Thursday, January 27, 2011

Holy, Delicious Dinner... and HEALTHY. :)

They were SO good, and SO yummy.  Everyone really liked it.  I had it with roasted asparagus and some homemade rolls. 

Sprouts often has chicken thighs for like 1.50/lb so that is a cheap, great dinner!

BTW, I LOVE cooking light.  It's my favorite magazine that I get.  I love how they still have a little bacon or butter in their recipes, so you're still satistfied but not drowning in it.

I also made cookies made with beans  (lowfat chocolate chip cookies in that handout) again.  They are delicious.  Sometimes 90% of eating healthy is just trying new things.  You know. :)


  1. I LOVE Cooking Light too. We'll have to swap our favorite CL recipes! They always have lots of flavor and use easy to find ingredients. Thanks for sharing all the stuff you love!

  2. Yummmmers! I've never checked out Cooking Light before, but thanks for introducing me to it. I am always looking for neat and yummy recipes to...well... cook lighter.


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