{Deep Breathing} It’s not about the cake

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Uh, the birthday cake saga… it lives forever.  I used to really put a lot of effort in, make shapes, all that jazz and it was a HUGE stress.  One year it was SUCH a mess that I had a blog miniseries going on when my mom reminded me that the birthday is NOT about the cake, it is about the boy (or girl, but it was a boy in this case) so I was sent to re-think my birthday cake feelings.

Now I just make the cake of their request.  Prior to the special day we go out and buy candy of their choice.  I make the cake, and frost it and then they set to work with their favorite candies to make it the cake of their dreams…

And that’s all well and good but I still have to really separate myself from the process.  It’s just too overwhelming sometimes to see a serious lack of perfection.  Here is today’s cake.  It’s probably only the 2nd bundt cake I’ve ever made that wasn’t full of serious flaws.  I love my bundt cake recipe it’s so delicious… but prior to now I haven’t let it set long enough or whatever.  This time I made sure to coat the pan well with the baking spray and then I let it cool almost 3 full hours before I flipped it.  Just look at it, it’s perfect.

But the frosting went awry….

And let’s not even talk about the candy combinations that Spencer chose for his creation… ew.

But then it reminds me, the day is about him.  He had a great time decorating it, picking the candies and ordering what he wanted.

I’m not “that” mom… we don’t even do friend parties around here.  I do let them have a playdate near their birthday.  I’m not much of a playdate mom… fire me.  Call me Asian {sorry to Asians, that was a reference to the tiger mom book or whatever it’s called}.

But I do all their jobs on their birthday, we have a definite family party and all that jazz.

It’s about the kid, it’s not about me.  And to Conner, it’s not about you either.  Regardless of how bitter that makes you.

Excited for our big party happening soon!

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    This post made me laugh because I definitely don’t do the fancy cool shapes cakes, and we have yet to have a friend birthday party. I’m glad the birthday can be as enjoyable for you as it is for him.

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