Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Do You Blog? A Record

Those Mormons, they're just full of their records.  And this is mine.

Well, this is part of mine.

I actually have 1 journal for each child also, that I write in monthly (I can't tell you how important this is, and I write a lot of stuff I would NEVER write in my actual blog -- like how stupid they are sometimes, and silly things that they don't need published all over the world).  I also have my own journal, and I am trying to continue to scrapbook (which I should be doing now).  I definitely reserve my journal for more personal thoughts, gripes, etc...

But this blog is definitely a record.  I print it bi-yearly (because the more you can get in a book the cheaper it is).  I have printed it through blurb, and I am actually up to print it again.

My books are pretty amazing, I really love thumbing through them and reading the old entries.  I mean, I write a lot... and it shows a LOT about who I am at a certain point.  I love that.

I would hope that my kid will love to read them at some point, and remember what life was like when they were little.  There is something delicious about having them printed, I will say.  I love them, and even though each printing costs about 100 bucks, it's totally worth it.

Have you had your blogs printed?  Thoughts?

P.S.  Why on earth do I still have nursing textbooks?  Someone fire me.


  1. I really want to print my blog out into a blurb book! I think I asked you about it once and you said it was tricky. I'll have to get the scoop again.

  2. I've heard good things about Blurb too, I'll have to try it!

  3. See, that is why I TRY to blog, but never seem to have any time for it. I'm trying to preserve all these memories of my kids when they're cute and little (because someday I'm sure they won't be as cute and little, right?), but it seems to be so time-consuming with everything else I have to do. I am so much more Martha than Mary, and I need to change that. But I am quite jealous of your blogged books, and I salute you for that! And...I had a bout of plantar fasciitis too, and what really helped me was orthotics. I CANNOT wear high heels at all! Even looking at them makes my feet hurt, so I'm jealous of that, too. Right now I live in the world of Keen and Dansko shoes... Thanks for your blogging example!

  4. I ran across my nursing textbooks, A&P books, and pharmacology books..and can't bring myself to get rid of them either, even though there is updated info re: labs and meds online now. Sigh. Are we afraid we're going to have to turn in another care plan or something??

    I do think it's wonderful that you blog and print it all out as a record of your family life for your children to have as they grow up - this will be a family treasure!!


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