Monday, January 17, 2011

Delicious, but high on points

Tonight we had Macaroni and Cheese soup.
That's right, I can hear the gasping.
And I did, there are 11 of them.  Which is actually my allotment for dinner.
Take THAT.
Of course, you can't have anything with it -- and the recipe (which came free to my home from Cuisine at Home -- one of those freebie recipe things you get in the mail tempting you to get more, which I didn't) has a chicken dish with it.  No need.  I would've died.  P literally licked her bowl.  No kidding.

Serving size is one cup, and I am totally full, and happy. :)

Give it a try, but it's a definite splurge meal.  Not a lot that's good for you in this thing, but possibly good for your soul. :)

For FHE we're having some cocoa meringues with berries in a thickened orange syrup sauce.  They're only 3 points, thank heavens for the free fruits. :)  Sadly, I can't find the recipe anywhere but it wasn't too hard to make... I'll let you know if it's any good as the point amount is great!

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  1. A splurge meal is good every now and then. Tonight I had a sampling of some chinese food and a cookie. I only felt partially guilty, but I knew I not only had the daily points for it but if I needed I could use some of my extra allotted points too. This was a special occassion, so I'm not going to do it again tomorrow. Nope, tomorrow it's back to healthy meals!


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