Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Do You Blog: Writer

iScholar Gross Pack #2 Yellow Pencils, 144 Count (33144)I actually put in my 7th grade career class that I wanted to be a TV writer.

I love to write.

I honestly wasn't really pushed to write much.  I remember once writing a NOVEL of a piece for the Jr. Young Author contest at school in sixth grade.  I put a TON of work into it and if we were picked we'd be able to meet a REAL author.  I was just sure I would win (like 1/2 the class won -- FYI, it wasn't a small amount) as I had put a LOT of effort into the story.  It had plot lines and good characters.

And guess what, my teacher didn't pick me.

I still hate her.

And no, I'm not kidding.  Well, ok -- maybe I don't hate her but I wouldn't give her a hug if I saw her on the street.  I mean, if you saw a kid who'd written pages and PAGES for their entry and other kids wrote a couple, wouldn't you pick the kid who had an obvious interest in writing?

Is anyone sensing my bitterness?  I'm like a lemon.  Sheesh!

Anyway, most of the rest of life was set to write papers.  Nursing school wasn't a fan of how I wrote papers.  It was too informal.  They wanted it more formal.  I'm just not a formal writer, can you tell?

When I graduated from nursing school they asked what our ambition to be was... mine was to be a writer on ER.  I probably would have saved that show. What a shame they didn't take me.  Everyone else wanted to be a manger of a unit or a nurse practitioner.  I'm sure they were just so proud of me.

I always wanted to BE a writer, but I knew money wasn't in that.  I also have no clue what to write about.  So THIS was the happiest of all places.  I could write about what I knew in a non-formal way and people could write back with comments.

THAT was and still IS a happy thing.  I love having my viewpoint known.  I love sharing about my life, my family, my religion, my school all of those things.

It's just something I like.

Are you still thinking about why you like to blog?  Are you a closet writer?  Should I get a book deal?  Should I nap more?


  1. I love to read but never really entertained the idea of writing. But I do love writing my blog. It's really filled a void I didn't even know I had.

  2. I love to write as well...
    I also love to talk and ramble on for hours about nothing (just ask my husband or my mother)

    so my perfect prescription: BLOGGING!

    I love your blog and I think you should take a nap :) naps make me happy :)


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