Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Drew!!!

Someone's getting old, but I must admit that he's getting better with age.

The man is a fine wine. :)

Here's my 36 favorite things about Drew, in particular order:
1. He has a knack with the highschoolers, I see that coming in handy
2. I botched his hair a few months ago and he laughed it off
3. He can pull out tomato plants like no one's business
4. He sure loves his trombone
5. He is a laundry folding machine
6. His woman works, and he loves that about me
7. He is married to me. Obviously, he has good taste
8. He loves the outdoors
9. He has lots of good farm stories to tell our kids wen they're out of line
10. He is tolerating my current Barry Manilow period.
11. He's starting working out for longer periods and finding he really likes it.
12. He lets me have a larger "half" of the medicine cabinet
13. He doesn't mind that I may or may not be getting more high maintenance
14. He pretends to be interested when I buy P yet ANOTHER outfit at Kid to Kid
15. He pretends to be interested when I buy a new outfit at Savers
16. He makes nice comments about how skinny I am getting (true or not true, I still love it)
17. He wore silky shirts in high school
18. He has more friends on facebook than most people can aspire to have.
19. He loves my family
20. He loves P possibly more than me. The guy LOVES his daughter.
21. She loves him right back. Blowing kisses to him each morning
22. He's getting along with Mr. C more lately, which is a very happy thing.
23. When I just can't deal with one more question he fields them after dinner
24. He's helping a lot with science projects this year (and every year)
25. He's had the same calling for like 20 years and doesn't mind it.
26. He never laughs at me from the stand when I'm wrestling my little monsters
27. His goal was to give me more compliments, and he's successful
28. He tolerates my insane documentaries ala netflix
29. He isn't high maintenance
30. When I'm too high strung, he un strings me. Wait, that sounds bad...
31. He loves wii almost as much as my kids, possibly more.
32. He would probably do his job for free if I let him.
33. He understands how a mom just needs a nap every now and then.
34. He loves to play games
35. The man can cook fried rice like nobody's business
36. He's aging so gracefully.

Love you Drew, I am working hard to make this the
evah! :)


  1. Happy birthday to Drew-an all around GREAT guy! PS-Must see pictures of the high school silky shirts . . .

  2. Sounds like quite the man! I hope he has a great day.

  3. I love him more now than I did before I read your blog! I mean, he's a great brother, but he RULES as a husband!!! I'm sure glad he chose you to go through eternity with, 'cuz he deserves the best. xoxoxo


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