Musings on Marriage on this lovely Valentines Day

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Happiness and MarriageThe other night at girls night we were all talking about how sometimes we’d look at other people’s marriages and wonder if they’d last… or what on earth they saw in each other.
It’s so funny how people find each other or how marriage end-up working out.  Drew had a friend in college who ended-up marrying her boyfriends dad.  Uh-huh… serious.

But isn’t marriage a lovely thing?  Isn’t it nice to know there’s someone out there who has your back, who you can talk through everything with?

Isn’t it amazing that any of us stay married?  I must admit there are days.  I once heard a talk from a general authority’s wife who said, “I’ve considered murder, but never divorce.” (she said it jokingly, but I can totally see where she’s coming from).

So, to this day of love I give love to MY love who proposed to me just 14 long years ago tomorrow.  He thought he was coy buying me a pen for our first Valentines Day.  Then came the big present the next day.  What a lucky gal I am. 

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    Some of our favorite people watching is “married people-watching.” Some people who hated each other during their dating years, and broke up twelve times, end up married and living the dream. Some who seemed so perfect don’t make a whole year. Then there are those that just make us feel better about ourselves. Knowing I really do love my best friend, and he really does love me makes me happy. We got engaged the day after Valentine’s too! That’s our big day now.

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