America’s Test Kitchen Pizza

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Bash for Valentine's Day - Gino's East Deep Dish PizzasSpencer’s meal of request was America’s Test Kitchen Deep Dish Pizza.
You can’t see it, unless you give your email and your firstborn.  My first born is possibly worth this pizza. :)
Anyway, they have a few things that make it GREAT.
The pizza crust is good, but if you have a favorite I bet it’s fine.

They cook it in cake pans.  It’s genius, something I already had and it’s SO good.  I use 9 inch cake pans.

They pre-cook the pepperoni.  Line a plate with a papertowel and then fill it in a single layer with pepperoni.  Cook that in the microwave for 30 seconds.  2 pizzas requires 2 plateloads of pepperoni.  That allows you to have crispy pepperoni on your pizza, with less fat and less burned crust.  Yum.

Anyway, those are what make it so amazing, you might be able to adjust your own recipes to suit it.

Yum. yum. 

NOT weight watchers friendly.  In case you wondered…

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