Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scripture Stories: David and Bathsheba

This week's Sunday School lesson is on David in his "sinning years".  Man, the guy sure took a big fall, didn't he?

But then came an ad for Elizabeth Edwards complaining about her husband again.  Shocking.  I feel awful for the woman, but it's time to put on your big girl panties and separate yourself from him.

But there are the two stories, tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.

Man of power finds woman appealing and beds her.

Man of power falls, and then bemoans what a big blunder he made.

Why, why does it always happen?

Clinton, Edwards, Hart, how far does it go back before we had bloggers and senate investigators to give us all the gory details?

God gives power to men who can make a difference, but those very same men seem to be unable to channel that focus.

It's just an interesting thing that the same things happen today.  Some people say the scriptures aren't relevant.  I'm sure that Eliazabeth Edwards woud care to dispute that.  I'm sure that her kids would.

You know, perhaps the Today show could allow her to "de-man" John Edwards, live... of course... possibly at a hidden location, somewhere along the "Where in the World is Matt Lauer" series, but this could be more "where in the world will she chuck John's testicles".  I think that'd be a touching end to the story, and really give them some good ratings, perhaps during sweeps....

You can learn from the scriptures.  It's true.  I, for instance, will no longer bathe with the curtains open. ;)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whaz Happening?

Really, the summer of love just continues and keeps on gettin' better!

I'm behind on pictures, and while these are nothing to write home about (I don't usually take the big camera to school for events... I still love them.  The one on the left is whe Spencer says "I'm a first grader"... gets me every. single. time.  At some point I'm going to have to post some video.

Here we are at Gilroy Gardens, and yes -- that is a giant garlic clove, thanks so much for noticing.  You see, the entire town smells like garlic, so why not make a theme park based around that.  Like, when a fat kid makes jokes about being fat.  Yeah, they have a multi-million dollar themepark.  A themepark, which... by the way, was totally empty on our day.  I'm not sure if it was a fluke, due to them having  giant sale on tickets for the Friday before we went (I got my tickets on the cheap from my hospital) or what, but golly gee, I hope they stay in business.  My kids didn't wait for a single ride.  How often do you see that?

P and I went on the paddle boats together.  Have you ever seen anything so cute in your whole life?  She, honestly, wasn't much of a fan and her heft of 16 pounds made it so we did a lot of circles and then did a quick return to the dock before she needed the life jacket.  Also, her hat kept coming down, covering her whole face to the life jacket so I bet that wasn't too fun, but we sure showed skin cancer who was boss! :)

And, because you can never have enough pictures of babies, here she is on her first solo ride.  A. Dorable.

And at the water sprinklers. :)  Not a fan in the beginning, but then she toughened-up.

And, because Conner deserves just a little shout out, he was very brave at the Gilroy Gardens, and went on every ride, perhaps modestly redeeming himself from turning into a giant Foster Farms-like chicken at Disneyland.  Here he is on the swings with Drew and that isn't a ride I'd go on.  I always worry my shoes are going to fall off.  Seriously.

So, the summer of fun just continues.  We have a few more trips planned, and I have the kids praying that I work when I'm scheduled.  Can't hurt to add a little child-like faith to my own, right?

Monday, June 28, 2010

What Bugs me About Medical People

 I've seen my physical therapist the last few weeks.  Weekly.

But just lately I suddenly feel like I need to take my life into my own hands.

Like she's not reading my chart, she goes off on a random tangent every time I see her.

Drives me INsane.

I just want to scream at her to see if I'm actually improving and stop talking about stuff she went to some class for.

Anyway, just a reminder that your health is just that -- YOURS.

If you feel like it's being taken with little regard it's time to take it back, and hug it.

And possibly take a nap.

Tailbone is improving, in case you care... just not sure I can take any more belittling of my pelvic floor.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Dirty Little Secret

So, our life has pretty well been enveloped by this whole computer drama-rama.  Blue screens at every restart.  Fatal Errors.
Renting my clothing... {mormon joke}

Spent much of today with the Windows 7 people and HP on the phone.  They had ALL KINDS of falutin' ideas about how to fix our little problem.  Useless ideas I might add.  SO bad, I even got a refund of the monies I paid HP to help us.

Turns out, 8 hours later, we had a dust problem.  We do use compressed air to clean out the outside, and of course a rag when I'm really into cleaning.... but we don't dust inside the case because... well, we forget but also it's mixed on dusting inside the case.  Some people say you'll ruin it and others... well, now the others are me.  Apparently HP Pavillions have a huge issue with air flow and dust accumulation.  Once I started pokin' around the ol' internets I found a lot of info about HP's and their dust issues.

Turns out the dust was what was killin' it all.  That, and the fact that vista is a pretty poor operating system.

Anyway.  Just a reminder for all you out there that compressed air isn't JUST a way to get high.  Use it all proper-like, please. :)  Oh, and get an external drive.  We made the switch to 7 and wiped our drive clean.  It's so fast and pretty.  Me likey... but only because Mr. External kept all my photos safe and sound.

I heart my external drive.

Can anyone else believe I'm still awake and it's almost 1 am.

I'm so screwed tomorrow....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Life

This, truly is the life.  Husband home, family together, not much planned... it's actually how I envision the celestial kingdom.  Time to help others, time to do what we really want to do.  It's not to say that we're not busy, because we are -- but each thing has its own time, and we're enjoying each other.

Now, if both of us stayed home full time all summer it wouldn't be as grand, of this I am aware.

But right now things really are good.  Regardless of the computer issues or the kids driving us nuts... Drew and I are actually seeing a lot of each other.  Walks, time doing work together.
Good stuff.

The stuff that many families dream of.  We may not be rich (nor will we ever be) but we're currently quite happy.  I love summer. :)  I keep thinking I'd love it more if I was working more, but maybe I wouldn't.  This just give us options for us to do what we need/want to do.

Sadly, that is installing windows 7 today.... and believe me, that takes TIME!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nope, it wasn't an appliance

It was our computer that died after that David and Goliath post.
It's been on its deathbed for quite some time....
I'm ready to put it out of its misery and install some Windows 7.  Not sure when I'll have the will to blog again.
I think it may be God giving me a sign.
You know how I love me a sign. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

All About Me

Last week, in our family meeting I went through the things on our calendar.
Guess what, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. was for me.
Work, appointments, work, RS activity, more work, girls night.
All for me.
That never happens.  In fact, unless it's me working I hardly ever have anything on the calendar.

Anyway, it just made me think of what a great husband I have.  There aren't many who can go from full time work to full time at home and really adjust so well, but he always does a great job.  Of course, when I am home he often needs to take a technology trip to Fry's, just to get out... but who can blame the guy?

Love him so.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photo of the Week

Is it the most amazing photo I've ever taken, no.

But I love her mom, and her grandma... and her grandma babysits Paige every other week so I can help out at school and I'd do just about anything to pay her back. :)

Even though I didn't renew my business lisence I can still take pictures.  I love doing it and editing them and seeing the real beauty in a person come through is really a joy for me.

I think what I love most about this is that little arm.  So darn triumphant as a little princess.  I wish I could feel triumphant like that more often.  My plans always seem to get derailed.  I should feel "confident, dry and secure" more often. :)  Don't mess with this girl.  She's take you out. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Five Favorites Friday

1.  Homemade bread.  Wow.  Yesterday, we made bread together for our "special activity".  There are SO many things a kid can learn from making bread!  This one's sponging process is particularly cool, as is the wheat grinding and the eating of it.  What a fun activity and delicious.  AND healthy.  Unless you eat the whole loaf.  Less healthy that way. :)

2.  Summer.  It's so nice to have the kids home and really enjoying them.  I like how our "Special activity" makes me think of fun things to do with them each day.  So far, this week, we signed-up for the summer reading program at the library, went to the library, made bread, and Drew did a "paint to classical music" that lead to some exciting results.  Just the change of pace is nice, even for someone who hates change. :)  Someone said that I'm a closet home schooler and while I do agree with them, I also REALLY love my kids teachers and saying goodbye to them in the fall.  Call me crazy (it won't be the first time).

3.  The Oakland Zoo.  We went this week with some friends.  I got a sweet deal on a membership via the Internet a few weeks ago.  I love how you can see that entire zoo in a couple of hours, even with some messing around on giant bugs. :) In addition to our "special activity" we're trying to have a "Field trip" once a week as well.  The best part of living here is all the museums, and fun things to do around here.  This was just this week's.

4.  Friends.  I've had to do a bit of soul searching lately about my friends and how much they mean to me.  Close personal relationships with other women are SO important to me, as they are to most other women -- I would think.  While I have bid adieu to a large lot of them since we've lived here, I have always been blessed to have new ones come into my life (another David and Goliath story, as I have a perpetual fear that all my friends will move).  Love every one of them.

5.  I know, five.  I'm goin' all out this week (because, frankly -- who knows when favorites Friday will make another appearance)!  But, #5 this week is hope.  There's something great about hope.  While I tend to daydream about possibilities endlessly it's just nice to know that things could change... you might not even like it when they do but it's amazing what a little hope can do.  Nothing big here people -- just thought of this morning.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scripture Stories: David and Goliath

Sure, everyone knows the story of David and Goliath.  Tiny midget slays huge giant.  In my head that's how I picture it.  David, who was part of the cartoon strip "The Littles" throws a tiny pebble, somehow hitting the weak part of Goliath's head and causing a cranial hemorrhage.  Then, tiny David travels a day up on top of Goliath where he proclaims his victory.  Small defeats large.  The little man CAN win.

But, today I was reading it, and I was struck by how David -- in 1 Samuel 17 (our church uses the King James Version) let's everyone know WHY he can do it:

33 And Saul said to David, Thou art not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him: for thou art but a ayouth, and he a man of war from his youth.

34 And David said unto Saul, Thy servant kept his father’s sheep, and there came a lion, and a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock:

35 And I went out after him, and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth: and when he arose against me, I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him.

36 Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear: and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them, seeing he hath defied the armies of the living God.

37 David said moreover, The Lord that adelivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will bdeliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the Lord be with thee.

38 ¶ And Saul armed David with his armour, and he put an helmet of brass upon his head; also he armed him with a coat of mail.

39 And David girded his sword upon his armour, and he assayed to go; for he had not proved it. And David said unto Saul, I cannot go with these; for I have not proved them. And David put them off him.

God has always saved me, and he will save me again this time -- because he is fighting for the "Army of the Living God".  That time where God had saved them was probably a really important moment for David -- a time where he KNEW that God had helped him.  We all have those times...

He was fighting God's fight (which is says more eloquently further into the chapter).

We are all fighting the good fight, at least we think we are.  First, I guess we must figure out if we're fighting the good fight, if what we're doing is what God would have us do.

And once we have that answer, God will shield us and help us become triumphant.

SO often I doubt.  It's easy for me to see how God has saved those around me.  My friend Lara sometimes talks about their financial issues as a teacher and her trying to stay at home as much as possible.  I always remind her that they ALWAYS make it through.  God provides.  I watch her from many states away and know that God always does provide for them, but I'm not in their trench... it's easier to see the view from California to Michigan.

We're in our own trench right now.  It's nothing awful but I do get cancelled a lot at work.  I, being me, worry a lot about dipping into our savings too much or us not being able to reach financial goals.

But, it's not the financial goals that we're fighting for.  Sure, they are steps of safety along the way, but our family goal is to 'Have a Happy Eternal Family."  Not to be rich, not to never have to tighten the purse strings, not to live extravagantly....

We will fight the fight of overcoming the world with great kids.  We will use our pebbles and our slingshot and surprise the world that we can do it. :)  I also know that God will provide when we need it.  He has done so in the past, just like he did with David.

And might I remind you that a slingshot and some pebbles is far cheaper than a sword. :)

I also know after writing this I will suffer an appliance loss... because I always do.  Dang you Satan.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Word About Our Summer

Some of you may not have figured out that my husband is a teacher.  He doesn't do summer school, and instead the plan is for me to work more during the summers.  That is our plan (although, I seem to get cancelled about 1/3 shifts lately... so, we shall see).

It is definitely a change.  He learns like what it's like to be here all the time, and I get a full appreciation that working full time doesn't suit me either.

You'll notice my life just isn't as organized.  Menu Plan Monday will most likely bid adieu until the fall.  I will still make plans, but the recipes are much simpler and we're just trying to get by.

BUT, that doesn't mean the rest of our life is any less planned.  While my kids don't have any summer camps to attend, I tend to set-up a pretty rigorous schedule for us to achieve.  Here's where it stands currently:
7-9 get up, get dressed, responsibilities, eat breakfast (this includes practicing)
  • 9-10:30 Lessons (I buy workbooks before school gets out to prepare them for the next grade and give them something academic to do)
  • 10:30-11 "special activity" -- I made a list of fun things to explore with the kids.  We're delving into economics, history, anatomy (of course), physical education -- you name it (and if you have some "special" activities planned with YOUR kids, I'd love to hear them!
  • 11-12 Outside Play
  • 12-1 Lunch
  • 1-2 Computer time (usually it's academic or typing games)
  • 2-3 Free Play
  • 3-4 Reading/Quiet time
  • 4-5 Wii (which must be earned by doing well on the other activities)
  • and then dinner, etc.

It mostly keeps me from having to tell my kids every 10 minutes that wii time isn't til' after reading. :)  I have also told them they are welcome to watch educational TV instead of computer or wii time.

They all made up goals yesterday, and I made some mental ones for each of them:
  • C:  Neatness, penmanship, capitals (my goal for him is to learn that there is a consequence to everything, be it good or bad).  He is also starting a blog.
  • S:  Pemanship, tying his shoelaces, learning how to tell time better (my goal for him is to teach independence)
Anyway, that's what's going on here.  I'd love to hear big plans you have for your family.  Actually, not your big plans, but maybe the tiny ones.  A lot of the mommy bloggers seem to want to do "day camp at home" and I like that idea.  Why pay someone else hundereds of dollars to make their memories with your kids? :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guess Who!!!!

Guess Who has their very own blog.  After years of watching me type mine daily someone else is gettin' in on the grind.  Mr. Conner.
You can find his blog either on a link to the right, or here:
Xplod Xplodes (Xplod is Conner's self-proclaimed nick-name, who knew?).

Tailbone Saga: Part 107

So, the tailbone saga continues.  I was finally able to see my physical therapist.

Today she sang a new tune.

My tailbone is deformed.  She said that it goes straight down and then juts in (instead of a gentle curve).

You don't even WANT to know why she knows that.

It is also still something from my pelvic floor, because why wouldn't it want to torture me as well.

In the meantime I get to well an SI belt (I think that's the name) around my hips to hopefully stabilize it.  It makes my butt look deformed.  I know you're jealous.

Currently my tailbone is KILLING ME.  I'm not sure if this is from the manipulation she did, wearing the belt full time (and the new way she told me to put it on) or just the trauma of the day.

Either way I am pretty sure I need a nap.

In other news I asked her if she thought chiropractic work would help.  She said that because of how my tailbone is that chriopractic would actually hurt at this point.

Not sure how it could be worse, but I'll take her word for it. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

6 Little Known Facts about Mormon Missionaries

One of my very best friends is going on a mission, on Wednesday in fact.  I was one of her youth leaders about 6 years ago and now she's all done growing up and ready to face the big scary world. :)  She will spend 3 weeks at the missionary training center in Provo, UT and then will be shipped to Guatamala.

I am so proud of her, she will do an amazing job, but it got me to thinking that many people are "bugged" but those Mormon missionaries, they go door to door and they're so young and peppy.  Well, did you know what they leave behind?

1.  Mormon Missionaries are only allowed letters.  Only recently were they allowed to do email (and even then, that's only allowed in areas that have access to email -- my friend is going to Guatemala, so we're not sure if she'll have email -- I will be buying some stamps next time I'm at the grocery store).  They are allowed to call home twice a year, on Mother's Day and on Christmas.  It is a HUGE deal for those families and those moms wait for those holidays and needless to say, it's better than any gift they recieve.

2.  Mormon Missionaries have to follow a strict dress code the entire term of their mission (boys usually serve for 2 years, and girls for 18 months).  For her, she needed to have mid-calf lenght skirts and some dressier- blouses.  She isn't allowed to wear jeans, shorts or capris for the entire length of her mission.  That's right, in hot, hot guatamala.

3.  Mormon Missionaires are expected to fund their entire mission, which is 400 dollars/month.  They don't fundraise.  Them and their families work hard to allow them to have this opportunity.  Drew and I give a very small amount monthly to our "ward mission fund" which hopefully helps some of the families out.  Since we're Mormon, some of those families can have two (possibly even 3) missionaries out and you can imagine how that adds up!

4.  Mormon Missionaries have to stay with their companions 24/7.  They aren't allowed to leave their sight (except in the restroom).  Can you even imagine this?  I mean, sure it's great if you love them.  But what are the chances you'll love all the companions the whole 18-24 months?  You might as well play the lottery. :)

5.  Mormon Missionaries lives strict rules.  They have a white handbook that pretty much tells them everything they can, and can not do.  They can't hold babies/kids (I think we can thank our friends the Catholic Priests) for that one.  They can't be on the internet, they can't watch TV, they can't listen to most popular music (exceptions for classical and some church music).

6.  Missionaries are all about service.  Each week they have to give some hours to service.  They're good hard workers.  We had ours help put in a sprinkler system, but they also find ways to help out in the community, ours recently helped a lot with the local "Mormon Helping Hands" day.

So, why on earth would you do it?  I can testify that going on a mission changes you.  Boys leave, men come home.  They are working hard, they are dedicated to the service of their God and they are helping others.  They come home with amazing skills, a new language (which is part of why the Salt Lake City Olympics were so successful), an ability to communicate better, and an ability to be on their own.

So, next time you see them riding their bikes, or walking by -- give them a smile.  They're working hard to bring people happiness, and their moms will thank you!

** I will add, that I didn't go on a mission.  I was considering it when I had very strong feelings that I should get married instead.  I don't look forward to the time my boys serve a mission (when they are 19) but I know it's a refining fire that will help them (even if it makes me miserable to think about). 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

School Year

This morning as I was making breakfast I thought about how life goes by school years, it always has for me.  Even when I was pre-school aged my dad taught at the university and life was ran by school.  Then came my own school years.  Utah is a great place to spend your summers.  There were always lots of visits to friends and riding our bikes, and burning our buns on hot slides.  During summers in high school I did marching band and didn't realy feel like I got a summer, but I did.  It was something out of the ordinary, different from the regular school grind.

Then came college and even though I went to school full time both fall and winter, summer was still more fun.  I worked more, I had more fun, there were fireworks both literally and figuratively. :)

Then Drew was in school right up until we had Conner.

Then he taught, and continues to teach....

My life goes by school years.

It's just so nice to have that break in summer, and a nice fresh clean slate in the fall....

There's a rhythm to it and everyone knows I love an organized rhythm....  Something to hold onto when the rest of life swirls.  Just keep the beat.

The school yard beat.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Favorites Friday: End of school paperwork

The last day of the year!  I'm not sure how I feel about all of it.  Conner will have the same teacher next year, who I love so that's a very happy thing.  Spencer's teacher is being laid off and I feel both awful for her, and also awful for Spencer that he won't have a teacher to go visit next year when he's feeling new and shy.

Some of you might remember when Conner graduated from kindergarten.  It was like a funeral for me.  I missed his teacher, I just thought life woudln't go on... I was SO grateful for all that she'd done for us.  Knowing how much work goes into teaching I just really appreciated it and then whamo -- it was over.  At our school we don't have Kindergarten "graduation" but we do have a clapping ceremony where we can all fawn over their achievements and how much we love them.  Here's Conner's.  I am hoping to not bawl like a spigot today.  Spencer had his concert a couple of days ago and I surprised myself by not being super emotional about it.  Maybe things do get easier.

Either way, I know this summer will go by SUPER fast and I'll be walking them all into their first days of their new grades in a blink of an eye.

BUT, with the end of school comes a giant amount of stuff that you feel compelled to keep every. single. little. thing... especially in Kindergarten.  So, I created a little system, it's served me well.  I will now share it (get excited).

First off, each child gets a bin of their own.  I got these at Costco and size really does matter.  This one is perfect because in K our kids get this giant memory book and it needs to fit in the bottom, and can not be folded.  I wish it weren't transparent, because I worry about UV damamge, but I digress.... These stay in the garage normally.  I pull them out about a week before school ends and they stay out until I get through all the papers (which is hopefully within a week of when school gets out)

Inside the bin you'll see the stacks that I make.  I will admit that Kindergarten takes up the entire bottom ( because of the memory book).  BUT, each grade's papers have to fit inside the giant clip (and yes, two of those are stratigically positioned over Conner's name and school, thanks so much).  I needed an "amount" so that I wasn't saving far too much.  Also, I allow them to take stuff out during quiet time for the week after school gets out.  They're only allowed to take out one clip and look at that year's stuff and then it needs to go back in that clip.  And well, you're sensing how much fun it must be to be my child....  For the upper grades it mostly fits their folder that holds most of the papers I felt showed their best/most important work, their source book (daily writing book) and I keep their report cards in this pile as well.

The thought process pretty well goes like this, go through all the paper work and save the things you think you'll love to see in 12 years. Put that in the bin.  This is how Spencer's looks right now.  You'll see that a lot of this is not going to fit.  I don't think I include the memory book in the clip just because in K there are SO MANY fun things to save.  I LOVE looking through the stuff my mom saved from K.  It's so fun to see how the handwriting changes, etc.  Anyway.  From there, once all the papers are home, I go through and norrow it down to fit in a clip until it looks like this (below).  Anyway, for me it works because it stays pretty organized and the kids can enjoy it too without it getting out of control. 

So congrats to all the graduates, be they of kidergarten or high school!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sicky Cells

Poor Spencer has cellulitis.  As far as I can figure he got a thorn in his finger yesterday at school and now it's infected.  His finger's really swollen and up to his palm hurts.

Just another visit to the old Kaiser to have it looked at and some delicious tasting augmenton for my little guy.

My doctor said that infections like this on your finger can spread quickly and she always treats with antibiotics.  I was on the verge of not going but something inside said to go.

I'm glad I did.

Something inside me says to take a nap now....

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Teach Me Tuesday: Handwriting

I'm a bit of a handwriting snob.  It could've been years of wading through poorly written docotors and nurses notes.  I've spent a fair amount of time with other nurses trying to figure out what a doctor has written.  The doctors aren't apologetic, either.  One time we even tried to ask him and he hadn't a clue.  Good times.

Anyway, Conner has awful handwriting.  It drives me insane. 

Is it a boy thing?

I'm pretty sure it is, but I don't care.  I want to fix it this summer.

But how?

Above you'll see a note he wrote for me.  Sadly, even on lined paper the lines still seem to look like this.  It's just something I'd like to work on.  Have I seen worse, obviously.  It's not chicken scratches, but in order to communicate, people need to understand your communications.

SO, how do I do it?  Last year I did worksheets on cursive and penmanship and it didn't seem to help.  He'd just hurry through them to get onto the next thing.  Also, I feel like those might be a waste of time.

Maybe some good ol' fashioned spelling words?

I dunno, but I thought I'd ask.

Help me readers, help. :)

P.S.  I love this card.  It hangs by my sewing desk in the office. It gives me happy feelings.  Every kid should write a card like this.  I shoudl write one for my mom.

Maybe tomorrow.  I have my canning party tonight. :)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Fingernails ready to fall out from all the holding on that's going on.

Someone, like a fool, has decided to host a canning class this week.  I'm actually exctied by what I'm learning, especially considering how many tomato plants are in our backyard right now...  I think it could be helpful to make some salsa and spaghetti sauce, crushed tomatoes and the like.

BUT, I'm almost out of recipes.  Yipes!

Dijon Coque Monsieur -- I love having sandiwches in the summer.  Makes me happy.  8 points
Balsamic Chicken with Mushrooms -- who doesn't love balsamic vinegar?  3 points!
Bacon and Wild Mushroom Risotto with Baby Spinach -- I always love stuff like this when I get it at restaurants 9 points
Pan-Fried Egg Rolls -- who doesn't love an egg roll? 2 points per roll -- I will probably eat more than one and will serve it with some stir fry or something.

I'm not really sure what this week or my summer life is going to bring.  Balls drop during the summer and I need to be OK with it.  It's only 9 weeks this year. :)

BUT, I'd love to see your favorites on your blog to steal some easy ideas!

In other news, we realled like Sauteed Chicken with Tonnato sauce.  It was light and summery with the chicken and and the tuna/anchovy sauce.  Yes, it sounds kind of gross but Drew and I really liked it and the kids thought it was an 8 out of 10. :)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Weekend Update

P turned 13 months and wow... was there a lot of blurry photos on this month's shoot.  No more onsie shoots, but I still want to snap a special photo on that day (or, around that day).

I love the little personality shots of little people.  Yes, her eyes are that blue.  Thanks for noticing. :)

And I couldn't let a shoot go without trying to show the little gal has some curls.  It's hard to capture... but I think they may just be there.  OR a lot of wishful thinking is there.  One or the other. 
Oh, and those little steps in the little socks.  So little. :)

And finally, something BIG.  Conner found GOLD on the playground during Gold Rush Days at school.  I'd have to say it's better than hauling my handcart down Canyon Road and eating stew with dirt on it. 

Exciting times and I'm vowing to get my camera out and take note of them. :)

Friday, June 04, 2010


Remember favorites Friday?
They may be taking a break for the summer.
I am currently just hanging on, as I know a lot of you are.
Counting those precious school days left.
Excited and scared for a summer lying in wait.
Looking at my work schedule with so many E's and D's on it.  Looking at my lonely bank account that likes all those E's and D's.

Currently my only favorite is my bed.
I love it so.

I hope to be more thoughtful about it soon.
And get to the 9 million things on my waiting list.
Ok, just 8 million, I hate it when I exaggerate. :)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

16 and pregnant

I'm hooked on the MTV series 16 and Pregnant lately.

It's nothing I'm proud of...

but it is a part of my life.

I deliver a LOT of teenagers at work and I an facinated by the "behind the scenes" stuff.

Tonight the girl finally made the choice to give the baby up for adoption.

That mom was hard core, and I loved her.  She consistantly brought adoption up, she consistantly asked her how she was going to raise the baby because she wasn't going to ge much help from them.  Every time, and I loved her for it.

Because, in reality raising a kid at 16 is your parents raising the baby. 

Tears flowed when they had an adoption ceremony.

I'm really into adoption lately.  I do think it's something I'd like to get involved with down the line.  A good friend I admire does ultrasounds for moms considering abortions.  Maybe I can be as cool as her.

But again, I just identified with the mom the most this time.  PUSHING for her to make the right decision, pleading for her to make the right decision, calling the boyfriend and trying to get him to make the right decision, and once the right decision was made she totally backed the girl up.  Helping her in every way.

Really, I just can't say enough nice things about that mom.

And you know me, I'm rarely full of nice things. ;)

My New Grocery Game

Friends.  I have a lot of food.
And when I say a lot.
I mean, a LOT.
I'm stocked.  Could I last a year, honestly, I don't know.
I'd prefer not to find out.
This isn't to say that I'm not adding, but I'm not really building a stockpile I'm controlling a stockpile at this point.

So, what to do with that grocery budget?

Buy produce.

So, that's what my grocery game has been lately.  Finding fruits and veggies that keep us under budget and happy.  I must admit that for a long time it was eating cheap, but it's starting to be eating well (and eating cheap, who am I kidding, my husband is still a teacher!).

I'm shopping at trader joe's.

We just got a new Whole Foods type market in a city not far away.  I went there today.  It was pretty interesting.

The produce drawers tend to be pretty full these days, and that makes me pretty happy.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Word to the Couch

Check our new couch out!  Sans the chaise, and that crazy ottoman... it's all ours!  Well, it will BE all ours once it's delivered because they're makin' it to order baby.

Drew and I had SUCH a hard time making a decision.  I'm talking SUCH a hard time.  I felt sorry for our poor sales lady.  The fabric is like a thick courderoy... it's hard to explain.  BUT it looks like that, just as red and just as sectional (but no chaise, I thought about it, but I decided it'd hurt my working out space...)  We finally went with this becaue the courderoy will hide (hopefully) any bits of dust, debris, etc.  It's a microfiber so that's pretty awesome.  We decided on this mostly for the comfort, but also the price.  We could've gotten some fairly crappy leather sectionals  but we decided to go with this.

I hope we're happy.

Either way the other two are almost at implosion point.

So, do I sell them cheap on craig's list?  If I list them for 20 bucks each do you think they'll go fast?  We have a couch and a recliner.  ON first glance they're not awful... but upon further evaluation you see a lot of wear.

Anyway, don't come over thinking they'll be here and I'm lounging on them eating my bon bons.  It doesn't come til' mid-summer.  I'll invite you all over then. :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

TMI Tuesday: How do you get that fabulous hair?

Aussie Sydney Smooth Styling Tizz No Frizz Gel Tube , 7-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4)
This blog is all about hair.

It's probably my most distinguishing feature.

Basically, it is amazing. :)

I used to look at women who's hair I loved and wonder how on EARTH they did it.  Mine always looked dry and frizzy, and honestly -- for a good portion of my life it did.  Or, I felt like it'd look better if I spent a fortune on styling products.  Negative.

So, here's my hair styling guide to go along with my awesome blog title.  I will mention that one particular tiny person around here is starting to grow some curls and I couldn't be MORE HAPPY.  I'm still crossing my fingers that it will be as amazing as mine. :)

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curls & Waves Shampoo, 23.7-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)Anywho.  I only wash twice  week.  I've read that most people with curly hair have pretty dry hair.  I actually only shampoo it once a week and I run conditioner in on the other day (no poo, as we call it in the curly circles... and no, I'm not making that up).  I use either herbal essences's curly line or aussie's moist line.  I think I like Aussie the most but I think they're fairly similar.  Also, I do like to change up brands so I don't get build-up (I do NOT do a clarifying shampoo as that also strips oils and I need all the precious oil I can have).

Revlon RV2513 Color Swirl Detangling Comb, Colors May Vary
I run conditioner through my hair in the shower and I also have a wide-toothed comb that I also run through in the shower.  This is the only time that I comb through my hair as it is almost impossible to do without the conditioner in there to grease up the system. :)  I should also mention that I get a LOT of hair out at this point.  However, most people lose a fair amount of hair each day as they brush through theirs, and since I don't do that, I get it out in the shower.  Hence, I also own (and know how to operate) a shower snake.

Aussie Catch the Wave Mousse & Leave-In Conditioner 8oz ...CASE of TWO (2)After the shower I have just started using mouse, and I really like it.  I get a tennis-ball sized mount in my hair and I finger it through all the strands (this, again is only possible because I combed through in the shower).  Then, I get a golf-ball sized amount of gel and I scrunch it into the ends.  I find that the mousse is enough for the body of the hair but frizzies start at the ends, usually, and by having a stronger product on the ends it helps keep the frizzies at bay.

This isn't to say that my hair can't be a nightmare mess of frizz, but this routine has really made a difference.  I still want to find a great oil conditioner that I could do once a month or so.  I have thought about just throwing some olive oil on it for a few minutes and then wash out or I've also heard of coconut oil. 

Either way, this system is constantly being refined, so if someone else has some great curly ideas, I'd LOVE to hear it!


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