I’m an addict….

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Top 5 addictions of the day:

1.  Food.  I had to step away slowly from the table tonight.  Good food and me sitting there staring at it just don’t match.

2.  My google calendar.  I updated to android 2.2 today and it made my google calendar whack out.  I have 3 calendar widgets on my phone.  Wait, no, make that 4.  Seriously.  I need help. I got it fixed though (you have to delete the data on your calendar app — make sure ALL of your calendar is OK on google and then re-sync… worked, phewsh!).  They’re all back on.  YAY!

3.  Ads.  I don’t have a minute to really think about grocery shopping this week, and yet I scoured the ads.  I was happy to find there’s not much calling my name this week.  Again.  phewsh.

Wii Party4.  Friends.  I get so sad missing some of my good buddies at work.  The schedule is all flipped around starting on Sunday and it’s going to be weird.  BUT, I am excited to work with new people and sometimes the pot needs a little mixing.
5. Wii party.  Ok, I’m not so much addicted to this thing as my family is but wow, it’s sure a fun game for the whole family.   We wanted to get the kids something fun for the break with our tax return and this one has paid dividends!  We all have a really great time playing it!
Sometimes when I think about other people’s addictions, I get all too aware of my own. :)

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  1. says

    OH I have too many addictions… where do I start?

    I seriously think I am addicted to sugar :(

    What Wii games are you playing? We LOVE playing our Wii… it’s one of the very few things we all like doing together. :)
    Just Dance is really fun!

  2. says

    Food: yes! Calendars: not so much, and it is probably painly evident!. Ads: sometimes. Wii: INCREDIBLY! I love it, the kids love it, Jody loves it. We now do wii more than we watch tv, which is a good thing. So glad that we have one! OH, and the netflix side of it is awesome too!

  3. says

    My current one is peanut M&Ms. I bought a huge bag for a party my daughter threw a couple of weeks ago. They didn’t eat them all and I can’t leave them alone. I don’t like the regular ones but throw in a nut and I’m in trouble.

  4. says

    I’m getting addicted to the granola I’ve been making lately. Cinnamony and salty. Oh, so good. And I’m thinking my family needs to get a Wii. They sound like so much fun.

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