Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Do You Blog? Creativity

I LOVE my pretty little headers, I love choosing my current fonts, and picking the colors and giving it its own look.  And it's ALL for free.

I love figuring out something in photoshop elements that I hadn't figured out how to do prior (getting my swirls on my blog to look like that -- on the header above) was a doozy of a task, I felt pretty accomplished when it was done).  Honestly, I don't know how much of that I'd know or get to do if I didn't have this blog.

It also gives me a place to show off my photography (sorry, photo Fridays do seem to be on a hiatus), any sewing or crafty stuff I do.  It's just a happy thing to get feedback on what you're doing.

In the beginning I incessantly showed my most recent scrapbook layouts, and while I'd still love to do that... I actually have to DO a layout before I can post it.  Maybe one of these days...

Anyway, it's a place to show off your crafty-ness, and since I'm not going to show it at any art and wine festivals I can at least do it here.

Do you like showing your crafty self on your blog?


  1. I love the whole creative process of changing things up on my blog. I probably change the headers and font, etc. too much but it is fun and you are right on, free!

  2. Yes! I'm not crafty in the crafts sense but I love showing off my design skills :)


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