Monday, January 24, 2011

Word of the Week: Responsibility.

It's the "cool" thing to have a "word" to represent your goals for the year.

Frankly, I'm not that cool... I wanted measurable stuff.

BUT, I do sit around this house feeling like things are NEVER going to change and I will be a slave to these children FOREVER.  Like, HOW HARD IS IT TO put your TIE away after church, little boys?  I ASK YOU, HOW HARD IS IT?  I mean, they had plenty of time to ask me when dinner was going to be ready like 14 times.


So, as I was putting away the ties I was thinking about an entry I wrote about how we can control the things in our household.  That we can make small changes with our own behavior that can affect things.

I've been feeling kind of hopeless with crazy boys lately.

So, I thought I'd come up with a word of the week.  Something I could kind of focus on to make the change that week. 

This week's word:  Responsibility.

There's SO much self-talk when you're home alone as a SAHM (Ok, I'm not alone, that's true -- but I hope you get what I mean).  I am constantly saying stuff to myself.  This morning it was, "will those boys never learn?"  Conner had forgotten to lay his clothes out the night before (he has early school on Monday AM's), he didn't make his bed, nor did he change his underwear (he's gonna love this blog entry when he's 23, but I swear it's the truth).  I was talking to myself about it in my head when it came to me... stop.

I need to stop making up for their lack of judgement.  THEY need to pay the consequences.

Conner earned 1/2 hour of extra work after school because he woke P up while he was trying to get his clothes out.

So, how do you teach responsibility?  Inquiring minds want to know?  What's some things that your kids do that is driving you to the brink and how are you gonna fix it?


  1. I think this is one of the toughest things to teach. You have to keep doing it over and over again...reminding...forever reminding.

    My sister in law does a "vulture bag". The kids each have a pillow case and they run around the house picking stuff up.

    If they pick up their own stuff...bonus. If they pick up someone else's...that person has to pay them to get it back. You know... 10 cents or a quarter.

    It worked for them...although your kids have to have a little money for that one.

    I dunno. This is a hard one for us.

  2. I love talking to myself - no one corrects me, I'm always right, and I'm the funniest person on the planet!! And if it makes you feel any better, Garrett and/or Daniel wore the same pair of boxers for a week while at scout camp, just turning them inside out mid-week. Is that gross, or what?! Then he had the gall to tell me he did it for me, to cut down on the laundry load. That whole theory was a load! It was at that point that I decided they should do their own laundry starting at the age of 12, as part of Duty To God/Mission Prep/Personal Progress. It did wonders for my sanity!

  3. I am doing a 'word' this year, in addition to my measurable goals!

    Paige is hit and miss with responsibility... : )

  4. Ohhhhh....great question! With my girls, it has to be "follow through". I mean, they know what they have to get done each day, it's just finding the right motivation to get them to do it. There are reactions to every action. So my Josie doesn't get breakfast until Carly, our dog does. (it's her chore to feed the dog every morning.) And Hannah doesn't get clean clothes every morning unless she's put her dirty ones in the laundry basket the night before. (I can't do her laundry if I don't know what's clean and what's dirty.) With that one, she's learned if she doesn't want to smell stinky and thus face never ending torment from her friends at school, she better get her clothes in the laundry basket so I can clean them and make them smelling all fresh and pretty.

  5. Sigh. This is killing me at my house. I'm working really hard at it right now. The following through and helping them understand the consequences of their actions.

    Not fun. But well worth it in the end.


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