmas while I was in Utah and I'll tell you I am a whole new woman.  I can open my own jars, I feel more strong and powerful, and most importantly, making dinner doesn't have to wait until Drew is home.  I used ot use this rubber strap thing we had in our garage but MAN this thing is a gem!

2.  A good pediatrician.  With yesterdays little debacle I am SO glad that I have a pediatrician who doesn't freak out easily, checks her email and is just a nice lady to boot.  Drew has her neices in orchestra, which doesn't hurt. :)

3.  My new recipe holder  Goodness do I love this thing.  I was going without one for a little while, but it sure is a happy thing to have this one.  I know, its insanely expensive. But it folds up so nicely when I'm not suing it.  It accomodates any coobook.  Single sheet recipes are held with static cling onto the front plastic part, and it's nice and long so everything stays clean.

4.   Getting my to-do list done daily.  Does anything feel better than checking off all those "to-do's"?  I love how accomplished I feel and how my house looks.  I've added a few extras to my lists lately, like a baking day, a mending day, a video day and a photos/scrapbooking day.  I just like feeling accomplished in something.

Hope you had some favorites in your week too!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

P update

I seriously think that P's fever might have broken during naptime.
We took her in, she still had a little one, and they did blood cultures and poor thing got to have her first catheter UA.

It was all very sad.

It really brought home how I would have gladly taken any of those procedures over her, reminds me of an "older brother" of mine. 

Oh, and the computer's fine.  Backing up everything else now.

I love external harddrives.  Maybe that should be my new blog name....

Blue Screen of Death

I am typing this from my spare computer.  I'm just so glad I have one.
Real computer is staring at me with the blue screen of death.  I didn't even do anything to it.  I was just looking at an HD camcorder, and WHAMO -- blue screen.
Makes me glad I pulled off all the 2009 photos just recently and I backed-up as usual just last weekend.
Currently it is sitting in timeout, unplugged.  Maybe it just needs a break.
I feel guilty in that I was actually looking at a camcorder (which, I am actually not even in the market for) when I really should have been doing real stuff.  It's God smiting me for wasting time.
I hope God fixes it while it's in time out, otherwise we'll get to wipe it clean AGAIN.
That always makes me nervous, annoyed and sad.  I need none of those things.  I know there are things I haven't backed-up and I recently added all of my music to my windows media player.
It's true.

This blog entry is so boring I think I will end it now.
Except to say that P has had a fever for going on 6 days now.  We're off to the doctor soon.  I hope it's nothing big, but with no real symptoms besides being hot and moderately ornry... who knows!?

I think everything must be broken in this house.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Word on Grocery Shopping

I'm mostly posting this for my facebook peeps who are always like, "HOW DID YOU DO THAT" when I post my grocery savings.  It doesn't fall in a gal's lap, it takes work... and here's my current process.  It's refined every now and then.

**On Tuesdays I go through the ads, write down the things that our family buys that are on sale for Lucky, Savemart, and Safeway.

1.  Open a internet explorer window with slickd deals current safeway thread.  There are other websites out there that make it a little more readable, but slick deals often has the best deals correlated there.  I also participate, I don't think it's fair if you just take, take, take.... but I do plenty of taking as well.  I have a few other websites that post their deal match-ups but it's often later in the week.

2.  Open and and

3.  From the safeway website you can add Proctor and gamble coupons to your card, and you can also add coupons to your card.  Open up all those links.

**These sites add coupons onto your safeway card.  All you have to do is scan your card, and the coupons come off.  Haha, endless clipping, screw you!  They can't be used at Lucky or Savemart, boooooo

4.  Go through all the coupons all the 4 sites (cellfire, shortcuts, P&G, and  I do this weekly.  I add pretty much anything I'd ever buy.  You just never know.  Some of the sites do have limits to the # of coupons you can use from that site.

5.  Bring up printable grocery coupons on (because you also get points for all the coupons you end-up using).  Print out any that call to me.  I am less likely to print anything on this, and I mostly have my eye on what's already on sale so I don't end-up wasting ink.  That's no fun for anyone!

6. While going through all this stuff i'm simultaneously scrolling through slickdeals to find out any great catalina deals or things I might have missed.

So, here's the BEST way to get GREAT deals

In-store sale + e-coupons (from cellfire, etc.) + paper coupon + catalina ($ off your next order coupons printed at the check stand) = great savings

**The best thing about ecoupons is sometimes there's a bunch of them out for the sam product, and by loading them onto your card weekly, you're likely to get a few of them.  Here's an example of how this works:

This week Safeway has cereal/granola bars in a buy 5 save 5 scenario.  Included in this are nature valley granola bars for 2.50
Price is 2.50 (buy 5, minus $1) - 1.20 in ecoupons - .40 e coupons = 10 cents MADE by buying them
2.50 - 1 - 1.20 -0.40 = -.10

Of course, I need to buy 5 items on this one, and i won't make money on all of them, but I have some decent coupons for a lot of them so I'll probably spend around 2-3 dollars on all 5 items.

Anway, the deals won't fall in your lap, but I have it down to about a 45 minute process each week, between checking the ads, checking the boards and cutting coupons.

I figure it's worth my time.  Time I mght be eating the delicious cookies I made yesterday instead. :)

Her Blogged

Ahhh, check out all the new bling on the blog.

After having a fight with my fax machine (which happens often) I finally have my blogher code! 

So, whatcha think?

I think they're fine.  I doubt I'm gonna make a million dollars, but really -- if I did, would that be so bad?  I'm sorry if you hate them.  I do like how they have ads for things that appeal to me -- like Downy, who doesn't like downy?  Not me, that's for sure (although, I hear there's a nasty build-up on your lint filter if you use it often... but I digress).

For those of you who are wondering, blogher is a group of women bloggers, you can join blog her, but it's harder to get into their ad division.  If you're looking for some further eye candy you can scroll down below the ad, and you'll find some other blogs of a similar nature to mine (aka, crazy women -- I still haven't figured out which "group" I am in.

In other news, I haven't worked in forever, and I'm starting to feel the ill effects.  My baby has had a fever in what seems like forever and I'm ready to have a shift change.  I'm also ready for a full night's sleep.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

TMI Tueseday: Supplements

Just lately I've ben paying a little more attention to supplements in my diet.  It's part of the weight watchers plan, just to take an overall supplement.  Up until recently I was taking prenatal vitamins, but that era of my life is gone (for further information, search "tailbone issues").  I currently take 4 supplements:

1.  Multi-vitamin.  Frankly, it helps my nails to be stronger (I hate it when my nails break, I don't have them exceedingly long or anything...), and I think it's just a goo idea to fill in any cracks that are in my diet.  I like salad as much as the next lady... but I digress...

2.  Calcium.  I'm not a milk drinker.  I do enjoy my yogurt and cheese, but as a woman who is prone to bone loss (and if you have a vagina, you're prone to it too).  I take a calcium citrate, because I've heard it's the most digestable so that your body can get in touch with the actual calcium.  It comes with a nice strong dose of vitamin D along with it.

3.  Vitamin C.  Call me crazy, but I swear it keeps me from getting sick.  Back in nutrition in 1995 I learned that vitamin C keeps colds away, but I think they've dis-proved that.  However, I think it's all a mind game.

4.  Fish Oil. I just recently added this to my list.  I think I read about it one of my magazines how it can help with depression.  Frankly -- I do feel more peppy since I started taking it.  There are a huge number of benefits from this one.  I found a fairly biased website to enjoy this fine AM.  While I doubt it's the cure-all of our nation, it sure seems nice.

So, that's what I take.  Honestly, I just go with the bottle at Costco.  I take them all in the AM and that's all I can do.  There's a small chance I might as well just flush my money down the toilet, but if it just takes 12 bucks a couple of times a year to keep my nails snag-free, I find it totally worth it. :) Of course, discuss with your doctor before you start taking any of these.  Blah, blah, blah.... {insert boring please don't sue me placement here}

Monday, March 08, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Back at the menu grind, what a surprise!  Here's what's up for the week:
  • Chicken Florentine (recipe has 83 points total, I think normally I'll make this, and freeze half of it making 10 points) Magelby's rolls for dinner (feeding missionaries -- take your base point value for the roll, and this adds 1 point onto it, but they're so yummy I don't add butter when I eat it like this)
  • Asparagus Egg Drop Soup (I think this is making it's third showing on my blog, so it's obviously not something people are super jazzed about... but it is quick and easy -- 4.5 points)
  • Pollock Montreal (again, back from last week, I think I over-picked last week -- 7 points for just this item, and I will obvioulsy need to add a side item)
  • Corn and Cheese Enchiladas (if you point out their nutritional values, it's 10 points, but I pointed out the recipe using all the ingredients I'll be using and it came to 13... booo....)
  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken with buffalo sauce holy yummy (9 points)
Five star recipe from last week
  • Chickpeas with Broccoli Rabe and Bacon  SO good.  I think next time I'll drain some bacon grease, as I'm pretty sure that ups it out of "light" -- everyone gave it "millions" of stars.
  • Also, on 10 minute dinners with that Melissa D'arabian she showed making bread crumbs.  She took old bread, whizzed it in her food processor, toasted it in a pan and then added the butter.  We tried that on our mac n' cheese yesterday and OMG... it's SO much better than just melting the butter and throwing in the bread crumbs.  It's worth the extra time.
How all your culinary dreams come true this week!


Ok, I could really use some woop-woops for the weight loss on my losing with lovers blog entry for today.  Pretty darn proud!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Why Weekend

So, time for the weekend edition of pulling curls.  I thought I'd answer some oft asked questions of this fine blog.  Today, I will be answering:
"Why do you call it Pulling Curls."
Well, great question, fine reader.
That questions is basically answered in my first ever post.

I wrote this blog to kind of vent about my life as a mom.  I started it when Spencer was 1 year.  He had a head full of curls, and he would sit and twirl them, and I'd sit and twirl mine... just stewing over things.

Hence, pulling curls.

Something I do to relieve anxiety.  Now, I just blog.  I have found that venting on my blog isn't really my angle.  I like to bring new information, share thoughts on current events, brag about my kids and NOT vent about my husband (lesson learned). 

But I will admit I still twirl a curl every now and then.  '

Funny that I've come to another almost 1 year old.  I just wish she had some curls... ;)

Friday, March 05, 2010

It All Seems So Familiar

The patterned paper...
the crying baby at my side...
the smell of gluesticks...

That's right, 11 pages done today, here's a little sample:


Go ahead, look 2 posts down.  God is blessing us, blah, blah, blah...
I knew it would happen...
Just grundles of yuckiness getting dumped on me today.
Escrow account didn't get home insurance bill... didn't pay it.  Boooo.... five years of phone calls ensues.
Opened cabinet, mug fell out breaking everywhere (great when you have a "mouthy" 10 month old around)
Broke tupperwear container...

Oh, and if you hear that' creaking, that's just me getting back into scrapbooking.
It's a necessary evil.  One I haven't done in months.

Four Favorites on Friday

Do you have things that you just LOVE?  Well, I do.  I don't want to go on and on about how much I love my family, but knife sharpeners... now, that's something I can wax poetic on.

1)  Furi knife sharpener.  I got this like 2 Christmases ago, and I always mean to write and say how AMAZING it is.  Other knife sharpeners give me the willies, but this one is SO easy to use, and really does a nice job.  I swipe my knives through it probably monthly and they're so much easier to use.  I HATE dull knives, and honestly I had just considered buying new ones until I got this.  Love it!

2)  I put Drew in a bit of a vice grip last Friday.  Sometimes a lady just has to yell... but Drew has been really great this week, super helpful.

3) This week I've been focusing on making sure the kitchen is clean BEFORE I start cooking.  Our kitchen is so small, and it's a huge pain to have counter space being taken up by something else.  Anyway, it's made making dinner a whole lot eaiser.  I'm the kind to normally just jump into the cooking, but I know it hurts me in the long run.

4)  My new shoes.  I decided I needed some solid shoes to take on an upcoming trip.  I LOVE them.  I feel so fancy with them on.  New shoes, they're the fat girl's friend (and I'm not buying new clothes until I'm at a stable weight... so shoes are my friend).  I do love my MJ's. 

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Taking a Moment

I feel like I have SO many days where money is like water, it's just flying out of your fingers faster then you can catch it.

Today was an opposite day.

A rebate check came, our gas bill is lower, and we got a refund of some of our gas bill (all of that, thanks to the new heater).  I'm going to join blogher.  I got paid more then I thought I might (you never know what Mr. Tax man's going to do to you).

Sometimes I feel like days like this never come, but they do.  I just know that I am always worried someone will snatch it all out from under me.  It's not like we're loaded wtih money... I just thought I'd take a moment to feel all those blessings.

You take the good, you take the bad....
Tell me, am I more a Natalie, Tootie or Joe.  I'm obviously not Blair...

Interesting Read

I found an interesting read on another blog.

It talks about the missionaries from my church serving in Chilie.

I know you all thing that I store enough cereal to last a year just becase I like mosaic art... but really there's more to it.  Mormons take that preparedness thing pretty seriously, and this article makes me glad I do.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I don't care!

This morning on the news, all they could talk about was the kid that was on the radio at the airport controller's desk.  I DO NOT CARE.  I am proud of a dad who takes his kid to work.  What a great way to see how your dad does it.  The kid was respectful and did everything right.  Shut up news.

What I do care about is Congressman Rangel gets a freaking BAHAMAS CRUISE from a lobbyist (and forgets to pay taxes on it) while I can't even get a 50 cent pen from a drug rep.  You do realize that everyone in the medical profession is strictly not allowed to take tips, kick-backs from reps, anything of the sort.  You know, we wouldn't want to seem unprofessional.  But congress can have insurance companies sitting in their back pocket, and that's ok.

My new plan is to vote out EVERY, SINGLE INCOMBENT.  Every single one.  It's not a life-long job.  I'm sick of you, you stink at your job and I want to fire you.

Are you sensing my bitterness?


Kids and Snacking

I was going through my reader and found this article on kids snacking.

I have finally given into an after school snack.  Spencer gets a snack in kindergarten (which is, 99% of the time a cracker), he eats his lunch (which includes a "main item" - like a snadwich, a fruit, a veggie, a treat and water).  Then, when he comes home he always wants something sugary.  In the summer I often give popcicles just because i know they're hot... but this article really made me re-think.  Constant snacking is OK, as long as it's veggies. 

My WW teacher, on Saturday said, "if you have finished your meal and you're so hungry you'd eat a can of green beans, then you're actually hungry"... and I think this has to be true of the kids also.

If they're so hungry they want an apple, carrot sticks or whatever fruit or veggie I provide after school then fine, eat... if not.  Don't.

What's your thoughts on snacking and kids?  Also, do you think it's a good idea to include a small "treat" in their lunches.  This includes many items, like chips, cheetos (yum, they actually my own personal downfall), twinkies, home baked cookes, etc.  They just get a small portion.

I do think raising our kids having a constant snack of goldifsh crackers and juice is what got them where the obesity epidemic is today.  I don't want to have my kids to have to go to weight watchers, I need them to be able to listen to their own bodies (btw, I never actually "got" an after school snack, but I did steal stuff a lot :D ).

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What's up!

I have a vow to get pictures off my camera and on scrapbook pages and into our lives.
Here's what came off the camera today!
Spencer turned six last month.  Can you even get over how snazzy he looks in his new blazer.  The kid's stylish, that's for sure.  He's SUCH a good seed lately.  I love how his mind thinks and how helpful he wants to be.  Love my middle little.

P turned 10 months.  Sadly, a lot of her pictures were a blur, but these two pretty well capture where we are right now.  No, that is just a trick of light where you see her gums -- no teeth yet!  She's cruising all over, into everything.  Life is a joy.  Slowly I'm reminding her that she is still very little and needs lots of naps.  Or do I need the naps... it's a good question...  Can't believe how big she's getting.  A year ago I went on early maternity leave.  And look at her now.  Let's just say that pictures, even a month ago, were a lot easier.

There she is, growing like a weed.... an eigth percentile weed... :)

Conner got 4th place in the pinewood derby, his car was very cool.

He was also apparently bored to death while doing his science fair project on compost.  Hmm... wonder where he got THAT idea from?

Spencer helped make an awesome cake for his sixth birthday

Kindergarten had an olympic parade.

and of course valentines parties at school.

Let's face it, this post was pretty well for the grandmas.  I congratulate you on making it through it! :)

TMI Tuesdays: First Aid Kits

One of the most important things you can have in your car is a small first aid kit.  I'll just share with you what's in mine (or should be in it, if my kids/husband/friends haven't taken stuff out).

1. ACE bandage.  These things are great, sometimes just to get a kid to stop complaining.  Make sure not to wind with too much pressure though, you still need nice pink fingers or toes!
2.  Assorted bandaids
3.  Super Glue (I used some about a year ago in Teton's National park when Spencer had a date with the asphalt).  They have great "single use" packs that I bought at the dollar store.  That way you know the lid's clean and you're not adding any extra germs.  The MOST important part of super gluing cuts is making sure the cut is clean.  Personally, if I'm in a location that I can see a physician at I'd go with that.  In the tetons, we just weren't.
4.  Assorted medications.  Sometimes at Kaiser I can get the pills in the carboard little pocket form.  It's nice to use these since they have an experation date on them, etc.  If I don't have those, I use small bottles from the dollar store.  The top few for me are:  Tylenol, Sudafed, Benedryl, Ibuprofen, children's tylenol and zyrtec (or allergy pill of choice).  I should probably throw some aspirin in as well, as that can be really helpful if chewed at the first signs of a heart attack.
5.  Butterfly bandaids/steri-strips.  Much like super glue these can be used to hold cuts together.  Same precuations, but the nice thing is that germs/ etc can still travel out with these, the wound isn't totally closed.
6.  A water bottle.  To hydrate, wash cuts out with, etc.
7.  Scissors.  I have some tiny little ones on a pocket knife.  Super handy (esp in cases where you have to superglue heads back together).

Of course there are lots of other handy things, but those are the main ones to make sure are available.  I also have a 72 hour kit because I'm a good God-fearing Mormon.  It's tucked between the floor and my back seats in the minivan.

I run on the standard of, "if we have it, we won't need it."  :)

Hilary is an RN, BSN who has worked in various medical fields for the past 12 years, however, none of the information on this blog, should be substituted for the care of a physician. The information provided on this blog is informational only and shouldn't be taken as medical advice. You have instinct, use it -- and use it wisely. If you have questions, please ask your doctor. If you think you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911. Also, please don't delay contacting a physician due to something you have read on here. Pulling Curls doesn't takeresponsibility for your health. That's your job. We're just a nice read.

Added:  I have been suckered into the "triangle of life" emails that have gone around lately.  Here's an interesting blog about how the red cross still says to 'Drop, Cover, and Hold On!'

Monday, March 01, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Well, somehow our menu got off last week.  Not sure how. 
Here's what's on the docket for this week:
  • Chickpeas with Broccoli Rabe and Bacon -- found the broccoli Rabe at Trader Joe's (word on the street they open at 8:30 now, HELLO, SO HAPPY!!!) {5 points -- on further evaluation this HAS to be higher.  You never drain the grease from the bacon... I'd put it somewhere around 13 points as written.  Next time I will drain the grease (most of it) before I add the onion, and probalby call it an 8 point dish -- annoying, their nutrition facts HAVE to be wrong!}
  • Asparagus and Egg Drop Soup -- didn't get to it last week. {4.5 points}
  • Chuck's Favorite Mac and Cheese -- I need to start making some of our family favorites and making sure I can have approrpriate serving sizes. {12 points}
  • Chicken Parmesana and Brussel sprouts {?}
  • Chicken Florentine Casserole -- Might do it with broccoli instead of spinach. {17 points -- only using 1/2 the chicken too! -- I'll have to eat light that day!}
  • Pollock Montreal -- trying to try some new fish besides tilapia and salmon.  So far we are not fans of roughy. {7 points}
  • Upsidedown Orange French Toast -- breakfast for dinner.  :) {14.5 points}

Five Star Recipes from Last Week:

Porkchops with Pineapple Salsa -- SO good, a good dish to serve to company

Mary Ruth gets a 5 star rating for putting Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Soup on her blog.  I exchanged the cream with evaporated milk and it was SO good.  I thought it'd be like a 10 point dish, but there was SO much of it I only needed half a serving.  That was five points, along with a slice of bread (it's broth was great to dip my bread in).  Anyway.  Thanks Mary Ruth!

For me, at least right now it's just going through the recipes and finding a few that I have ingredients for and just having those available.  It's just too hard to decide if you have the entire world to choose from. :)


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