Lessons I Learned On Work.

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The Rules of Work, Expanded Edition: A Definitive Code for Personal Success (Richard Templar's Rules)On Sunday I taught a lesson to the women of our church on work.  I NEEDED this lesson.  I needed to hear the things that were in here.  Here’s a few revelations ala me. :)
1.  Work is an eternal principle.  God works, we should work while we are here on earth (and by work I mean work… not work for pay), we will work when we die.  So long sucka’s … work’s here to stay!

2.  I need to be better about providing positive praise to my kids when they work.  Where else are they going to get it?  Sure, we have jobs and I expect them to be done but I am the one who will teach them all how to work.  It’s my job (and Drew’s).

3.  I like to work.  I like to be busy, and have things to do.  I LOVE to organize and see my finished product.  I loved putting in our sprinkler system.  I like being busy.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t like watching a little reality TV but I spend from 5:30 am til’ 8:30 pm mostly in constant motion, and I like it that way. :) 

4.  It is up to me to show my kids how to balance work and relaxation/rest.  I have decided to take an hour long lunch as of late.  I usually watch the biggest loser or something else from my Hulu queue… sometimes I show some blog love… just what I’m feeling I need to do.  It makes me happier as a mom and when I’m not working and I find my days REALLY monotonous, this helps improve my attitude.  Which brings me to…

5.  Attitude is everything.  I mean, you attitude about work is everything.  It will make it good, or not so good.  So, the 5 million dollar question is how do you change your attitude?  Well, for me it’s just the reminder that it is MY attitude that will make the work.  No one else’s.  That can be hard when you feel like you are controlled by a manager or small children, but it truly is all about you.  However, you may need to go back to 4 to find the balance.  Sadly, relaxation can only take up so much time… because then you head into “idle” territory. :)

Anyway, it was a good lesson.  A great one to share at FHE.

BUT, how do YOU change your attitude?  Do you get a job with me, because frankly that’s all giggles and flower petals. :)

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    We had the same lesson, and I like your points. I think it was interesting to hear the comments from people who seem to notice the drudgery, but not the rewards from work. I may not enjoy working every minute, but I do appreciate the results when the work is done. I do think it was the first time that I realized that work is a forever principle. It’s not going away. If my attitude about work isn’t a positive one, I’m in a lot of trouble for the rest of my entire existence!

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