Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tutorial Thursday: Making Bread

A little video about making bread:  Really, go ahead and click on it, I promise it's more exciting than it sounds. :)

Here's the recipe I use.


  1. Wow, videos. You blow me away lady!

  2. Ok, that was so darn cute. I loved all the text comments through the video. And your kids did a great job of videoing for ya! :)

  3. I hated my mom's homemade bread when I was little, too. Now I beg for it whenever I'm home.

    Great job. I'm almost inspired to try it (my kids and hubby are not so big on the homemade bread, either) now that I inherited my grandma's Bosch. Maybe for the next potluck occasion.

  4. Thank you for all the little written comments through out the video. Especially the one about sister wives and layering. I had a good laugh about that.

    Also, you are looking super super SKINNY!

  5. Paige told me about her talking with little Paige today!!! She loves her.

  6. Thanks for the great laugh, I enjoyed all the comments at the bottom :)

  7. What a great video tutorial! I especially like your comments at the bottom...:)
    Found you at MMB

  8. Gah, I should go start MY bread before I sit here and read blogs. Thanks for the reminder. :) And I'm jealous of your nutramill.

  9. So I might not have learned anything but I just had to comment for that was one fun video. I also had to comment that I can see you have lost weight! Way to go.


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