Photo Friday: Happy Trails

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Uh, all this rain!  Is Mother Nature somehow unaware of how much my mortgage is?  I mean, seriously… i PAY good money for good weather {stamping my food}.  But, without further adieu… I present the Photo Friday
First off is our Valentines meal of Fondue.  I make cheese fondue and chocolate fondue and every time someone drops they have to say something they LOVE about another person at the table.  It’s actually one of my favorite traditions I have created.  I love my fondue but I fear I’d be compelled to make it more often if we didn’t have this one very special day.  My cheese fondue recipe is easy-peasy.  This year we made it out of cheddar with some bacon, but the 2nd go around I made it out of swiss.  I like swiss better, but it seems like most any cheese will do.  This one isn’t quite it, but it’s similar… I like it how you toss the cheese in the flour because then you end-up clumpless. :)  I only like clumps on my chest.  Thanks. :)  Look how excited Drew is.  Really brings the warmth to your heart, doesn’t it?
And not to be forgotten, I helped with both classroom parties.  In Conner’s class we had awards for the best box.  Conner won for “most crazy”… it truly was.  It wasn’t just that his mom was the judge.  In fact, it may NOT have happened because his mom was a judge… but it truly was the most crazy. :)

In Spencer’s class we decorated cookies and made necklaces.  Mmmm… frosting filled necklaces.  I’m seeing a chain store here…

And while my new years resolutions had me doing something crafty every week, and my phone reminds me to scrapbook every Saturday… THIS is the first scrapbook page I’ve done in a while.  Yes, P’s blessing was quite some time ago.  What a shame….

And on Saturday we did a little hike.  It was really nice to be out in nature just concentrating on our heavy breathing, pollen and the blue sky.  Look how happy Drew is again.  I should’ve named this “Photo Friday: Happy Drew”  It really was a lot of fun, I want to make hike plans monthly, at least!
So, that’s our week in a nutshell.  Glad it’s over.  Glad to be onto the weekend with a whole week of “Break” to follow it.  I wonder what kind of fun I can photograph for next week.  But, until then… same bat time, same bat station.  Le plane.

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    Drew and Joel must be related. Did you see how bored Joel was in all the Belize pictures I posted?

    C’mon guys: Show a little thrill for your wives and their cameras! :)

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