Saturday, October 30, 2010

I got to Show and Tell

I just linked to my blog on the Show and Tell Saturday on Be Different... Act Normal.  I love this blog because it seems to compile ALL the great crafts that are out there on the internet and puts it all in one place, so if you'd like to see some delightful fall crafts check this place out!


In the Haunted HouseLast night at our school carnival, some of us were talking about haunted houses and how sometimes they can be fun, or super scary.

One of the moms said there used to be a REALLY scary one here.  She said she went when she was almost 20 and she came out crying she was so scared.

I, personally, helped out with the Utah State Mental Hospital Haunted House.  Man, that one isn't really that scary, except for the mental fact that MENTAL people are in it.  They have really great makeup artists so you have no idea who's mental or who's a college student helping out.  I sure did get to tease some kids, good times.  I loved how the guys would almost always shove their date in front of them.  Classy guys.

Bytheway, they eliminated that haunted house because they felt it was exploiting the patients.  The patients were DEVASTATED.  It was an early lesson in that being PC isn't really being PC.  That house raised a LOT of money for programs at the mental hospital, all of which were eliminated afterwards.  Booo to stupid people.  I was actually there the next year, and they talked a LOT about how it was eliminated in their group sessions, sad.

But, it got me to wonder -- I don't like getting TOO scared.  I like a little jump in my system but after a jump and if it continues I call that terror and I'm just not a fan.

I don't get why people would go to those... it just doesn't seem like a fun way to spend an evening.  What about you?  Did any of you go to the Haunted Forrest in Utah?  I heard that was the epitome of scare.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween, and a few more photos

Honestly, I'm not sure anything gives my heart a little more joy than seeing a little person in a costume. 

Take this:

I mean, when was the last time you saw something cuter then that?  Not for a while, I would assume.  Well, unless you saw my flintstones entry below already... We are all quite cute in that.  I just saw a little darth vader and Cinderella walking to a party.  My heart was definitely happy.

But I mean this to say that Halloween is SUCH a happy holiday for my kids.  It aids in imagination, working together, family and fun.  What more could you want?  I'm VERY strict on nothing evil or scary -- Drew was once Darth Vader and I think that was scary enough for all of us.

I feel sorry for people who don't do halloween because they think it's evil.  I mean, seriously?  Personally, I think something is only evil if you LET it be evil.  I also think that being scared is something that is kind of fun.  Not being TOO scared, but just doing something that you're a little afraid to do...  I know sometimes it took some will of my own to go talk to some of the older people who lived around us when I was little -- but did it in the happy persuit of candy.

Anyway, I am sorry if you're one that doesn't do halloween, but I'd encourage you to take what you don't like out of the holiday, and not let it into your home and then just go HOG WILD on the rest of it.  I hope that our family costume tradition is something our kids will remember for a very long time.

In other news, the boys are in Karate... and while I was uploading that last picture from my phone, I thought I'd share this one:

That S is a flexible little dude.  I hope he has full splits by the time the class is done. :)

Oh and one final piece to the Halloween puzzle.  Conner had a flip-out when I informed him that he would have one more year of trick or treating and then it was time to retire.  I think it's important to keep in mind that Halloween is for the littles.  I think when you keep it focused on little kids and how much fun they can have everything looks a little bit brighter.  Even my own splits. :)

Oh, and if you liked our halloween costumes, don't be afraid to link to it on your own blog.  I could use a little traffic.  Even if they don't have to use their own legs to propel them (get it, flintstones car...)

Photo Friday: Meet The....

Flintstones!!!!  We're just the modern stone-age family, of course. :)

I'll have to admit, these costumes were SO easy.  I knew I needed to make them, when I got the idea from some website.  Thank you internet.  And without further adieu, I'll even provide instructions. :)

Miss Pebbles was pretty darn simple.  Just put one of her large shirts on a piece of flannel and just made a little pattern out of it.  Then sewed-up the edges and left arm and neck holes.  I sewed on the black triangles to everyone's costumes.  Since they're made out of fleece, I didn't think glue would work as well -- plus I like to keep everything as washable as possible. :)  The bone is stuffed and just glued onto a clip.  The adorable baby is also by me, with a bit of help from Drew.  Aren't I talented? :)  I just used leggings for her bottom.  The extra nice thing is that you can add layers pretty easily under these, depending on the weather.

And here we have Mr. Barney himself.  Sad, Conner's an awfully skinny Barney but his height is just about the right size compared to Fred.  His is the same as P's (I took shoulder and waist measurements on everyone and then figured out the length and then just kind of cut squares of fabric out, sewed the sides leaving arm holes and a neck hole.  On his top I cut a longer V-neck and then put some string to make it look more like Barney, and add a small bit of detail.

 Conner kept wanting to do this crazy cartoon face.  Super Barney-like, right?  Well, he thought so.  Here you get your first glimpse of Dino.  The hardest member of our family, but I'll get to him later.

Oh Bam-Bam, how did you get so cute?  His is a skirt, a white T-shirt, I Sewed a strip of brown fleece and a bone, and stuck it through it.  His hat (I could only find a plain orange hat on Amazon) has traingles also glued onto it and I made him a white pom pom to go on top.  His hair is spray painted white, but you can hardly tell.  Caveman club is also courtesy of Amazon.  Thank you super saver shipping. :)

Here are Fred and Wilma.  Mine was the hardest person costume because I had to figure out the dape on my (unlike Wilma's) totally flat chest.  It wasn't too bad, and I gathered up the other side with just some ribbon.  I found those awesome beads at J's and the hairspray is from Sally Beauty.  Delicious, isn't it?  Sadly, I just don't have Wilma's figure.  Crying shame.

Fred is same as Conner's pretty much.  The tie is also out of fleece, I did 2 layers though, just to make it a little more firm.  Looks pretty great, if I do say so myself.

Here's Dino.  I just made him like a broomstick horse.  Honestly, I'm not sure how it all came together.  The mouth is sewed on, and the spots are sewed, I glued the eyes so I Coudl be sure of plaement.  Umm... he looks ingenious, but he wasn't really all that bad.  Now, if I can just get the kids to stop fighting over Dino's head.  Darn you stone-aged kids.  Or maybe they're sone-brained....  There's a really great picture of ME and Drew riding Dino, but i like to keep this blog G rated...

I am guessing our totaly cost was about 60 bucks for all 5 costumes.  The main purchase was fleece at Joann's (bought at 50% off on a sale day)-- I think that was around 47 (and I always buy too much).  Spencer's extras were about 10 bucks, and the dowel was like 3.

And, there you have it.  AND no one hates music on blogs more than me, but i just thought this special day shouted to have a little theme music. I hope it didn't wake the wee ones.  Happy Halloween everyone! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Such a Tease...

I just edited the photos for tomorrow's photo Friday where I will make the BIG reveal of our Halloween costumes, but here's a tiny tease for you guys.
Can you guess?  Don't shout it out!  Make it fun for everyone. :)

Tell me you're excited.  I know you are. :)

Feel free to click here to revel in the last few years.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Are People Too: Character Flaw

So, today's question is -- what is a personal character flaw that you'd like to fix so you could better relate with people?

For me, sometimes I think I take sarcasm a bit far.  I mean, I even restrain myself sometimes but I can make a sarcastic comment about anything... and it's actually a part of me, but I need to know when to tone it down a bit better then I do. 

Sometimes I try to re-play what I just said in my head and think about better ways to have delt with the situation.  And then it heads to obsessing over things.

And no one likes that trait.

Anyway, it's something I'd like to work on in myself, and I'm not really sure how to do it since it's SUCH a part of who I am.  Thoughts?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lunch Series

Hey, people at my kids school -- guess who's giving the lunch series lecture tomorrow -- about being a nurse.  Send your kids, I'll make it amusing. :)

And yes, the school system has gotten JUST this sad. ;)

Five Star Meals as of Late

So, there have been a few that our family has adored lately.
Sauteed Chicken with Tonnato Sauce (really, it sounds SO gross when you read it, but I really like it and it is LOADED with protein)
Quinoa and Shrimp -- SO good, one of my very favorite dishes now.  I love the raisins in it.  DElish.  Also, I usually use cilantro instead of parsley, just because that's what I have on hand.
Korean Meatballs -- Everyone adored this, especially Drew since he went on his mission to Korea.  Next time I think I'll just drop the meatballs in the pan with my cookie scoop.
Tuscan baked chicken -- I ended-up just using chicken thighs intead of a whole chicken and they were previously skinned so that just eased the prep a bit.  I may have used 4 slices of bacon.  Mmmm... bacon....
Apple Nachos -- I would NOT (I repeat, NOT) do the marshmallow next time but it's a great way to get the taste of carmel apples without having to dip the darn things.  IT's also delicious when the chicolate chips melt into the caramel.  Mmmm.....
Golden Corn Salad with Fresh Basil and Arugula SO, SO, SO, SO good.  Twenty stars, if I had them to give.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  Really, go make it.  Well, make it on a warmer day -- it is a salad, after all.

Happy cooking!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Everyone Needs a Good Pediatrician

So, P went to the doctor on Friday.  Perfect bill of health.  I was so disappointed I'd wasted my 20 dollars, but the pediatrician (who isn't even my own beloved pediatrician) started brainstorming with me why she might be waking up at night.  I mentioned that we're making the transition from two naps to one, and with school let-out times it's a bit rocky...

She mentioned maybe she needs to go to bed earlier.


I mean, I don't know why I hadn't thought of it.  Probably because I was in a sleepless stupor -- but Mr. Ezzo gives you steps to go through when they're not sleeping at night.

Needless to say, that 20 bucks was deliciously well spent no that P is sleeping at night.  We're still figuring out how the whole sleep thing is going to work with all 3 of them in one room but it's working out and I got FULL NGIHTS OF SLEEP.

It's amazing what that does for a person.  Especially when the person is me.

Thank you good peditricians everywhere, for just being you. :)

An Edit about my church bag

On my post below I should've put my post-nursery church bag philosophy.

My kids each have their own bags.  Spencer's is pretty small, and Conner just has a scripture bag (with a small pad of paper and a pencil in it).

P will have a moderately large bag probably til' she's about 2 and then it will get a bit smaller, and smaller...  She will take her own things into church (possibly with a little help for the first few months) but it will be her bag, it can not be opened until after the sacrament, but she can look at the friend or a "church" book before that.  I am on the fence about treats.  She often doesn't eat too great of a breakfast on Sunday mornings.  I am guessing I will bring a very small bag of either cereal or fruit snacks and a sippy cup.

This bag then heads out to the car after Sacrament meeting so I don't have to lug it around. :)

My good friend Lara has really taught me that after the little one goes to nursery, less is more.  I've tried it, and I agree.

The Happy Sad

I'm reorganizing my church bag right now.  P is headed to nursery, {insert "Looks Like We Made It" ala Barry Manillow}.  I'm THRILLED.

But this means I'm done.  No more giant church bag.  HORRAY.

But then there's that twinge.

No more church bag.  Big girl headed to nursery.

Isn't it crazy how something SO happy can still bring you down a bit.

Believe me, there's gonna be a happy dance on Sunday, but while I'm retiring the ol' bag... I have a little pang of sadness. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Business of Being Born

The Business of Being BornI'm using Netflix to fill my empty heart due to marching band this evening.
I'm watching the Business of Being Born.
I'm kind of shocked at it all.
But here's the news they don't tell you.

95 percent of your birth experience is one thing, your labor nurse.  If she is an advocate for you, or your personalities click, you will enjoy your birth.

If she doesn't, you won't.

Not mentioned anywhere on that film, probably because it's something you have fairly little control over.

My patients don't get unnecessary cesareans.  I have the words to talk to them and their doctor, to facilitate communication.

That's not to say that some of my patients who have cesareans couldn't have had a vaginal delivery, but to me it's indicated.  You can thank the lawyers for that part -- for I can be sued up to 18 years of age from that little fetus.  Darn you lawyers.

I also think that this film is just ANOTHER way to point fingers.  SHE did home a home birth, what an idiot.  SHE had a cesarean, her body didn't release the "love cocktail" -- she won't love her baby and her baby will be without love. 

And to me, it's those 18 years after that make a mom (plus the other 60 that she/he begs for your advice), not that first hour, or 24 hours.  And every mom deserves a standing ovation, epidural, cesrean, plopping that baby into a bin of granola or whatever.  She made the choice and that choice is fine.  I would hope that SHE is able to make the choice.  I really try to let my patients MAKE the choices.  My job is to inform, and they get to choose.  AND, if you feel like you're not making choices -- you need to let your nurse know that.  Just like at Nordstroms, if you think you're selling you an ugly pair of leggings you'd stop them right there.  Be informed, make choices.  I love that.

I also really liked the midwife on that show, She seemed like the perfect medium between a home birth and a hospital.  Many midwives aren't as smart as her. 

I didn't think that I wanted to take advice from a former talk show host, regardless of all the research she's done.  Here's a newsflash Ricky Lake -- I know more about birth then you.  You know more about white trash then I do.  THAT, is a fact.

Two other thoughts, I hate moms who want to have a home birth, but come to the hospital for that experience.  Sorry, we have policies and procedures that just HAVE to be followed.  I'm guessing you don't have those at home.  You also need to be educated on HOW to deal with that pain and the emotions that will come along the trail to delivery.  You can't come in expecting me to fix it all for you, without any thought of preparation for yourself.

AND lastly, I'm just not a fan of induction.  Throw arrows at me if you want, but that's just something I really agreed with the film about.  Doctors and hospitals are so into their pitocin.  Sure, it's sometimes necessary, but most of the time it's not.  I have 12 bloody days before I let the picoin into my vein (BTW, if P had been born on her due date she'd be going to nursery tomorrow -- and no, I'm not the slightest bit bitter).  Even then I probably cried more tears then I got of pitocin. 

But, my babies are here, they're amazing and honestly I'm have such an amazing time with them NOW that for me, a birth experience is nice, but doesn't compare to the here and now.  I love you moms, and all the choices you make.  Well, maybe not ALL the choices you make... but that's a blog for another day.

Mamma Needs a New Coat

Did everyone see this awesome Old Navy Coupon?
Fantastical.  I seriously need a new coat.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Being a Lady: Purse Style

So, I know when I was looking for a diaper bag a lot of people were like, (?) -- meaning, that my diaper bags were entirely utilitarian.  And that, my friends is the kind of gal I am.  99% of the time that diaper bag is getting hauled to the grocery store or to the playground or school.  I am not about glam, I'm about getting the things I need quickly, at a reasonable cost.

But then, there's the other side of me.  Drew and I try to do date night twice a month, and I try to do a girls night once a month on top of that... and I need something for that.  I have two slouchy purses that weren't doing the job.  I'd see all these cute purses around me and long for something that cute.  But, I knew that I just couldn't go buy a lime green purse just to have.  That wasn't in the cards.  I needed something that could go with a lot of things, even though I really like green... I just. couldn't. do it.  Spend 50 bucks on a purse that wouldn't match everything?  Seriously... does that seem like me?

And then my not-cousin had a great idea to have a Miche party... and I fell in love.  I guess they're based in UT so I'm sure a lot of my UT readers are already well aware of them.  But, basically it's a purse that's got these shells that you can switch out.  At the party, I bought the purse and 5 shells (it was about 120 for all of that, shipped to me).

And here the ladies are (all of their shells have ladies names... and yes, there is a Hilary)
Denise {waiving to the real Denise} -- it's denim with an "ostrich" top.
Brittany, I think -- I Also think she's retiring.  She's grey and black.

Scarlett -- she's a nice deep red

I can't remember her name... but she's "mustard yellow"...
I thought I didn't like mustard, till I put her on a shell -- again, the fun colors without having to be tied down.

I can't remember this one's name either.  But she's a brown tweed.  Fancy.
Anyway, I really like them.  I looked all over the Internet for an unbiased opinion of them.  It seems really well made, and there's enough room inside for the things I need when just I am going out.  They have a larger bag -- but until either P's a little older, or I become independently wealthy I'm gonna hold off on that one.  All of my shells stay on really well (and I really yanked on them to see if they'd fall off -- they're held onto the purse with "earth magnets").  Anyway, if you guys are interested I can do a hook up, or I might even throw a party if there's enough interest... which is saying something since I HATE throwing parties.  I just like not having to change over all the stuff from my purse every time I change my outfit.  Now I can just change the outsides. :)  Here's a youtube video that explains them a little bit better.

Photo Friday: Part of the Band

Well, we are ALL parts of bands, bands of brothers, bands of families, if you will.  Someone in particular is REALLY a part of the band though, and I got to go see their homecoming parade last year.  What other band directors do you see hauling a stroller.  The parents all found it SO amusing.  Little do they know that Drew has often had a stroller with him during a parade... just not in the past FEW years.  Love that guy, and guess what -- the band is doing GREAT this year.  They got a first place trophy last competition.  Go Drew!  BTW, I hate to mention it, but I think Miss P may have gotten a few more cheers than her father.  But let's face it, that girl in that hat.... well, who would you cheer for?

A littler someone is in a band of first graders.  He's doing such a great job he even got an award this last week.  Sadly, I wanted to zoom in so I didn't have a ton of little faces to blur out -- don't worry, the real picture isn't near as hideous.  Look how enamored he is with himself.  His award was for mathematics and teamwork.  I mean, seriously -- the kid could totally work for Apple, Facebook... the possibilites are limit here in the land of silicon with those types of skills.  His future's so bright, he should probably find his sunglasses... I know they're around here somewhere....

This wee one is taking my personal band and stretching it to the limit.  We're going to see our friendly pediatrician today as sleep has been limited at night, and somewhat during the day.  Isn't it awful when you hope there's something wrong that they can fix.  If not, I see the kids sleeping in a tent in the playroom this weekend and our fan being on.  The girl is ruthless, I tell you.  It's hard not to adore this face in the morning though.  I swear, if anyone else did this to me I'd kill him/her... but this little face....

I got her an awesome new truck to ride at my sweet garage sale as our other outside vehicles are pretty well thrashed at this point.  She loves it.  She also loves to wear her brothers helmet.  Does anyone freak out about lice as much as me?  Just sayin'....

And finally, the ugly one of the batch.  But, I've had some clamoring for a picture of my new self and my new clothes.  I got this fine red jacket for like 6 bucks at Savers yesterday.  It does button all the way up but I prefer it this way.  Honestly, looking at the photo I don't see too much of a difference.... I still see some very chunky thighs.  Jackie Warner, how come those aren't gone yet?  I do think my face continues to thin on out.  Pretty soon I will no longer have a head, but I will have a lovely pair of thighs. :)

 In other news, if I don't get some sleep I may never lose weight again.  It's just so hard to function.  This is why new moms get fat.  I can't. let. that. happen.  I need to stay busy.  That's my plan.  Hope you have a great plan too for the weekend.  Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Me and Reality TV

My favorite genre is biography.  I just love to learn what REALLY happens in other people's lives and as I look at my life I sure do love me some reality TV.  Here's my top 5 fav's.

1.  Project Runway -- I love the interaction, but I REALLY love to see how the fabric all comes together and how they come up with new ideas.  Brings out the halloween in me. :)  I wish I could sew that well!

2.  Sister Wives -- I think I just like seeing how they made this decision and live with it.  I'm sure I've talked enough about this.

3.  Teen Mom -- I have LOVED it this year.  Catelynn and Tyler and their adopted baby just got me EVERY. TIME.  I am so impressed by them and what great young people they are coming from such a ROTTEN home.  It gives me hope for the future.  Also, I know a lot of people have been bitter that these girls have gotten so much attention, but I'm glad they have.  That show does not make ANYONE want to have a baby.  These girls are very real with how hard it is, and how they wish they could take back that night of passion.  It's got to have been hard for all of them, and I'm proud of them.  I also like to see what happens to this babies having babies once the baby's out.  I also love 16 and pregnant.  Call me crazy, I love me some preggers. :)

4.  Quints by surprise -- this mom loves being a mom.  I enjoy seeing how she deals with her crazy life.  I only have 3 kids and I can learn a lot from this woman.  I also like 19 Kids and Counting.  Moms holding it together with grace.  I enjoy that.

5.  Biggest Loser.  This show has just reeled me in this year.  Until the guy told us that he works out 5 hours/day even AFTER he left the ranch.  That made me realize why I have a one pound a week weight loss, and he has lost 120 in like 4 months.  I love it though, it inspires me to keep it up and how important a battle it is to keep going.

Altered Body Image

The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store GuideToday I went to the thrift store.  The weather has finally changed around here and I pawed through my winter-y (nothing's REALLY wintery here...) shirts and realized they are ALL XL.  Including all my sweaters.  I am now totally a medium, at least in most things.  While some of them look OK, some of them do not... it looks like I have cancer, or I'm wearing my big sister's clothes.

So, off to Savers I went.  Problem is, Savers often lumps the junior clothes in with the regular clothes so you do kind of have to have an idea of what your body shape is while you're looking.  Problem, I haven't a clue.  I was just SURE these shirts, etc weren't going to fit... but I just threw them in the cart.  Most of them did, which was a very happy thing.  Jackets could button, and it was an exciting day.  P was even squealing with delight... but that might be because of the goldfish I gave her.

Also, I just don't know how to dress now.  For SO long I've been trying to hide my belly (don't get me wrong, I still am). I haven't tucked anything in for AGES and I just don't really know how to "do" it.  Anyone want to come thrift shopping with me?  I just need to know what looks good on my new body.  Not that this body (hopefully) is sticking around forever... but I need something to wear now.  I do like feeling good in my clothes, and hopefully thanks to Savers (and a few 30% off items at Kohls) I can do just that.

Do you always shop with friends?  Do you want to shop with me?  Sadly, I can't fly any of you in.  I need all the money I have to re-fit my wardrobe. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Are People Too: Just for You

So, today's question:

What is a small thing that you LOVE to do, just for yourself?  And I'm talking small here people, either a small amount of money or free.

For me, it's watching TV in bed.  I love to do it before bed, I love to do it in the morning, problem is I NEVER get to do it.  I don't sleep well when I doze off to the TV and in the mornings, heavens knows I'm in high demand...

Anyway, when it does happen I feel like it's a total luxury and I just feel happy to be alive.

So, what do you do?  Link to it here so we can celebrate in your own small happy moments. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sister Wives: The Finale

Last night was the "Season finale" of Sister Wives.  I would guess that means they're hoping for more... since it wasn't a series finale.

I even got Drew to watch it with me.  I know, amazing.

So, this episode was split into 2 1/2 hour episodes.  The first being her preparing for the wedding, along with her sister wives.  I must admit this 4th wife is pretty nice.  She is REALLY trying to make all the wives feel included. They seem to be fairly happy with the preparations, even though the 2nd and 3rd wives didn't have receptions (which, I think wife #3 has a bit of an issue with, but I digress).  I do find it amusing how they play with people's minds.  I mean, I am from Utah and I'm pretty sure my jaw would drop if I saw them and they told me they were polygs.... so I'm sure they get that a lot.

So, all the wives have a nice moment going to the bridal shop and they THINK that wife #4 (named Robin) has picked out the gown but wants to keep it a secret.  THEN, Kody -- on the couch says "I have a secret, I picked it out."  Turns out Robin had taken him to the salon and he'd chosen the gown and the other wives freak.  He also does this earlier when they're picking out cake (you can see it below).  He tells Robin to just pick the one he wants... {note: jerk}

And then I think we saw his true character.  Bringing another child/wife/etc. into a home is a time that you have to make it ALL about the other children.  It's just not so much about you at that point.  And he's just throwing this wife in the mix and watching the fray, and even adding to the problems by doing stuff like that.  I mean, why couldn't he have realized it was a nice moment for the ladies and left it like that.  He should WANT nice moments, instead of stirring the pot.  Drew just shook his head at this thing. I mean, if you really loved someone, wouldn't you take all their feelings into consideration.  I mean, I guess that's the best part of marriage is knowing you're your husbands #1... but these women can't have that.  They're somewhere between #2 and #6 -- Kody being his own #1, obviously.

The second episode was about the actual wedding.  Poor Robin had to get ready for her wedding with her 3 children being children around her.  I felt pretty bad for her, and of course Kody is oblivious to it all -- just manic about sowing his seed that night.  Wedding reception, I guess, is where they kinda came out to their friends, etc and let them know they're in a plural marraige.

So, I was left to wonder WHY these women would do it.  I look at most of these women and think I could easily be friends with them.  Especially Christine, wife #3.  And normally, people I think I could be friends with aren't wall flowers, they don't get walked on and they tend to stand up for themselves.  Christine definitely doesn't leave herself to be walked on, she seems good about talking about feelings.

Of course, some of my friends have husbands I couldn't imagine living with...

So, why do they do it?  I think each wife has their own reason.  Wife #1, I think -- kind of got stuck with it.  She's from a plural marriage and she knew Kody wanted that, I think she fell in love with him and just kind of knew it was part of the package, but maybe didn't know ALL that it would entail.  Either way, when she got into it, she was wife #1.  Wife #2, I think wanted to have kids, and a career and kind of realized that this would be a good spot for her.  She doesn't seem all that snuggly with Mr. Kody -- she seems to really like her life.  Wife #3 got into it for the sisterhood, I think.  She really likes women and the friendships they form.  I can see that being a very positive part of this lifestyle.  However, because she isn't a fan of being a doormat, she has issues with some of the whole pluralness of it.  Wife #4 just tried to get what she could.  She's a divorced mother of 3.  Sometimes you've gotta buy what's available. :)

As far as why Kody chose it, I think we're all aware that I think he will have a special spot in Hell for himself.  I hope his wives have a nice spot in Heaven.  I do think that they believe this is part of their faith (esp. #1 and #3) that will make them better people.  I'm sure they are -- they seem pretty saintly to me.

Good luck to them, I hope they have more episodes, I'd watch -- of course.

Here's a few youtube clips from last night:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Photos Friday: Don't Toy With Me

This week I changed out our bin toys.  Call me anal, but it works for us and the kids -- it's like Christmas when I do it.  Also, I get some quality relaxation in front of the Biggest Loser.  Well, maybe not so much of that, but a girl can dream, right?

So, I'm trying to weed out the toys each time I do it.  I want to make sure that we're sticking with quality toys that our kids are really going to play with and get something out of.  And I came across this little beaut.

I remember going to Savers and finding it.  I remember how excited I was to put it in Conner's crib and how much all of our kids have adored it, but its time is far spent, and onto a new house it will go.  Somehow it makes me feel better that our old stuff is all headed over to a special house.  It's like these toys have loved my children, just like they have loved them.  It's like I live in toy story.

And then there's this: 

I see this particular photo lived out at least 2 times a day, maybe 3.  If you look closely (and had x-ray vision) you'd notice she's lost a shoe under her pile of books.  She noticed it a few minutes after I took this photo and went on the hunt for it (did I mention someone can say shoe -- so far we're up to Dad, Shoe, peekaboo and bye-bye).  Anyway, it's not to say that she reads each book she pulls out (that would take hours) but she does glance at it, most of the time a few pages.  It takes probably 4 minutes to clean it all up after (but that isn't to say that it doesn't drive me INSANE each time that I do)... I'm hoping this instills a love of reading like it did in her older brothers... because it's gotta be worth something, right?

And finally a little gem from my new phone camera. 

Pretty good for a phone camera.  Besides an inability to zoom in I really like it.  I also really like my kids dressed up for church.  Especially when someone is leaving her headband on.  Her orny look is probably that she'd like to take it off.  Don't worry, she did so about 2 nano seconds after I shot this.  Thanks to Grandma E. for the great dress.  She sure looked adorable!  She also really liked rubbing her arms against the fabric... who knew?  A dress, and a toy.  Perfect.

Anyway, happy Friday.  I hope you have a nice weekend.  I've pretty much just been living for mine.  I hope to feel rejuvenated by Monday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stupid Things I Have Cried At Lately

The Most Recent episode of Teen Mom.  Man, Tyler and Catelynn went to visit their adopted daughter.  I just couldn't take it.  It was SO sweet.  I think those two are amazing.  Their parents are such LOSERS, and yet they seem to really have their heads on straight because they found each other, and because they made this tough, tough decision.  And, to watch the adoptive parents have so much love for them, and so happy.  {sigh}  I'm literally tearing up writing this.  I love adoption, and I'm so glad teen mom showed this.

Then, I saw the flyer Conner picked up about Science cam, and there it came again.  How is my baby big enough to go off without me for a week.  Ok, 3 days, but still.  He's in FIFTH grade, and he's going to go on hikes, and have a great experience and leave me behind.  Booo.  Boo to that.  But, yay for him learning to be his own person and make good decisions.  Anyway, it's a happy sad.

Isn't it funny the things that catch us?

The Final Countdown

P is heading into the homerun stretch of her first year and a half on this earth and while I can NOT get enough of her sweet little kisses (so cute) I am looking forward to sending her off into the land of nursery.*

I'm excited for that date.  For those of you unfamiliar with 17 month olds, sitting still and staring at a speaker just isn't their idea of a good time.  I come prepared.  We have a special church bag with a carnival of books, snacks and toys to entertain her in those long-enduring hours.

I tend to really keep a mind for quiet toys in Sacrament meeting, it is our most holy meeting and I want to maintain a quiet spirit in there.  I also want her to understand the great respect I have for that meeting and how important it is.  We don't eat messy foods (we try not to eat food at all, but lately it's the only thing that placates the little dear), we talk in quiet whispers we try to fold our ams, and hopefully just quietly look at books.  I try to keep expectations pretty high for this meeting.

Now, for the last couple of hours you'll see a lot of moms/dads just out in the hallways with their wee ones.  I differ on this.  I strongly believe that if the church wants you to bring them, they want you in those classrooms.  So, to the classroom we go.  Again, with the carnival on my back full of toys, books, snacks, etc.  And honestly, the girl does really good.  Probably better than the boys.  Sure, we have to go take a lap every now and then and get our wiggles out and I am thankful for the enduring love of sweet people around me who help out or make her cows moo, or read her a book.  They're so nice.

But I get the feeling that many people believe I should be out in the hallway.  I'm not going to pretend the girl's silent in Church.  She's not.  I try to use quiet toys, but any toy can be loud when you're in a quiet classroom.  I try to keep the noise to a minimum (and of course take her out if she's crying or being naughty)... but I still feel like I need to get something out of church... no matter how small.

It seemed like when we were little, moms brought their kids to class and they learned to sit quietly and play.  I, by no means, expect her to sit and listen like myself but I do expect quiet play.  And now, I guess roaming the halls is the norm.  So, what do you do, or what would you do?  Of course, I only have 2 more weeks to ponder this, and I will be teaching during the third hour anyway... but it's an interesting question....

*Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have a 3 hour church block, the first hour is our "sacrament meeting" where we sit together as families.  The last 2 hours the children go to primary (ages 3 and up), and younger children go to "nursery" (18 months an up).  Prior to 18 months it's all 3 hours, just you and them.  It's big fun.  FYI, for the final two hours, we have one for Sunday school (scripture study) and one where we split men and women and we talk about our different roles in society, family, etc.  It's pretty fantastic.

Please take the time to take on my "we are people too" challenge one entry below.  I loved reading Maryanne's, it's so interesting to see how small decisions make our lives up.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We are People Too: Major Choice

This week's topic, why did you pick your major, or if you didn't pick a major what would you pick now?

I think I may have discussed why I chose nursing before, but a lot of times I'll have that younger generation ask me how I decided.

Honestly, I don't know.

The human body does fascinate me.  I loved learning physiology and how it all works.  I thought of something I could be that could combine my love for people, and leadership, along with my love of science and I came-up with nursing.  I actually pretty well decided on it my junior year of high school when I took a LOT of science classes.

Once, during my quest to become a nurse, I was told -- "But, Hilary -- don't you have to be NICE to be a nurse."  Well, obviously not, I sure proved them wrong. :)

For me, I guess you have to look to WHAT you want to do, or what you LIKE to do and then find a career that matches that, and take the college major to get you there.  My goal was definitely a career,  not just a degree.  Of course, there aren't a lot of fields you can do that in from a bachelors, but nursing just happens to fit the bill.

Conner just finished a human body section of science and it's been fun to talk about some of the finer parts of life with him.  It truly is a testimony of God that it all works together so well.

The reality is that I pretty well did like my college classes.  I ATE up pathophysiology.  The mechanics behind the whole human body is AMAZING to me.  I'm not so great at memorizing it, and hence didn't do too well in chemistry or anatomy but when it came to the functions and processes I think I got it pretty well.  The main obstacle being that the BYU nursing program takes stepford wives to a whole new level.  They are competitive, mean, and ruthless.  The average GPA Is something like 3.9 -- it's insane.  But I made it in and here I am today.  The truth is that if I wasn't a nurse and didn't have the opportunities I have right now I'm not sure where we'd be.  I guess I'd be relying a bit more on this blog to make me some money. :)

So, there you go.  How'd you pick your major?  What made you fall in love or just plan to spend some quality time with your major?  How do you use that today?  I'll leave Mr. Linky open until Friday and I promise a comment to every single one of you if you link.  Feel free to throw a button up (see it there, on the right -- just copy the code below it) to get some of your friends on the train as well.  It's fun to remember that we have thoughts, passions and feelings that don't center on diapers, homework and cleaning.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Are People Too

You know, I'd like to put more about ME on my blog. Stuff I like to do, things that make me ME. Instead it seems like I'm Holly homemaker who does nothing for herself and focuses entirely on her children. And while, that is me... for right now, I used to be a very interesting person.

So, I thought some of you might like to put a little bit more about yourselves on your blog too. That way, one day when you publish your blog -- you can look through it and notice little tidbits of your real self were within that blog, along all the amazing/cute/weird annoying things your kids/family do.

So, I came up with a fancy little button for this weekly post -- you can copy it there on the right hand side of my blog. I guess I'll do it as long as there's interest. I'll come-up with something to write about and you can write about it on your blog and then link here (and feel free to put the button on your site so your users can see what other people thought about the subject as well).

Anyway, this week's prompt is -- how did you pick a major in college -- and if you didn't go to college, what would you major in now if you had the chance? I look back to college as my "glory days" and while I wasn't really a "star" in college I sure loved it back then. So, write away and then link back tomorrow when I post mine.

My Beef With Moms These Days

I feel like I'm reading the same blog entries all over the internets.

I don't want to clean my house, and I don't care.

I'm not going to help out at school and I am OK with it.

I don't want to be organized and that's fine.

And in reality, all that is fine.  Nothing will fall apart if those things don't happen.  BUT, should you really be OK that your house is a sty?  Don't you feel SO much happier with a clean house?  Do you really mean to say that you can't find 10-20 minutes each day to put stuff away and just be a bit more organized?  And I'm not here to put guilt on people whose house isn't clean.

I think my friend Lara hit the nail on the head (as she always does, did I mention I adore Lara?) in this entry.  It's the guilt that isn't OK.  If your house isn't clean -- do you really need to feel GUILTY about it?  No!  You haven't broken a commandment, your day was possibly extra hectic, or your baby has learned how to take ALL the books off the shelf in one fail swoop... there's no guilt needed.

But there should be an attitude that maybe that's just no OK for every day.  Maybe you hope that tomorrow it will be better, especially as you pick up your shreds of the day after going to bed (as Maryanne put so nicely here).

Maryanne, in fact taught a great sunday school lesson on Sunday about Isaiah -- who I usually find almost as bad as my statistics class at 3 pm (the only class I actually ever slept through, sorry mom).  I love how she wanted us to really apply it to ourselves.  We talked about how we can more abundantly feel the spirit in a home that is clean and organized, which I totally agree with.  Of course, it's also more abundantly felt in a home where the mom isn't screaming at her children.... but I digress...

Anyway, I'm kind of tired of the blogs about how you don't have to do this or that and that's fine, especially when I find those things very close to my heart -- like helping out in classrooms, or teaching your children.

So, I challenege you to make every day a little bit better than before.  There's no guilt involved and it's obviously a constantly evolving process, but try to do whatever you can to make the world a better place and then tomorrow, try a little harder.  Because as Annie once put so eloquently, "The sun will come out tomorrow...."  And your house will also be messy. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sister Wives: The One Where I Learn to Hate Kody

Uh, this week's episode is even worse.  Of course, they split it into 2 episodes.

The first one is Christine (wife #3) giving birth.  The guy just drove me insane.  Honestly, I'm just not a fan of husbands who really want to be "up in the business" when they're having a baby.  There to catch it, there to make off-color jokes, there to joke at all.  It just kinda creeps me out.  Sometimes fathers do it in a loving, un-creepy way -- but it's rare and I'm pretty astute as to which is which. :)  So, they go, she's getting induced (first hospital baby), and he runs home to change his clothes, happens to run to the GIRLFRIEND'S house and gives her a few nice smooches while he's there.  He literally seems like he's on a high, he's jovial, jumpy and I'd like to take a urine sample (I'm sure it'd be negative, but maybe you get the picture).  Anyway, they deliver (he delivers, right down there with the doctor -- a doctor who I'm sure won't be getting a ton of malpractice insurance after his company sees that NOT ONLY is it videotaped birth, but the father's doing it.  But I digress...) and the whole family comes to see the baby.  Mari's (wife #1) is especially happy because she hasn't been able to conceive and now she has a new baby to pretend to be her own. 

That did show a few of the perks of polygamy.  Christine didn't have to find anyone to watch her kids while she had the baby, and she knew there'd be lots of hands to help out when she got home.  Mari wasn't able to have lots of her own kids, but has been able to mother 13, even if she didn't bare them (btw, does anyone mention maybe he's having "conceiving time" too often with the other wives... maybe he should save some swimmers for Mari, after all Christine -- wife #3) has had like 6 kids, and if they go in order....)Ok... those were the 2 perks I saw.

Mostly I gleaned that Kody is into sowing his seed.  He likes having kids and I think that may be why he's getting wife #4, because the other wives are heading into advanced maternal age.  What a shame, at least he got a newer model.

Episode #2 is about Mari's and Kody's 20th wedding anniversary.  They get dressed up and go to Le Cai, which is -- in fact, the fanciest restaurant in Utah. 

And then she tells him she's jealous and asks him what he'd do if she slept with another man.

And this is where I learned to hate Kody, I also almost lost the bottom part of my jaw.

"I can't even imagine how awful those feelings would be, I couldn't endure them, it's just against nature."


Then he goes on to say there's no good answer because it just shows that he's not being fair.

Well, HELLO.  You're not being fair, what a shock.

Here's the problem, I really think that if this was from God and Kody was really following what GOD wanted him to do, he'd have a good answer to that -- because God loves Mari, much more than Kody, and watching her hurt hurts God also. 

The right answer, I supposed would've been "I'm sorry it hurts you, it hurts me too, especially to see you like this, let's try and talk out our/your feelings when you feel that way."  Another right answer is if God would've swallowed Kody into outer darkness right then, and left a giant sum of money for Mari.

Kody, go get some of that wood you chopped down and build a doghouse.  You're gonna be needing it.

And son of a gun, there are no clips from them at dinner, but this will have to suffice:

And it said that next week's episodes will be the season finale.  He marries Robin.  I hope Mari sticks it to him, in his "special place".  I'd like to stamp do not reproduce on his forehead.  Too bad, it's too late.

My New Toy

Ladies and Gentlemen, the momen I've all been waiting for {me, and my she-ra mom personality}....
I have reached the era of the smart phone.  And honestly, I feel smarter just having one.
I also feel a lot of things I didn't think I would feel.

I feel guilty.  This is probably the first MAJOR purchase I've done just for myself.  I have, for a long time, drooled over everyone's iphones (and everyone has one).  So jealous of their aps and their fancy know-how.  They were just fancy.  And I, well, I just wasn't.

But now I'm fancy and it does come at a price, the phone itself wasn't cheap but I just needed it.  Are you sensing a theme here?  Also, Drew and I have been saving up like crazy people for the last few years for our mortgage fiasco and now that's done.  Well, you might just say these are our little rewards.

Also, I was not a fan of the extra ten dollar a month charge and the extra fees associted with internet, but I worked that a bit too.  We aren't paying too much more than we were paying before.  Happy news.

Anyway, just working through my mothers guilt of doing something for myself.  I have plenty of time and money to give to others (make that "plenty"), but for now, it's a little something for me.  You should see how many calendar and to do apps I have on it.  It gave Drew a nice laugh.

**Drew also got a phone, he feels not guilt.  Anyone surprised?

Friday, October 08, 2010

Photo Friday: Homemade

It looks like I'm Suzy homemaker in this week's photo Friday, let's take a look. :)

First off, my delicious General Conference cinnamon rolls.  I wish it was every week.  My thighs (which are no longer rubbing together, in case you were wondering) disagree.  They were lovely though.  Making me look forward to April already.  Here they are rising (so you can see that I didn't just go buy them, I even used 1/2 fresh ground flour, baby!)

And, as if an example of the atonement, they have risen -- and here they are in their full glory.  See, there's a religious lesson in all things, people.  The icing is the friendships we make here on earth.  And don't forget it.

And while the rest of us downed ours like a pack of wolves after Edward, Miss P still had a bit on her plate for me to photograph.  Love my dainty little P.

Here we see my other conference activity -- our Halloween costumes.  It's all blurry just to keep you from REALLY getting a hint.  And just in case you have a guess, keep it to yourself, we don't want to spoil it for everyone, now do we.  NO. CALLING. OUT.  I also wanted to show that I get my kids involved. They stuffed a few things this weekend and LOVED it.  Probably too much.

Did a little harvesting this week.  These are our onions.  BTW, onions are one of my very most favorite things to plant.  I really enjoy having them in my yard all the time and not having to buy them.  Here, they seem to grow year round and when I pull out some, I just replant with seeds.  I also do that with garlic, I think I mentioned that before.  Anyway, great plants and easy to take care of, not to mention all the great anti vampire qualities, or werewolves, or what does onion do? 

And some carrots.  They're cute and stubby, just like me. :)

I think I'm going to use them in my carrot yogurt slaw.

So, that's our week.  I know you're pretty distraught with no finger picture, but it is pretty ugly still.  Maybe once it's healed.  In like 12 years.

But in other news, guess who's working today.  I REALLY need to get OUT of this house and do some good in the world.  I hope the world does some good for me!  Hope everyone has a great week {high fives all around} Go team!

Free Ranging It

I read the Free Range Kids Blog for quite a while.  It talks about giving your kids freedom.  I really liked it, but then it just seemed to be the same thing.  You're giving your kids freedom, and people are thinking you are dumb or a bad parent..

Anyway, I have really looked for ways to incorporate it into our lives.  I'm particularly bugged that our school isn't within walking distance.  I've even thought of switching a few times, but decided against it, only because we love our school SO. MUCH.

So, we can't walk to school, unless we want to leave at 7:30... and they surely couldn't do it unaccompanied as they have to cross an almost-freeway-type road.

We recently started Karate, and it's about 2 blocks away.  The boys are doing it together and I've been letting them walk there, or walk home (I usually accompany once, and they go on their own once) on their own.  So far, the teacher has flipped out on me, and another parent also.  The teacher didn't like her having to take that responsibility, I reminded her that Conner was 10 and I felt he was ready.  Another parent didn't feel like they were taking enough caution crossing the road.  I talked to them about it, but she was like, "well, if you can't walk them I could bring them home."  I just said that half of why we're doing this class is to teach responsibility, and walking home was part of it.  A lot of it could be that C doesn't exactly look 10... so...

In the back of my head I am thinking that from Kindergarten ON I walked home I did a great job and a few times one of the neighborhood bullies whipped out his belt and was going to beat us with it.  Luckily, we made it out unscathed....

Also, I've left Conner home alone a few times, sometimes with all the kids, usually P is asleep.  We were caught in a bind the day we did our loan and he was our option, so we took him.  He did great.  We hope to just take baby steps on this one.  I want to make sure he's comfortable.  We'll keep having sitters but he's our wing man. :)

Anyway, a few questions:
1.  How do you free range with your kids?
2.  Do you judge other moms who free range it?
3.  How do you know when your free ranging has gone too far?

Thursday, October 07, 2010

That Happy and the Sad

Isn't amazing the variety of things that life will dish a person?  I just seem to be getting both ends of the spectrum as of late.

Happy:  Loan funded yesterday, FA-UESH.  In fact, Mr Loan even called while I as at Kohls {see below} so I didn't even have to talk to him.  Sa-weet.

Sad:  Part of the downer in my life is that my mom can't come.  My parents plate is pretty full right now.  I wish I could go help them "eat" it... but I can't.  Darn marching band.

Happy:  See size 14 post below {so happy}

Sad:  Drew's gone A. LOT.  And P isn't sleeping.  And she gets out every single book that we own and glances at it and throws it on the floor.  If I clean up another book, I may die.  Just sayin'....

Happy:  Got our property tax bill today and it's over 1k less then last year.  {wow, happy}  I really feel like all these savings lately are leading me to get a smartphone.  Don't you think?  Of course that is all because our house value is quite ugly right now.  But what do I care, I have a new mortgage? :)

Sad:  Maintenance light comes on in the car.  Just that ONE. MORE. THING. I didn't need yesterday.  Luckily, the car is Drew's issue.  How he will deal with it, I don't know.  But it's all him.  Right? :)

Happy:  I am LOVING the fall TV.  I feel so happy when there are lots of shows I want to watch on my DVR.

Sad: Did I mention my mom can't come?  I really look forward to that visit during marching band.  So nice to see other adults.  Also, I haven't worked in a while thanks to my finger injury.  I did an online class, but it's not the same as seeing my work peeps.  Hoping to see them tomorrow. :)

Anyway, I think God dishes so many blessings our way.  If only he'd teach P how to clean up books... although I guess that may be my job... 


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